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The First Years All-Clear Swing

The First Years All-Clear Swing

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Well thought out product

Bought this to help contain our puppy within a section of the house. We previously tried a retractable gate, but she was able to squeeze under the flexible material and escape. This gate also has transparent windows which allow her to see through; we think this helps her feel less anxious about sounds coming from the other side of the gate.

We have it hinged on one end and pressure-fit on the other, as it was cumbersome to manually place/remove the gate every time when using pressure-fit on both ends. It's easy to remove from the hinge mounts though should it be temporarily needed in a doorway.

Adjusting the width of the gate requires a bit of practice, but holds the chosen width setting very securely.

The only shortcoming I've found is that there can be quite a gap when the latch-side pressure pads are fully extended. This gap (between the upper and lower pads) is wide enough for a puppy to escape, but as this is a product designed for babies, it can't be considered a design flaw.

Best baby gate on the market

I purchased 2 pressure mount gates but under pressure they'd topple over. We used this gate for 4 years in our townhouse & still going strong now with our tenants. I am looking for something new on the market and have realised there isn't much screw in gates that can be installed at the top of the stairs. It's wipes clean with a baby wipe. The length adjusts. It's also easy to open it after the third day with just one hand and baby in my arms. Most importantly I feel at ease knowing that if my son were to push onto the gate it would handle his weight as he grows.

Excellent item if used correctly

Excellent gate for stairs as it has no bottom trip hazard. We have a split level home with many stairs and we have this installed on each set. To use as a gate you must use the brackets and install it at the right height. It cannot just be pressure mounted at each end, otherwise it does not function at a gate. For those thinling about purchasing this secpnd handake sire it comes with the brackets.


Loved this gate even though we only pressure mounted it. Our little girl always wanted to know where I was and as I love to cook she was kept safe and could see me at all times.
Took it away with us on holidays perfect fit for on the verandah to keep our little one in perfect view. Still using it three years down the track.

With pressure mounting you always need to make sure it's a tight fit and secure.

Fantastic gates, and good looking too

I had these gates in our home for 5 years. These were not pressure, but hardware mounted. With 2 kids growing up, they have lasted and still look great. Some width adjustment had to be made time to time because kids liked playing with them, but its a small price to pay for a great product. At least they didn't look like prison bars, and are easy to wipe and clean. My five year old only recently got the strength and figured a way of opening them.
Good looking, easy to clean, trick for kids to open, reliable product (once installed properly), lasted for 5 years
some adjustment to width has to be made from time to time because children play with the gate.

The proof is in needing xrays

Bought second hand. Used it for about a week when my toddler went in her big girl bed. Was in the shower to hear huge crash came out to find the gate and my DD on the floor. Her foot was purple and swollen were I can only imagine it fell on her. Oh dad had put it up for the first time and of course mum had to double check it so was installed correctly.
Bad Product but...Trusted the brand use a lot of there products always good till now
Didnt work didnt stay in place hazzardous. dangerous.

Isn't actually a gate when pressure mounted

I was utterly fed up to buy this and discover, after starting the install, the one small line hidden in the instructions (no warning on external packaging) "note: when in pressure mount mode, gate does not swing open. You must remove entirely from doorway or area to open"

How on earth does that classify as a pressure mounted GATE???

Also, it doesn't install well around skirting boards (as advertised) as it's pressure mounted rubber stopper is at the height just where the skirting is ending and ends up Half on, half off

Absolute rubbish product and I returned it immediately to the store for a refund
Clear panels
Expensive, doesn't work as a gate when pressure mounted, no good if you have skirtings


The gate is probably good, but didn't fit to our requirements so I can confidently comment on it. I definitely like the design but not much the closing/opening system. Also the fingerprints would be the issue on the transparent plastic.
Our house has multiple levels and we needed gates of various widths. This gate dimensions offers extensive range of widths. It also looks good and I like the transparent panels as opposed to the bars.
We actually had to return all gates we bought (five of them!) because after we started assembling it, we didn't like the idea of lifting the whole gate (pressure mounted system) since it's too bulky. Gate is difficult to open (this is pro actually) but I can imagine holding something in one hand and lifting the whole gate with the other. The wall mounted system (staircases) required lot of drilling so we have decided to return the gates and now we are hunting for something more appropriate.


It becomes a safety hazard because after having to fix it time after time you get frustrated and just start stepping over it. that leave you open to putting your back out or tripping and falling. My swinging joins broke and the gate itself was annoying to fit back into the door frame after every time you would go through it.
It keeps the child out of rooms you want them to stay out of.
It changes width almost every time you open the gate, and so because of that you have to fiddle with it and just end up stepping over it.

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I like the fact that one has to step over it. I stay fit that way. We have 3 of these gates, and about to order another one


I love these gates, I actually have three becuase we have three sets of stairs. I have hardwear mounted two of them at top of stairs, and pressure mounted at the bottom of one set we never go up. Any safety gates I think are great, because they take a bit of pressure off watching them all the time, especially around stairs, and so far these are toddlerproof.
I like the way it is made without bars or steps holds for his feet, my baby cannot jump on it or swing on the gate. It is see thru, so he doesnt seem to mind having it closed. He can look thru and see me coming and going.
Can be hard to lift the latch, you need a strong thumb to push the lock across. Also need to ensure the two pressure pads met the stops on the door frame/wall when you have it hardware mounted. My husband has no patience and ends up kicking the door sometimes by accident trying to close correctly. If it is just pressure mounted, you cannot use at the top of stairs, and need two hands to close again. To hardwear mount you need to drill to rubber stops devices into either wall or door frame.


nice gate, looks good, does the job. A bit on the pricey side, but second hand gates are available. I really like that there are no bars!
I bought two of these gates - one for the kitchen and one for the nursery. I like the fact that there are no bars involved. This looks much nicer and baby can not get their arm/leg cought (as is the case with gates made from bars). I like the clear panel and that it has 2 mounting options
Two things - you will need to keep wiping the clear window quite often. Opening the gate can be tricky, need to push the buttons firmly (hard if you are trying to open the gate while holding the baby). Oh yeah, should mention the price as welll. Retails for around $89-120. Try get a second hand one if you can, or wait for the specials at separtment stores.


my overall opinion of the first years all-clear safty gate was that unless you had a big opening such as the lounge room to fence off it was no use, i will never consider buying this product again as it was very over priced and did not do what the box told me it could do and is very confusing to operate
it is a fantastic idea and looked great in the picture on the box as the children could look through it and it seemed hard plastic and very safe
the price was well over priced, and when we tried installing the gate which looked easy to install infact turned very complicated and we had to ring the customer service of the product to ask how it worked, they advised us to return the product as it was no use.


Overall, we were quite dissapointed. It would have looked great in the house, had it have worked properly. The peep window is a good idea for the kiddies.
It looks great in the pictures and seems to have a strong plastic frame with a little peep window for the kidies to look through
We absolutly hated this gate. It seemed simple enough but when we tried to fit it to a door way, it refused to open properly. We rang the help desk (they were fantastic) but even they didn't know what was wrong with the gate and recommended we take it back and get our mone back.


This is a pretty good safety gate and, like most things, once you get to know it's flaws, it's all fine. I would certainly recommend this to someone who is looking for a basica and cheap safety gate (but not for stairs).
It was inexpensive when on sale, at least, and generally served it's purpose.
When open and not in use it was vulnerable to our toddler tampering with it. He, at 18 months, could loosen and tighten the piece that secured the gate in place. this meant that when you went to use it, it could be too loose and not work, or too tight and not close. Also, it made a click noise when shutting which was annoying as we had this on our toddlers bedroom door and woke him once or twice.


I love this because it keeps my small maltese out of bubs room, Most security doors have gaps which my tiny dogs can fit through. So this one is really good for small dogs. I love the clear panel, so i can see right through. Works really well when it is screwed into place and fits my single door opening perfectly. Nice white colour, And the handle locking mechanism is very very very good! you have to slide a lock into place and lift up to open. Easy enough for me, but not for other kids. I would definitely recommend this to others i love it and would purchase it again in a flash!
Easy to assemble
Looks great
works great
Keeps my small maltese out of bubs room
Swings both ways when its screwed into place
No cons it is perfect


I think this is one of the best safety gates on the market because it is so difficult for children to open or climb over, and the clear panels mean that your child can see you when you go through. Also, no bars to get limbs stuck in, and it has the option of pressure- or hardware-mounting.
The fact that it is see-through means that children are usually happy to stay on the other side because they can still see you. I have had mine for 6-8 months and so far, of the 15-20 children who have been around it, none have worked out how to open it.
Large space for fingerprints to accumulate, but nothing a wipe with a damp cloth or paper towel won't fix. Only other con is that toys can get stuck between the two panels, but this has only happened once to me, and was easy to fix.


Not bad. Good for narrow doorways or stairs. Definately difficult handle to open, in fact many adult visitors still struggled with opening it. A little bulky and the white plastic bits near the hinges broke.
We purchased this gate for the top of our stairs because it was the only brand that was narrow enough to fit. The handle is definately hard to open (even for adults) so I'm sure no kids would be able to open it. The clear plastic panel doesn't create that closed in feeling that other gates can.
It didn't take long and my son would be able to climb it. He'd just put his hands at the top and use his bare feet against the clear plastic to climb. Perhaps he was about two and a half years old when he started to do this. I didn't like having to drill holes in my stairs balustrade, but I guess anything is worth it when it comes to the safety of your child.


The see through panel looks good at first, but this gets covered in finger prints with time and requires incessant cleaning. The gate just never seemed stable. The other main issue we had was that toys get stuck between the two panels and the gate needs to be removed to retrieve them (great fun when the toddler simply pokes it back in after all the effort!!) Would not recommend for over 18 months.
Initially like the see though panel. The gate is quite hard for even bigger kids to open. Hard mounted, essential for mounting on stairs.
This gate just did not stand up to the treatment dished out by a 2yo and broke at the point where the gate extends. The gate also did not feel stable when swinging and eventually broke at the hinge also.

Questions & Answers

How do I open it?
1 answer
Hi Heather From memory the dark handle has a pressure release button..

What is the difference between the safety first 'all clear gate' and the safety first 'everywhere gate' they both look the same. ?
1 answer
Hi Just had a look on line at the swing gate and yeah it does look the same except it doesn't say anything about being pressure mounted. Would have to actually look at the product. Sorry I can't help but I will investigate more. Could be a newer version. Good luck Rachel

How do u make the gate smaller?
2 answers
There's two latches on the front plastic part and you flick them up and you can slide it to the desired length then clip back down. If you have long nails I suggest you take care as it's very hard.Rachel is right, there are two rectangle latches that are so hard to open, it feels like you are going to break the plastic trying (or a nail!). At least you know they the gate is not going to move once it is at the desired length.


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