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Thor Bebe WP5G

Thor Bebe WP5G

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had the machine for 19 years. Best dishwasher money can buy

Had the machine for almost 19 years. The machine has run for 3-5 times every week. Never had an mechanical issues since then. General wear and tear over the years, but couldn't of been happier with the product. The instrument has 6 placements and would be best suited for 1-3 people. easy to operate and very efficient on water consumption. There is only 1 wash cycle and 2 temperature settings; 55 degrees and 65 degrees. Highly recommend as you will not regret this purchase if it fits your lifestyle.

Date PurchasedJun 1999

Does the job

This is a great dishwasher for a 1 - 2 person household.
Very easy to set up, I connected it to the laundry tap and had it working in minutes.
Does an excellent job, however do read the instructions before using it.
Easy to clean and maintain. Do this regularly to keep the machine in good working order.
Easy to operate and portable.
There should be a lever to release the latch on the door.

Worse than useless

A loathsome piece of bad design. For a start, the base is screwed into unit so it is certain to leak over time. Make sure you keep a towl handy and always stand by as several times during a wash it has pumped out copious amounts of water out of the door. It's a mess. The way the racks are designed means you can only put about four dinner plates in. I could go on but give Thor a big miss.
It will wash dishes, poorly, so that's better than not having anything.
Leaks, will pumb enormous amounts of water out all over your bench, noisy, hard to pack, door breaks easily.

Disabled so this is great

Best thing ive ever spent money on .working fine for 2 years . 2 people works great ,on a big meat use 2 loads for pots/pans after.
great for people ho cant wash dishes and rent .i love this dishwasher.
when if this one breaks .
it does a better job than i do
I cant use finger individually so smash alot when washing by hand ,not now

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This is a terrible machine. Extremely noisy. Limited room for dinner plates. And, the door cracked and broke after only a few months - now the new one has also cracked and broken. I just wish there was an alternative bench-top. I loathe this machine. Marjorie


All things considered, a really great little dishwasher! We do own our flat (but aren't financially ready to remodel our kitchen to include a built-in dishwasher), but as advertised, this unit would be excellent for renters or for placement in an RV or boat. Runs pretty quietly, does a great job of cleaning, and is just excellent for all of the little fiddly bits of baby gear. I normally wash my pots and pans by hand anyway, so it's no bother, but all of them (except for my largest stockpots and wok) fit into it easily, albeit with not much else.

I chose the Thor Bebe because of all the positive reviews I found while researching various models of benchtop dishwashers, and I'm glad I did - I'm quite impressed with the high quality and overall good value of this little machine.
Small size, perfect for our flat. Uses less water than washing up by hand, very convenient, excellent for disinfecting our baby's bottles and other items. Wish I'd gotten one years ago!
Not much, really. It is slightly inconvenient in that we have it attached to the kitchen tap, so that tap cannot be used while the dishwasher is running, but that's not that awful, we just run the dishwasher last thing before we go to bed.


Its a great little dishwasher, great for one or two person households. I like to cook so its harder when it comes to fitting in frying pans or saucepans but if you mainly use plates, cups, bowls and cutlery, then you will have no problems with this. Not really noisy, about as noisy as a waching machine.
That I don't have to wash up by hand


My laundry is just off my kitchen and I walk 4 steps from sink to dishwaher. Have mine connected to same cold water outlet as washing machine with a T-piece I got from plumbing store (they can both be running at the same time)
No smelly dishwasher as I don't have to wait days to fill it with a small household. Great water economy. have had mine 2 years and still going strong. Would never buy a big one again.

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We have a old one Can we reuse the test Tube holder rack in new unit
No answers

I have just bought this product second hand however I have just realised there is no user manual. I am unsure how to connect this up to the plumbing, I only have the tap adaptor with hose not sure if it just runs off the hot tap or whether it heats cold water.. Should there be a waste hose for the water to drain out of? Feeling a little bit stupid as I should have sorted all of this out prior to purchasing... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Karen
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I have a manual and can't find it at the moment but once I find it, I can scan and email you it, but from memory, you screw one hose on from the dishwasher to the tap, I used to live in a unit and the laundry was right near the kitchen so I perched it on the laundry tub and connected the hose to the laundry tap, I'd switch the hose between my washing machine and dishwasher. There should be another hose, that has a curve in it, like your washing machines one, for waste, I used to hook this over the edge of my laundry tub for waste. Did you get two hoses? It runs off the cold water tap, and will heat the water. You might have to look around the internet or go to a plumbing place for a waste hose, try Harvey Norman, Betta Electrical, places that sell dishwashers and you might have luck there. Take photos to take with you to show people what you are after as it makes things easier. Yes you connect it to the cold water tap or laundry outlet depening on type of adaptor. Yes there should be an oulet hose that goes from back to sink/drain like one from your wasning machine. These both connect to the back of the dishwasher. I use aldi 10 in 1 dishwasher tablets in mine and just drop them near the strainer inside. I do not use rinse aid if using the tablets with rinse agents buit in. Below is program guide from manual. Intensive wash heats to 75 degC, uses 14L water and takes approx 73min. Normal - 70 deg, 11 L and 66 min Rapid- 70 deg, 8.4L and 40min. Pre rinse - incoming water temp, 2.8L and 8 mins. All approx times. my laundry is off the kitchen have put mine in the laundry - drain water goes into my laundry trough. I got a T - piece thing from the hardware shop and this means I have both dishwasher and washing machine connected at the same time to the cold water outlet.


Thor Bebe WP5G
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