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Total Fresh 3 in 1 Lemon Dishwasher Deodorant

Total Fresh 3 in 1 Lemon Dishwasher Deodorant

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Bring it back.

I am looking here in Perth to get total fresh 3in1,but it is impossible.Can you please tell me where in Melbourne,I can get it.Can I order it as well.
Love to use it smells fresh,natural and clean very time I use the dishwasher. Can you tell me where to get it Perth W.A.It does a great job .Cant live without it.

works well nothing like it on the market

always smells natural and clean smelling when opening the dishwasher, nothing else comes close to this product and it is Australian made. buy Australian made and keep it here helping to keep jobs for Australian workers

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Supermarkets say they stock Australian brands, but where are they? Could we have an Australian Flag beside the product and it must be made, grown and packaged in Australia to be eligible , saving shoppers time looking for Australian products and keeping Australians in work. They say Australian company since year dot but when you look it is grown overseas. All pineapple and beetroot that was Aus now Indonesian made and grown, Edgell Is the only Co that proudly says it is Australian Ask you supermarket what they do to showcase local product, like IGA have a life size photo of the local grower in their area highlighting their product,

It is a fantastic product

The best product I have come across, lovely fresh lemon smell, Australian made and good price...
Please bring it back, Tell me where to get it in Cairns Qld.

Bring it back!

I've been using this product for years and both coles and woolies have stopped stocking it. It is a fantastic product, really smells of fresh lemons when you open the dishwasher, lasts for ages and works as a rinse aid as well. It's easy to use and inexpensive. Coles and woolies please bring it back!!!
Smells fantastic and does a great job


I love this product.
what more could you want for this low cost item , it smells lovely and is a rinse aid aswell.
its also a Australian made and owned product!!!!!!
Australian made, cheap , eco friendly
Safeway dont stock it!!!

Product was faulty

This product has always been good in the past, but the last one had leaked all through the cellophane wrapper and stuck to it. Manufactures were sent an email and it was ignored. I will be loathe to buy the product again as they obviously did not care enough to even contact me.

The product had stuck to the cellophane and leaked into the cellophane.

Your email was not received. We are the manufacturers of this product please contact us again on info@totalfresh.com. We would not ignore any communication from a customer.Re: Product was Faulty above posted by Thea on July 7, 2012. The company has contacted me personally and said they did not receive the email. They have acted in good faith and offered to replace the faulty item. I thank them and will return to purchasing the product in the future.

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Please, I just would like to know where can I find that product?
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where can we buy total fresh 3 in 1 deodorizer rinse aid?
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I have been looking for this too and emailed the company. They are negotiating with Coles to restock. Ask at your local shop for it to be restocked. They will post an order diect if you email them. I've used the alternate Finish product but it does not compare to this great product.Try buying direct at info@totalfresh.com

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