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Trade Risk Business Insurance

Trade Risk Business Insurance

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Never use traderisk insurance again!

All i have to say is i will never use this insurance company ever again!!!!WARRING!! If you cancel your policy with them they make you pay the broker

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Thanks for leaving a review. I think you may have been a little confused though. First up, we're not the insurance company, we're an insurance broker. We don't make you pay the broker when you cancel, as we are the broker... If you'd like to clarify anything about the process please get in touch with us.

Tradies insurance

We just used Trade Risk to insure our carpentry business. We dealt with [name removed] and another guy (sorry I forgot your name!) and they made the whole process quite easy. It was good to get our business insurance and life insurance sorted out at the one place as surprisingly most places don't do both. Happy to recommend Trade Risk to other tradies.
Helpful, quick and easy, one stop shop.

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Thanks for the lovely review Ray! We're always happy to help in any way we can. Cheers.

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