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Youi Business Insurance

Youi Business Insurance

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$1200 yearly savings!

Thanks so much, so far my dealings with you have been exceptional and very thorough. I will save $1200 per year on my business insurance for the exact same amount of coverage! I knew I would save money but not that much! Thanks!

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Claim MadeNo

Excellent service from Tim. When I called I was immediately put through to the correct place. Very easy process.

The Public Indemnity Policy is good value and was easy to set up. The assiatant I spoke to was helpful and clear. I would reccommend this insurance company. Well done.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeNo

Great customer service

How lovely to be spoken to like a real person! Although unsure of whether or not I would take out insurance, your staff member was so helpful I decided to take it out on the spot. I didn't save money because I haven't had this insurance before. But I was so impressed with the detail and care taken to make sure I got the right insurance for my situation and that I got the best value. Thank you!!

Insurance claim madeNo

Went straight to the best

The Policy we chose is flexible and can change to our needs. As our business grows our policy can be adjusted to suit.

Insurance claim madeNo

I got a price for a product they don't sell

Youi gave me a PLI insurance quote and then later informed me they did not cover my type of business. They had a price for a product that they did not sell. Time wasters.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hmm, this sounds odd David. We tailor the policy by asking about the business specifically. If this wasn’t a business we accept to cover, we shouldn’t have been able to price. Keen to understand more about this, if you’d please email me details so I can locate the quote & review, I’ll follow up. laurenj@youi.com - Lauren

Awesome Customer Service and Unbeatable Policy Pricing

Just had an awesome experience dealing with Youi over the phone, cover was set up within 20 minutes and was given an awesome price! Service from Tom was beyond expectation, was an absolute pleasure dealing with him.

Insurance claim madeNo

Worst quoting system

Tried to get a quote from Youi online. After 2 screens it said that they will call me to complete the quote to finalise the quote.

I got a call from a number which I could not identify as being Youi. The lady on the phone started asking me for my personal details. I said stop.

"You called me and asked me for my personal details, how do I know you are from Youi, she said because I am telling you so".

I had to shake my head in disbelief. In this day and age how can a Company CALL ANYONE and ask for their details. I realise I have to give my details in certain circumstances but I will only do that "When I call not if someone calls me".

This has to stop, it leaves people open to be scammed and definitely a Company like Youi should know better.

Insurance claim madeNo
I understand where you’re coming from Techman. We take your privacy very seriously & when these questions are asked it is done over a recorded line to protect both you & ourselves. Our online facility only requires so much information before we call to finish the quote over the phone, as we feel this adds a personal touch & gives us the best snapshot of your circumstances. We understand not everyone will be on board with our way of operating & we really appreciate those that give us a go. You can reach me directly on 07 31664834 & I’d be happy to discuss in detail, Robyn.Hi Robyn Tried to call. Please call me when you are free. Thanks TechmanMorning, apologies I’ve missed your return call & will try touching base shortly. Look forward to speaking with you, Robyn.

Excellent service

I have been with them for over 2 years now and they provide excellent service.
All the calls are reverted back and when a claim is on they follow up and keep us posted.
Their is no rating system with them after any claim so getting an insurance with another company is also helpful.
Very much satisfied and would highly recommend.

Insurance claim madeYes

Informative friendly service!

Service was very friendly and genuinely interested in finding the best result for our business. We compared pricing with other companies and Youi were very very competitive as we expected.

Insurance claim madeNo

Appropriate cover at a reasonable price

I had experienced quite forceful selling tactics from Youi in the past, which were rather off-putting, however I just spoke with Shane to renew my old policy (after a month holiday break), and he was most helpful and went out of his way to work out the best updates and bring my policy up to date.
Can’t say I was happy to get less for my money than before, but I can’t blame him for that.

How Youi can justify offering only half the insured liability value of the old policy for about the same premium as was offered a month ago (with no claims ever), is beyond me.

Insurance claim madeNo

Super lovely and super helpful

I spoke to Tom Hayes today about Business Liability Insurance and he was so lovely and helpful. Set up was extremely easy, it was all done for me. I usually dread making calls to insurance companies but Tom was easy to talk to and helped me get the best price for me.

Insurance claim madeYes

Friendly & Happy Staff

I've just started my own business and was looking for quotes on business insurance. I had no idea what I was looking for or what I needed or what price I should expect to pay. The staff I spoke to (Andrew) was really helpful and didn't make me feel stupid for not understanding the lingo. I had a follow up call from Ben, who made me feel the exact same way and helped me get another quick quote for my Mother for car insurance which other insurers refused to do as I was not her. Bother very kind, attentive and respectful.

Insurance claim madeNo

The fizz for my biz.

Great service, great product at a great price. Matched my business needs with a good product, all over the phone. Very open and friendly man on the phone. Good skills and lots of knowledge.

Insurance claim madeNo

I found an insurance that will meet my small business needs and at a very affordable premium!

My YOUI consultant was super helpful and succinct and making sure the policy was suitable for my small business. I am now going to tell my colleagues for their business insurance needs!

Insurance claim madeNo

Excellent value

Excellent value for money . Been with you I for few years now . Quite happy with it .quite reasonable compared to other companies . Will be recommending to other friends .

Insurance claim madeNo

Business Liability Insurance

We got a quote for Insurance today from Josh- he was extremely helpful and explained all aspects of the quote to us. We were very happy with the price and overall the service we received from Josh today was outstanding!
We were very happy to take out the policy with YOUI and we hope to deal with Josh again in the future.

Insurance claim madeNo

youi stinks

After many many ears insuring with YOUI and never making a claim. When I finally found a problem with one
of my tenants, Youi decided that they have two landlord insurances, not like other insurance companies who only have the one landlord insurance which covers you for damage and loss of rent. Because they have made up this new idea of the two insurances for the one thing, they use that as an excuse not to pay. Thus now only
did they charge me for landlord insurance when I really only had household insurance, they are not honouring my claim. They are liars and cheats and I have cancelled all my policies with them as have all my
family and friends.

have the

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi 9dogs, your review is quite concerning & I'd love to find out more. I'm here to help, so are you able to reply with a claim or policy number so that I can look into it & get back to you? Hope to hear from you soon 9dogs. Cheers, Ian.Dear Ian I am sick of arguing with Youi and listening to all excuses to the Youi reps who claim that all they want to do is to help me. Haha! I have cancelled all my policies as has the rest of my family. I am now committed to spending all my life in telling everyone and every group how shoddy and dishonest Youi is. I am not wasting any more of my time and if you wish to find out more you can ask Beck Dyne or Sarah Lawson who both constantly ring me up sugarcoating everything but never keeping their promises to send me copies of my conversations. The copies they send on e-mail are edited, and they do not send me tape copies as I have requested. The landlord policy I had was misrepresented, and all I had was house policy. Now they refuse to accept my claim, nor are they refunding me on a household policy when they charged for a landlord policy - which I was tricked into for over seven years. Youi drags out the matter for as long as possible in the hope that I will give up. But I am happily passing on how bad Youi is, and people are interested in my story. As I have told the two ladies as per above, I am taking the matter further. So unless you agree to my minimal claim (and I have not claimed for anything at all in the over ten years that I have been with you) please do not waste any more of my time - unless you accept my claim. I have a television station interested in my story and am now in the process of following that up as well. I wonder who you are Ian as especially Beck Dyne would not allow me to speak to anyone else.

expensive and no online facility

more expensive than aami and ANZ for building insurance and pain that you cannot take out insurance online - they insist that you speak to somone - but saying that - they covered us for storm damage when needed and were great to deal with when something went wrong.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Valid point Amy, our claims process is spot on. We can be a bunch of happy chappies nevertheless we are there for you thick and thin when you need us that’s for sure. Thanks heaps for your comments. Sarah

Business Insurance made easy

The business insurance I took out for my new small business was good value, very easy to set up over the phone and I am very satisfied with the customer support received.

Insurance claim madeNo

Best insurers in the business

It was easy to set up this policy and I thought with great value for my money. This policy was generated in the the quickest & most uncomplicated manner over the phone. I have experienced wonderful Customer Support over thee years I have been with Youi. Well done Youi.

Insurance claim madeYes

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