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Hi can I change my pass number ,as we have forgot it . Regards Leonard Davis
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No I do not believe it is possible to change your PIN. You will need to contact Travelex to resolve your issue

What happens if you still have Euro dollars on your card on return to Australia can you get your money back?
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You can withdraw any amounts back off your card into your bank account but you get a really crappy exchange rate. Better off withdrawing as much as you can before returning and changing it at a local currency placeThankyou appreciatedAs far as I understand, you can get your money back but only after very poor conversion rates to the local currency are applied. Also, if you do not use your card but you have money on it, they take out some fee for non-use and if you are not aware of this, you go to check your balance and it is much less than it used to be because of these fees being applied. It is definitely all one way (and not for the customer!).

I have just loaded money onto the card and am trying to get it back without using the card as I have just seen the reviews. Does anyone who has been through the system have any hints to avoid fees?
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If you have loaded foreign currency they will charge you to convert it back and we paid over $85 above the exchange rate conversion on just over $1000.00 SGD. It might work out cheaper to use the card, but we couldn't use our card so can't guarantee that.Travelex or Master card could have refunded back the sale, because the card did not work, customer can not use it when they needed to use it. this way the customer could have not loose money to exchange it back.

how can i cash out the funds on my cash passport,now i am back in Australia.
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You're supposed to be able to cash out on a specific link on their website. I've tried using it numerous times to no avail. They've basically got your money - kiss it goodbye.We were able to retrieve our money by ringing up the number on the card but the amount they kept for foreign currency conversion was unreasonable.Hi, not sure if this is too late, but there is an option to transfer to your bank account. There is a fee, but at least you can get it. I will never use this card again!! good luck

I have a problem...want to load a cash card with USDollars for a 30 day trip to the USA. After looking at the reviews am I correct in saying the Australia Post or Suncorp Cash Passport are likely to give me lots of grief? I am also looking at Qantas Cash card but am worried if I have a problem it will take as long as their help line to get them to answer the phone. All card reviews have frightened me off. Would it be easier to use a regular bank debit card???
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With the AUS Post its not really bad its just that you need to know your card's term and conditions of use. you may also contact their aus post centre for questions about you card's maximum load limit and maximum daily withdrawal limit.They are not safe if you misplace them or they are stolen, no refund, though their terms and conditions say you should be able to dispute them. Try Western Union and go cash.

Can I loan my card to my daughter to use on her overseas trip?
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If your name is the one registered on the card or if your daughter's name is registered and your daghter is under 18, you can reload the card as long as you know the card details, you can contact their call centre for reload options. Ask if phone reload is possible on your program with their representative.I wouldn't trust any positive answers from this company, I highly discourage using them.

When you run out of funds and want to reload your cash passport, do you have access to the money straight away or is there a 24/48 hour period before it is cleared for you to start using your money?
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Run run away from this product. They rip you off with exorbitant fees, terrible exchange rates and non existent customer service. We were bitten and will never use this product again. It was easier for us to use our regular visa debit card attached to our bank savings account keeping a thousand dollars on it and transfer funds onto it as needed. There is no added protection from theft of funds from the cashpassport. It can be skimmed like all other cards. You cannot use it for deposits on hire cars or hotels because most places in the US and Canada won't accept it.Steer clear of this product. Read all the submissions about this card. They're all true.yes you can be able to reload the cashpassport anytime but there will be daily reload limit depending on your card program. there are programs that can process reload over a customer support and there are none. using mine, I always contact their hotline just to makes sure.....

Is everyone having problems using the card o/s because you are not using an ATM that has the MasterCard logo on the machine, or are you not using the correct PIN number, are you pressing CREDIT at the ATM like instructed and are you pressing " local currency" ??? Just wondering......Unfortunately the travellers comments - in all of them - do not state what country or countries the problems are occurring. I have read the PDF details and the updates on the fees and yes there is an ATM fee that cash passport charges now and yes there is a fee for uploading the card using the Internet via BPay or bank transfer and it also does say that it can take a few days if you DONT do the transfer by 2 pm that day and also you need to select the currency you want it to go into BEFORE you do the transfer. I am trying to make an informed decision ".............
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My first response is withdraw all your funds and close the account. You are charged fees for every withdrawal unless you use the specified banks your bank will tell you the banks to use. Set your currency for the country you are visiting before you use your card otherwise you will incur more fees. I would never use Cash Passport again not only is it expensive there is no support service.Thank you for the info. I have contacted cash passport to discuss the card with them and also the customer service scenarios. Instructions are to use the ATMs with the MasterCard logo on and to press credit to access funds. I will withdraw as much Euro as I can, so that the number of withdrawals will be few therefore fewer ATM fees. I have Set the currency for euros as this is what I have loaded. My husband and I have a backup plan. We are 50 something and 60 yrs of age and we don't want to get stuck. We fly out tonight for Barcelona.Don't get this card. It was the the worst experience I had. Uploading to a foreign currency had undisclosed costs with conversion amounting to approx 9% less than the daily conversion rate. Using the Bpay, as advised was 1% of amount uploaded whereas a bank transfer.was $5 or $10. Getting through to the company for help was the worst I have experienced. Using your normal credit card, bank savings card or American Express cheques are a better option. I had never had a preload card before and never again. The other options mentioned worked out much better for me without the ANGST and loss of money in exchange that bloody card gave me. I took them to task, stood my ground, and got the money back they pocketed through undisclosed currency costs.

Why is there so many problems with this card? Why has cash passport not addressed any of these issues in a timely manner? Surely this cannot be legal to leave a traveller stranded without access to money because the phone numbers are not answered in an acceptable time frame. Very concerning to read these bad reviews.
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What issues do you have with the card?My concerns werr related to reviews I have read.when buying MCCP, we need to listen to the sales person while they are explaining to us how to use the card this way we do not blaer the company and Master card when we do not know how to use it. I have used MCCP in my life so many times and to this day, i did not have any problem using it.

we are going to europe in the next few days and have loaded a cash passport with Euros only. I am reading these reviews and am terribly concerned about the difficulties people have had. Why are these people having so much trouble accessing their money and also having the loaded currency reconverted and then issued?
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I think only the cross people Are posting.. People with no problems just have a good time and don't even go to reviews. Skewed results.Hi Everyone, My husband and I have recently returned from Europe - Mediterranean cruise in the last few days. We were away 3 weeks. We used the cashpassport in numerous countries and looked for the ATM's that had the Mastercard logo as instructed in the booklet and followed the instructions. It worked PERFECTLY!! I have no idea why you are all whingeing. I think you have not followed the instructions properly. We are a married couple, I am in my 50's and my husband is in his 60's, and this is our first time away from Australia to Europe.Have you checked your statement Lee?? We loaded a Travelex cash passport card with euro on a recent trip to Europe, only used an ATM twice (with MC logo) to withdraw cash. After returning we checked our statement and both times discovered we were charged exhorbitant ATM fees! Am planning now after lengthy discussions and correspondence which have proved fruitless to contact the ombudsman. Lucky you if you had no problems but we would certainly try to deter anyone from using this card based on our experience in Germany and the hassels we are now having trying to recover fees we were assured would not be charged!

I'm trying to register my cash passport. Everytime I input a password I get a msg saying it's invalid even though I'm following their rules - 8-15 alphanumeric characters, no spaces etc. Can anyone help?
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Try seeking advice from your own bank, or any such institution along the street. Even in Venice, they were only too willing to assist a hapless tourist. The small print on the brochure indicates Australian agency held by Access Prepaid Australia Pty.Ltd., P.O. Box 1653, NORTH SYDNEY. 2060. 'Phone 1800 098 231. If need be, give ém a serve. In any case, opportunity should be available for you to change your password, despite the clowns administering (?) this would-be travellers's ideal service.Blog.Editor: I thought I'd answered this one, so a measure of tolerance (if you will ?) if this is a repeat. As a seasoned (not pickled !) traveller, I've long found that most banks will assist distressed tourists irrespective of the bank's logo, so that might be your first port of call. Then, why not serve it up to this outfit's NHQ, brochure-listed as Access Prepaid Australia Limited, P.O. Box 1653, North Sydney - (importantly) 'phone 1800 098 231. There must be an avenue through which you can alter your password ? Further information may (?) be on their web-site - www.cashpassport.com/multi.? At the end of the trail, there's always the Banking Ombudsman. Good luck.Hello,Rita! If the website is not accepting your password than there should be a reason for sure. Try using one capital letter. You can always call the number on the back of the card and seek assistance.

Is there any way you can get money back if you select the incorrect option at an atm and it charges you a massive fee?
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I would call their customer service for that question and would be interested in there response as wellHi! Well if you were charged with a withdraw fee from the cash passport side,yes. You can dispute that fee. If you are charged with a fee from the ATM than you need to contact the merchant.it depends on the option that you are referring.... if it will be for mistake choosing option between LOCAL and HOME currency for the first time of usage, it may be possible depanding on their call centre.

We are going to America for 3 weeks and wonder if there is somebody who can advise me about Flight Centres cashcard.
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I believe many of these cards are the same. Mine is called a Cash Passport and is issued by travel agents and Australia Post. I am still having issues trying to get my money back from this facility. Perhaps look at this site, I could not find any details on Flight Centre cashcard and can only NOT recommend Cash Passport. http://www.ausbt.com.au/review-best-travel-money-cardsI normally use a Commonwealth Bank Travel Money Card. They cost $15 for an initial purchase and are quite easy to manage. You can load lots of different currencies. I've used these cards for years in many countries (except Cuba) and they are very reliable. They are accepted anywhere that takes Mastercard, including most ATMs. The card isn't perfect, but you can rely in it. You also get a "free" backup card, so it you lose one you have an emergency card with access to the same pre-loaded money as for the primary card. Invaluable if an ATM eats your card, or you lose it, or one card is compromised in some way. You also get quite good support from the CBA customer service team if something goes wrong regarding the card.Just a quick suggestion. Get a Qantas cash cash. No fees you only have to join the free Qantas club. No loading fees when you load local funds. Transfer between currencies have a better rate than "Cash Passport" I have found. We load it regularly using it to do our normal shopping and get 1 Qantas point for every $2 spent. Would not touch the "Cash Passport" card ever again as they charge every time it comes out of your wallet.

Cards have been working overseas and here in Australia to make withdrawals. I tried to register on line but it kept on refusing, I only managed to register with the help of the cash passport, and it took them many attempts to register me. I tried to check my balance on line but it refused. What do I do to get my money back, as cards are not user friendly? I tried to get help from the post office who sale the cards with zero joy.
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What do I do to get my balance left in my cardI had problems with this card and made a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman after speaking with the Cash Passport Complaints consultant first (with no satisfaction my end). I prepared my paperwork and lodged it with the Ombudsman and they made contact with the other side. You will need to be a 'bull dog' as the opposition will try very hard to get you to give up. It took me 6 months of counteracting the hurdles from the other side, VIA THE OMBUDSMAN, who is in the middle. I won the battle and money was paid into my normal bank. I also made them cancel my card at no expense. The battle was at least 6 months. I did not give in because I believe in justice and I got it. I feel so sorry for other people still writing about the terrible things they are enduring. Everyone should fight through the available complaints channels to get their own justice. We work hard for our money so why let someone or business get it for nothing?make sure youre on the right website so you can see your balnce. It happened to me once when I was a new user and contacted thier centre. you may contact them, it will really be helpful.

What's the exchange rate like for this card e.g. aud $ to uk£ ?
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I only used it for Aus dollar to Euro and it was 64 c to I Euro. Not great.I uploaded Australian Dollars to Euros. This card does not state the cost to you in exchange from currency to currency. They only tell you there is a $5 fee to upload money. Their exchange rate is set much lower than the daily market rate. It will cost you about 9% to change Australian Dollars to any other currency. If you have money left in your account when you return it will lose about 9% again to change back to Australian Dollars plus the only fee shown in a transaction, that is $5. The big cost ( a commission) is buried in the exchange rate you get with this card. In comparison, other cards are much less than this. DO NOT GO WITH THIS CARD IF YOU WANT TO GET A REASONABLE EXCHANGE FOR YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.

Pre loaded a cash card as an emergency with sterling didn't end up using it, can I just cash it in?
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Hi Vanessa - sorry but you are probably best checking with Travelex about that. They do charge a fee to close the account and the exchange rate will not be as good as what you purchased the sterling forWhoa, only saw this now...2 years in the making of this answer, but I hope it answers others with the same question. Any bureau de change at an airport will be more expensive than outside because there is less competition at the airport and the added overheads of the airport taxes etc will result in the lower rates and/or additional fees. The money on the travelex card ( if bought in Australia) can be cashed out at a travelex kiosk at a fee and subject to the days's relevant buy rates and fees. On the other hand, you can visit cashpassport.com.au and revert money back to home currency( AUD, if in Aus) and use it at the shops in Aus. You can even use the website to push the money to your bank account, but that incurs a fee as well. Withdrawing at an ATM will incur fees and charges as they were not made to be used at the home country. So best to transfer money online and use it at the shops.

Can you access from IPad
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No. I could not. I travelled to Europe and only had my I pad with me and had to keep finding an internet cafe to check the balance. I think if you live in the UK you can download an app but that is not available yet in Australia.Hope this helps! SueNo i couldn"t. I wa in the Bahamas and the US and no luck at all.Yes, you can now, by using your normal browser.

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