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Tulip Menstrual Cup

Tulip Menstrual Cup

Stem and Tulip
2.4 from 48 reviews

Questionable business practices

I have only come here to warn others. Please see below link using the exact same image they have used but in a different colour.


I felt their products were overpriced and after reading other customers' experiences changed my mind about this. I asked for cancellation immediately but they advised I cannot cancel my order and provided no options for a return until after I went via the Paypal buyer protection scheme to get my refund.

Purchased in May 2019 for $74.00.

Value for Money

Very Uncomfortable!!

I love the Diva Cup and use it monthly. Thought it would be nice not to have to remove a cup in public. However, I couldn't wear the Tulip Cup for even 3 minutes. The stem is so long that it hurts. I am not sensitive and never had any issues with the Diva. I don't alter it or anything. The Tulip Cup is a scam and not worth a penny.

Purchased in April 2019 for $79.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes

Valve cup leaked BIG TIME !!

Day 1 I used the valve cup it didn’t leak
Day 2 I used the valve cup and after sitting in the car for an hour I got out the car and felt a trickle.
It leaked BIG time saturated my undies and trousers!! Lucky I was driving home and not at work or out with friends or family!! That could have been an awful situation!!!!
Also on day 1 in the evening it was becoming very uncomfortable and felt like my pelvic floor was dropping.
I will be going back to my Lunette cup which was very comfortable and doesn’t have a valve so won’t leak.

Purchased in March 2019.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes

Didn’t get on with it

Pretty and arrived in a little bag, delivery was very slow though, when ordered product I followed the info given ;
Small - Under 25 Years Old
Large - Over 25 Years Old
I am 47 and have had two children so assumed the over 25 large cup would be the correct one ! the size surprised me but I gave it a go -
I couldn’t wear it, could feel it was there and not in a good way by the end of the day was so uncomfortable I had to remove it, the discomfort from where the rim had been after removal continued for a few hours- was just too big and the rim around the top was just too hard -I’ve changed to the smallest mooncup, much more flexible and comfortable to wear!
The moon up is half the price too!

Purchased in March 2019 at Amazon for $34.95.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes

Dodgy/ shady- beware

When I ordered my cup, I thought I was receiving the cup with the valve. Upon delivery, it was not the one with the valve. When placing my order, it wasn’t very clear on their site which cup was the valve and which cup wasn’t. Anyhow, I did not receive the cup I wanted. They refused to exchange (!!!!— I was going to purchase the one with the valve after the exchanging) my order and blatantly told me That because I made a mistake I could not exchange it. They also said that due to the nature of the product, that returning it is not an option. (I talked to VICTORIA). They actually said the words “you are wrong”. After doing some digging I found out that they do indeed exchange and that they have offered excellent customer service to others in the past. However to me... not so much. After a week long battle of trying to get my money back, I filed a disputed with my credit card company. (Shout out to citi card) and have been refunded my money. I attempted to leave reviews on fb but my review and comments were blocked. This is a huge red flag!!!!!!! When I straight up asked them how I could leave a review on Their site they prompted me to send them my review via chat and they would post it.... uhhhhhhh no. Shady company. Bad business ethics. Probably a good product but I will never know.

Purchased in February 2019 for $60.00.

Great product, although delivery was slow.

After reading bad reviews which lead me to have concerns regarding the quality and safety of the product. As well as wondering if I would actually recieve my order at all, I can say I have finally recieved my tulip cup and are pleasantly suprised and happy.

Admittedly delivery took a long time and perhaps other areas such as packaging have recently been improved. This could be down to teething problems of being a relatively new business with a rapidly growing customer base.

My entire experience as follows;
I ordered my tulip cup and sterliser on 31/1/19 as part of the BOGOF offer (which appears to be a continuous promo which tbh many new business are guilty of). My order confirmation stated that it would take 7-10 days for order processing and 3-7 days for delivery in the UK. I then revieved a further email on 11/2/19 apologising that there had been a delay as an error had been made. I was provided with a tracking number for Royal mail. When I tried to track my parcel Royal Mail kept stating there was a problem.

At this point I panicked and checked review's, suspecting I had been scammed. Reviews did not read positive so I contacted Tulip cup directly through their website. My message was sent quite late at night, they replied first thing the following morning reasurring me that all was fine. I also contacted the FDA and did some reserach around the manufacturer, I was concerned that even if I recieved my delivery I would not be able to use the products due to quality. The FDA confirmed that the product was indeed medical grade silicone and safe to use. My research also revealed that the manufacturer is reputable and manufactures many well known products available in the UK.

I finally recieved my delivery on 20/2/19. Much to my suprise the product was beautifully packaged. It was delivered in a discreet mail bag. The white inner box has the tulip cup logo on it, this consisted of another smaller pink box and the sterliser in a sealed cellophane wrapper. The smaller pink box contained the cup it self. The box displays the brand logo, instructions, diagram and product info. The cup is protected by a pretty little draw string canvas bag which will be great to carry in a handbag. Both products have the tulip cup logo on them and appear of high quality. The packaging has the FDA logo on it.

I have used many other brands of menstrual cup and feel that this product is just as high quality and worthy of reccomendation. I do believe that the company is having some teething problems with processing deliveries and therefore delivering late. It is also important to note that any questions or concerns need to be addressed via the website and not by email.

Purchased in January 2019 for $45.00.

Causes Irritation No

I love menstrual cups now!

This was my first menstrual cup. It's so soft it's easy to insert, however, was tricky to get it to pop open. Now swapped to different make. (Stem not effective.)

Purchased in February 2018.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Dodgy company selling useless product

The stem cup with the valve doesn't work. Tried it with water - nothing come out through the valve. Customer services promises exchange then stops answering queries. Says time and time again on Facebook that they will exchange products, but then they stop answering messages. They delete comments and block you if you complain on Facebook. All the reviews from their website are from a marketing company, and all are 5*. Dodgy company, good luck getting an exchange. Wish I'd seen this review site before wasting my money - AVOID!

Will never go back ! Wished I started years ago !!

This tulip cup is the best thing I have bought ! I will save so much money. Only have to change twice a day. Lasts for ten years and can’t even feel it ! I suffered with tampons and pads for years but now I have tried this I will never go back. It’s easy to clean and empty. Think every woman needs to try one of these !!! The duo pack and the microwave pot is all you need !

Very happy but nearly wasn't

I have to say my experience was very good but then I came across this site and all the posts really worried me so thought I would give my experience. I have previously used mooncup so I'm not a novice.

The products were delivered by Royal Mail (I'm based in the UK) and took 6 days from ordering. I received email updates. I did find it strange that the tracking didn't work for most of the delivery time but none the less the updates did come and kept me informed.

The packaging was nice, inside the discrete grey mailbag was a postal box with The Tulip Cup logo on, upon opening I found 1 cup kit ( I was expecting two because of a BOGOF offer read below) this contained what seems like good quality Menstrual Pad, Steriliser and Tulip Cup.

The steriliser seems good quality and is great to carry the cup, also means I can sterilise the cup every evening in just a few minutes.

The Tulip Cup seems a little softer than the moon cup so was a little harder to get it to open, but when I did get the knack of it I prefer it to my other cup as that felt a little uncomfortable to me, the tulip cup suited me better.

The Tulip Cup came in a nice box and contained a cotton bag with the Tulip Cups logo on. The products and all the boxes and packaging where branded so some of the comments don't make sense to my personal experience.

The pad is extremely comfortable and I will be buying a spare.

It didn't have an instruction leaflet but it did have basic insertion ones on the box, I intended to complain about that, surely new users would find this overwhelming.

When I realised that I was missing a cup set ( it was on offer when I ordered) I sent an email to the tulip cup and I didn't get a response.

So I sent two further emails each with increasing frustration, no response.
Feeling angry I went on to the website and found their contact us page and found that in fact, they don't have email, it says the only way to contact them is on the website chat.

After checking the emails they sent to me for order confirmation and tracking, I felt a bit of a tit because when I had sent 3 angry emails, I never actually read the emails they send and it does say do not reply go to the chat on the website.

I think this is where a lot of confusion is coming in with the previous posts. If your struggling to contact them go to their website chat because I got a response within 2 hours the first time I contacted them and it was live the second time I contacted them.

The first time I contacted them I wanted to discuss my missing 241 offer and lack of instructions. The lady I spoke with politely explained that I had only added one kit to the basket and needed to add two for the second one to be sent. I angrily asked why the offer would not be automatically sent, they said because its a mix and match offer you need to add any two items.

The lady was very patient with me despite the fact I was quite snappy. She pointed me to the top of the site to the welcome banner, that in fact, it says add two to cart. After realising my mistake I asked if anything could be done and she kindly offered to send a second kit but I did have to pay the postage cost of £4.95, this seemed fair to me so promptly paid.

She also told me the instructions are posted on their website to reduce waste. She pointed me to the link at the bottom of the home page.

I'll post here in case if anyone else struggling to find it.


so far so good.

Then I came across this site and I have to all the posts really worried me.

So went back to the tulip company again, this time a different lady was available on chat.

She showed me the terms and conditions page that show the FDA Links and the test reports confirm medical grade silicone.

I did some digging and contacted the FDA directly and it was confirmed that the links and files were all correct and above board.

I nearly threw perfectly good products away I'm glad I spoke to the company first, they completely put my mind at rest.

So far so good with the tulip cup.. will update if I have any problems...

Where have you been for the last 30 years?

Seriously no girl should ever have to live without this. I was hesitant because the reviews on some other brands were bad. But the new stem makes more sense so I thought I'd give it a shot. Wow what a world of difference...I feel FREE. No more leaks or worry or bulk or smell or having to count enough pads to bring. My only knock is that the directions don't state any detail on the stem. It's valve only works in one direction so it's a bit tricky at first. Also the price wasn't US dollars so it costs more than I anticipated. But that being said I'd do it again it's well worth it. I'd strongly recommend the full kit with two and sanitizing cups to make trading out every 12 hours seamless.

Stay away from this company

Two weeks have passed and it hasn’t shipped. I really wish I had googled for more reviews and not gone with the ones on the site. The ones on the site are fake. I simply don’t want the product now and am just hoping PayPal will come to my rescue and get my money back. Update: tulip had no desire to cancel my order. As soon as I filed a complaint with PayPal they claimed it shipped but tracking info showed nothing. I escalated it with PayPal and eventually they ruled in my favor. From everything I’ve read outside their website it is a scam. If they ship your product it is cheap and worthless. Their fb page blocked me from adding comments because I wrote something negative.

Cup doesn't work and no refund given

I ordered two cups on October 6th and finally got them on November 9th. I was traveling the following weekend and brought the cup with me. Unfortunately, I didn't bring the cup I've used previously. This cup did not work for my body, or my daughter's. I experienced leakage every time I used it. I wrote to the company and told them this. They responded that if it leaked it was my fault because I didn't have it in properly. I've used cups for many years so I know how to use them. The cup is way too flexible for me and it isn't a good fit. They say it is made with medical grade silicone, but that doesn't mean it is going to work for everyone. I asked how I could get my money back and they said they did not have a money back guarantee. I am so disappointed that I didn't see this site before I ordered and I hope that my feedback will help others avoid the same loss of money and time that I did.

Still not recieved item, terrible customer service

Ordered my tulip cup November 5th as i am going travelling and thought this would be a much more handy than having to carry/buy tampons & pads. Taken so long to get here i don’t even want it anymore. Emailed 3 times only then have i got a reply to say it’ll be with the royal mail in the next few days. It’s been over 2 weeks already and it was supposed to take 3-7 working days. Would NOT recommend, don’t bother buying.


Bought tulip after reading reviews on site about how good it was. Delivery was slow, couple of weeks but not that bad.
However, no matter what I do, it leaks. Ok so i am saving on the number of pads that I usually use as the cup does collect some fluid but I still leak enough to need a pad. I find it messy and need to empty more often than they say - not necessarily because the cup is full but just for my own peace of mind as I leak so much. This is the first time I've used so will persist for this month but so far not happy with it at all

Took ages to arrive... don't trust product

Took about 4/5 weeks to arrive. They only responded to me after I put in a complaint to PayPal and gave the excuse that they've been really busy with charities and excessive orders due to sales. Seems like they've had a 'sale' continuously if you look back at previous comments. I really wish I checked review sites before I decided to waste £30 on this company. They are not legitimate. There is nothing else surrounding the company, no contact email (the help desk is on the website only), no twitter or any other social media that most companies often have. Seems super iffy. Basically just wasted money that has gone into profiting some dodgy company.

I have not yet tried the product and I don't think I will. I think I will try another menstrual cup product from a more legitimate company as I'm not sure I want to put these things inside of my body in case they are made out of dodgy materials.

Never received full order

Ordered 6 items in the sale in mid-September, order seemed to take ages to arrive - and then when it finally did, only one of the items was in the parcel, just a clear box with the cup and a small instruction leaflet, and it looks terrible quality on top of everything! Tracking number they gave now states order has been delivered, nothing about the missing items. Have requested a refund via their email address on the site and through paypal, but wish I'd seen the reviews here before buying in the first place. Get a Mooncup instead, and remember - if something seems to good to be true then it probably is!

Do not buy this cup

I have tried three different menstrual cups moon, butterfly and this. Liked the idea of the valve but it doesn’t work, just taking a cup out is way less messy than half emptying it and then having to take it out as so slow to empty. Also have to pull it half out to get the valve to work. So good idea but doesn’t work and is more expensive than other Menstrual cups. Also the customer service is rubbish. No sign of it for ten days and then when I chased it I ended up with 4!!!

Feeling weary about continuing using product

Tulip menstrual cup
I am feeling a bit weary to continue using the product after reading the recent reviews. When I ordered the email said to allow 3-6 days for order processing, for me it took a week before I got an email that it had been shipped, which seemed fine to me.

Also in the email it said it would take an additional 7-10 business days for delivery, for me it took 20 days. During that time I kept trying the link for tracking the package almost everyday and it kept saying the code was wrong. This made me a little worried and wanted to contact the company but never got round to it.

Finally it came but I was unsure if it was the cup as it said it came from China. The packaging was just a plain brown box with the two products I bought, one in a bag and one in a see through plastic tub, with a leaflet.

The fact that it said it came from China and the packaging box was plain with no logo/design or anything and now reading the recent reviews has made me question the trustworthiness of the company. I feel like I’ve wasted over £30 and this was my first time trying menstrual cups.

Awful customer service

Took 5 weeks to get to me because of shipping problems. Was just thrown in a box with no instructions. Product is poor quality. Doesn’t fit, leaks, basically doesn’t do job it’s supposed to do. No one replies to emails, complaints. Absolute disgrace. Have asked for my money back numerous times. To no avail.

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