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Went from Sydney to Newark! I was abit worried at first from reading reviews but was such a great flight! I couldn’t fault it even the flight back to Sydney was great!! The food was only as good as airplane food gets but the seats were comfy good stuff and good movie variety

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
DestinationNewark, NJ, USA
BookingThird Party

Wow... worse that we could have imagined!

One great staff member at the desk in Houston... everyone else seems to be in the wrong job. Charged us $250 per leg to carry our bikes home, despite us having no other checked in baggage and the bike boxes cut down smaller than suitcases others were checking in at at no cost. Then laughed at us for questioning the policy. Actually laughed and shared it with their staff mates who also just laughed... then abysmal, disinterested service on the 17 hour flight. Joined Jetstar and Qantas, yes Qantas on our no fly list.

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
DestinationLos Angeles, CA, USA
BookingThird Party

United but divided

United - absolutely horrible experience. Majority of the staff are clueless with the rare two or three that actually care and will probably leave.

On one of our flights the attendants found more attention in their phones than in their job and were just generally rude.

Avoid the absolute hassle , disregard and indifference of united and just fly with a different carrier the savings on flights are NOT worth it

Great service

I have travel from Melbourne to LA and then from LA to Honolulu. Both flights were excellent. There weren’t any delays with the schedule. The food on both flights was excellent. I really enjoyed the flights .On the way to Hawaii we have used the free entertainment using the united app which was excellent. I would not have any hesitation using United again to my next fly to USA.

scum of the air

positives. flight left on time. that's it.
we got stuck with United as part of our international flight. our tickets allowed for 1 carry on per person. at the gate they decided to make it 1 between 4 of us. no explanation just threats. this airline is a disgrace with no customer service.

Great service

I travelled from Brisbane to Las Vegas on a dreamliner. Can I say i had hardly any jet lag. The hostess were very Curtios and helpful. I have several disabilities and they went out of there way to help me. They also upgraded me to economy plus for free because they could see I was having difficulty with my disability getting in and out of the seats. I felt hungry late at night nearly every body was asleep but seeing I can't sleep in planes I was wide awake and starving so I walked to where the hostess were sitting and told them I was hungry and they loaded me up with food and pop. I had such a great experience with United. And it's not just once I've flown the same route 3 times and I'm going again in June. And they have already upgraded me to economy plus for free. Wish they could upgrade me to business lol. I love this airline.

Sack the CEO

Booked return flights from Australia to Mexico with Qantas. Qantas flights to and from LA were excellent and I take my hat off to their professional and polite sfaff. Unfortunately their partner airline, United Airlines, was the complete opposite. Staff were impolite when we asked for anything such as a glass of water. When we asked for a blanket (and we were not the only ones) because the air-conditioning was so cold, we were told they do not have them. They said they would raise the cabin temperature but they didn't and on repeated request they just fobbed us off. Thie plane was tight with little leg room and resembled a very cheap low cost airline. This was a 5 hour flight and we had already spent 14hrs on a plane and were so tired and left unable to sleep. I have no idea why Qantas partners with what I consider a sub-standard airline. The staff at United Airline appeared to have no passion for their job. I have never seen anything like this before and I can only assume the board does not care. I read today in the paper that United Airlines staff packed a puppy in the overhead locker and killed it. Would you do this with a baby? I felt this typified my experience and elected to vent my personal views.

Terrible Customer Service and Attitude

Items stolen from luggage, cancelled flights rebooked with extra baggage fee in breach of contract, rude flight attendants, seats that would not remain reclined - very uncomfortable on such a long trip. Appalling customer service on the flights and now especially in resolving our claim - they have blocked my email from contacting customer service and although they are in breach of contract they are trying to deflect me to others. $350 of losses but an insulting and self-serving 3 x $75$ discounts off of other flights offered so far when I no longer want to travel with UA. Now looking into legal redress.
Update - it is now June and although reported in December immediately the theft was discovered at Miami airport, we have received no compensation - United Airways technique for avoiding compensating their customers is to repeatedly send them into a loop of complaint, losing responses, asking for forms again, dysfunctional web sites and never ever any settlement of claims. They won't even advise who to name as the plaintiff in a legal claim! Dont fly UA.

Didn't Have a Black Eye...

Travelled UA from Melbourne to LAX then on to Houston and back the same way.

Couldn't fault them: aircraft was new and clean, service was as expected, in flight entertainment was good, premium economy seating was worth the extra dollars. Flights were on time and good value in my opinion. And didn't notice anyone being beaten to a pulp and dragged off the plane.

I'd fly with them again.

Will definitely book again!:)

We flew Economy flights with United airlines from Sydney to San Francisco and Los Angeles to Sydney recently and both flights went really smooth. Their Service was fantastic! Check in process was fast! Considering that we flew from one of the busiest airports across the globe. And the best part is the ticket price and value. Me and my hubby were very happy. :) we paid 1,097 aud two way. Along with it we had 2pcs of 23kg luggage allowance each, inflight entertainment, pillows, blankets already provided, drinks all through out the flight and we were fed 5x each flight, and the toilets were clean! :) all these are mentioned are my top priorities when picking for a flight. :)

customer service

my wife and I had being flying around USA from august till October 2017, in august we were meant to go to Houston but hurricane Harvey got there first rang united they changed our flights free of charge and found a flight to get us to our next destination no problems. in September we were in Miami, there for 2 days got told to evacuate as hurricane Irma was coming, we had plans to go to orlando, so we rang united again after 1hr or so they found seat to go to orlando, [which at the time was out of hurricane path] the next day while waiting for the plane hurricane Irma turned and now was heading towards orlando, once again rang united after 40minutes on the phone the lady found 2 seat out of orlando next day to go to Washington DC. as I am from Australia hurricanes are new to me and all reports on news etc. was saying it was going to bad so my wife and I were a bit concern, all customer service ladies were very helpful and pleasant to talk too, thanks united for getting us out of there safely and thanks for great flights as well.

Getting offloaded and poor customer service with bad attitude.

After travelling long haul MEL-LAX. We (my 17 yr old son and me) had a connection to YVR in 4 hours. Time to board that flight we were told that there was only one seat available the other would be put on another flight... mind you, we had boarding passes all the way from MEL-LAX-YVR. It would have made sense to offload the other person who boarded at LAX. there were 3 other flights leaving an hour apart but they decided to offload two of us. Our checked baggage was also asked to be offloaded. We requested then to be put on the next filght/s but the rude customer service person gruffly to me to wait they will put me whichever flight the thought was convenient. Finally we were put on the last flight to YVR After spending a total of 16 hours in LA airport. The next day after we finally made it to YVR. I called United customer service can't and explained the whole situation just to be told... "We are sorry for the inconvenience. "
"United sucks!!!"

Wonderful service

Flew United to San Francisco and returned from Los Angeles. Also 4 domestic internal US flights with United, absolutely brilliant. Very friendly and helpful staff both on the ground and in the air.. Highly recommended

How to Travel

This review may help future travelers.I fly exclusively United Airlines. I always book direct thru United.com. I have their Frequent Flyer membership. Here's what I do. I book months in advance and pay at the same time. This allows me to choose my advance seating on their website. If I am flying International, Melbourne to LAX on UA99 , remember this, I always choose a connecting flight that gives me a five hour connection gap. So, if the first flight lands at 6.50am by the time I clear customs and get to the domestic terminal , I will not catch the connecting flight until 1pm. Gives me time to freshen up and relax. When I am travelling I always make a 3 to 4 hour connection time between any domestic flights too. There is nothing worse than standing at an airline counter trying to organise a missed connection. Also when you book directly on United . Com with your frequent flyer account they let you check in on line 24 hours beforehand and they will send you notifications during your trip. If you do encounter any problems ,they have an on line email address to contact customer care immediately. I have had problems withUA on various issues including refunds and cancellations etc....But when you address the issue to customer care,take a deep breath and show manners when dealing with your complaint on the first email. If you do not get a positive response ,the second email should be direct and let them know in carefully worded prose that you are unhappy. ( Remember, it's how you hold your mouth) This plan of action has worked for me every time and I have Flown over a Million miles with UA. I hope this post helps. TG.

United Airlines - great airlines. New aircraft. Great services

I flew on United Airlines to Los Angelos. I was amaze of the plane and services. Initially I wanted to purchase Qantas but an agent Mega Holidays quoted me United fare cheaper $350 compare to Qantas. I am glad I booked and flew with United. I am happy with United Airlines services. Before the trip I heard some friends mentioned about United. However United Airlines surprised me. I very happy and would fly with United Airlines again

Worst customer service experience ever!!!

Well, let me start off by saying that I never made the trip with UA since my flight was cancelled the night before (roughly around 15 hour before departure time). I simply got a one-line message saying that my flight was cancelled due to aircraft maintenance. No apologies offered. I called the customer service to confirm this and "uh huh" was the only answer I got. Again, no apologies made. The customer rep's attitude was extremely indifferent and just plain rude. Never, will I fly with this airline before. If you're thinking of flying long-haul flights with them, I advise you to think twice!


United Confirmation Number MR3E90

I have a nightmare situation with United Airlines and their agent Expedia.
We, a family of 4 (husband, wife and 2 young children) planned a trip to
Orlando so we can all have fun this coming term break.
We bought the tickets with Expedia back in March 16 for coming flight
scheduled with United Airlines on Wednesday 13th September (Melbourne-Los
Angeles (Stop-over for around 3hours)-then onto Orlando). The return flight
is on 2nd October (Orlando-Los Angeles (Stop-over for 40min)-then onto
The total tickets costs for all of us is $6579AUD. All paid for in full
back in March.
Then comes Hurricane Irma hitting Florida and we watched the news it's
predicted Orlando is also on the way of the hurricane too. Not wanting the
family be a situation like being stuck in the middle of a disaster in
Florida. We called Expedia to drop the flight (Los Angeles-Orlando) in our
itinerary to wait out for the storm to pass then we would flight there on
our own costs. Expedia agreed and dropped the flight (Los Angeles-Orlando)
for us with the rest (Melbourne-Los Angeles) on the 13th September and
return flight back (Orlando-Los Angeles-Melbourne) all remain the same. The
guy we spoke to at Expedia named 'Pawan'? helped us with this change and it
reflected both on United Airlines and Expedia's accounts. The only
difference he told us to pay is $45 for all of us for dropping the Los
Angeles-Orlando flight and he also promises $50 credit for us for this
inconvenience. All seemed good until things go downhill from there.
Then we rang United Airlines and we were told no tickets are ever issued
for this change so we should not be boarding at all. We then rang back
Expedia and spoke to another guy named 'Vipul'? another outsource agent
perhaps? and told *'please wait, we apologise because of pricing issue with
technical glitch putting the tickets at a high costs but do not worry, we
will sort it out for you and reissue ticket'.* We told him please hurry up
as we have less than 3 days before boarding and we have already booked
another flight from Los Angeles-Las Vegas PLUS hotel to wait out the storm.
We also booked Las Vegas -Orlando flight on our own costs too because of
the storm. We need tickets issued so we can arrange our plans and get
refunds if necessary on time. He said *'let us get back to you'* but never
did and tickets remained unseen.
Again, this morning we spoke to a total of 3 people at Expedia. The first
one named 'Shaik'? and this guy says your tickets were issued don't worry,
I trusted him, but when I saw the details he sent I realised it is just a
confirmation titled 'travel documents' to make it look real.
I called United Airlines and they told us still no tickets are issued and
since we booked with Expedia, we must call them to get tickets issued not
the airline. We feel like being a football being kicked around between
these two companies. We then rang back Expedia immediately and got another
agent named 'Lydia'? she said don't worry it's under investigation, I told
her I must speak to her supervisor or manager she reluctantly put me on to
a man named 'Umesh' who claimed he's the supervisor. Again, more apologies
and more 'waiting and time is needed to investigate'. I was too
disappointed telling him I must know whether they are refunding us and let
us know right now less than 48 hours of flight time so I can get my
flights/hotels refunded for the flight we booked on our own (Los
Angeles-Las Vegas and Las Vegas-Orlando).
I don't need apologies, I need a straight and honest answer so I can act
and lose less money that I already spent. He won't give me an answer,
promising 24 hour, I told him I need answer within 1-2hr max. He doesn't
have a clue and seemed not to know what's happening. I am shocked and angry
it comes to this, I will stay away from Expedia and United Airlines forever
as I am scared the way they are behaving. After taking our money $6579AUD
back in March until now, no tickets have been issued to us and we are
potentially losing over $13K in all bookings that we made without time to
cancel being pushed aside with no answers from them. My children are in
tears and very upset because in the last 2 days they saw me being mostly on
the phone with these two companies and the trip is less than 2 days away
and seem we are not going despite bags already packed.
We rang United Airlines many times and told now by the last representative
that we must call back Expedia to ask them to 'input' comment that will
allow United Airlines to 'take over' this booking and reissue tickets so
that we can travel. We feel like a football being kicked around and an
unfolding nightmare in our dealings with both Expedia and United Airlines.
We then spoke to Expedia's agent again named 'Farooq' @11:37am and told him
according to United Airlines, please put comment 'United Airlines' will
take over but he put me on hold and no progress so far again!!!!
If you cannot issue the tickets because of your so-called 'technical
glitch'? please do us a favour and issue a full refund please!!!! We then spoke again to another Expedia 'agent and told that United Airlines will not issue tickets to us ??? We do not care what the arrangements between these two, we travel on United Airlines and expect them to show decency to at least help us but no, they won't and so we cannot board the flights we paid for!!!!! We have been robbed everyone, do not book with them ever! They are the bottom feeders who will only rob your money that's all they do, no matter what once they take your $$$$ it's over you cannot contact them and sort anything out!!!! So heartbroken and sad for us, we look forward to this trip and now out of pocket $6579 and potentially another few grands more because we do not have tickets from these two robbers companies !!!!

Mum in distress (Melbourne, Australia)

Froze my money even after payment!!!!

Charged my bank account twice for the same flight!!! One full payment completely went through and another payment for the same amount is now stuck in pending, meaning that I cannot access that money to pay my bills or living expenses! It was no small amount either! Close to $3000!!!
I have called them and they insist it is a problem with the bank, I contacted the bank and they confirmed that it was definitely a transaction made by united airlines!
United airlines has been unapologetic and rude.
After hours on the phone to them, they eventually sent a fax to my bank to tell them to release the funds. If this has to be done by united airlines then one would assume that it was a problem on their end.
Just completely inconsiderate and would have been lovely to know of this "security charge" beforehand so that I could have funds available....
Plain rude and I haven't even flown yet.

They steal money and are fraudulent

United airlines stole $1,100 from my credit card! They did this over four transactions, possibly to 'go unnoticed'. They are Fraudulent and should be overseen by law enforcement.

I have evidence of this, my bank statements and the refunds, where it was shown to be fraudulent activity (otherwise, they wouldn't have refunded the money)

disappointed with customer service on phone

just over ten days ago i phoned united airlines in USA. I told them i was really excited about the new service they were offering, and said i would like a quote. I asked how much it would cost to have my brother in law beaten and dragged screaming from the plane. I even informed the staff member that he was an obnoxious drunk and should be beaten and "volunteered" off the plane pronto.
There was initial silence on the line, then someone different came back to me and said," sir we do not provide this service."
I told her i was confused, because it was on the news,........facebook...........utube......and in the newspapers.
She hung up :(.
Now with this kind of rudeness, i will not deal any further with this airline. I was polite and courteous in my manner, and i did not appreciate being hung up on.

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Questions & Answers

We are travelling with 3 children aged 8, 11 and 13. Are united airlines accommodating and friendly especially being their first flights? We are travelling from Melbourne to LAX with United
4 answers
I guess "accomodating " is a two way street, Firstly , did you book direct with United . Com and have you reserved your seats. ? With children you do not want to be to far from the toilets. Also, look up your flight on United.com to see the seating configuration chart ,and also join their free loyalty program Mileage plus and give your membership numbers at check in. Here is a hint, take a nice box of wrapped chocolates on board for the crew with a smile........hope this helps, Warm Regards, Tony . G.I booked via travel agent not direct and found them to be excellentHi Andrew, The reason I book thru the UA website direct is. (1) I have seen travel,agents go insolvent and provide you with a false printed itinerary and they abscond with your funds.(2) The UA website keeps you up to date with time /schedule changes via your email and their loyalty program,Mileage Plus, which is free to join. (3) Booking directly ,you can scan the seating configuration and click on which seats you want and also apply for cabin upgrades..It is trouble free and you can keep a check on you Reservation all you want. TG

I'm flying from LA to Melbourne, AU. What type of food is offered and at what price? Is wifi free?
1 answer
If you fly with united food and drink is complementary. Not too bad a range. Wifi costs but entertainment is free.

I had book flight from LA to Toronto on the 7/9,now my application for US visa had not approve,what should I do?if I were to cancels my booking,how mach am i being charge?
1 answer
Hi Yoke Fein I cannot answer your question as I don't work for United Airlines. I had a serious problem with United when we flew on one of their planes and my wife was not allowed to get to her medication and she had an asthma attack on the plane. You best get hold of your travel agent and let them assist you with your problem. Regards Melvin

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