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Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Kits

Vegepod Raised Garden Bed Kits

4.4 from 126 reviews

Okay product. Quality control needs improvement. Not good in windy areas.

Hello I purchased a Medium Vegepod with cover and stand off TVSN and I have some problems. The sprays leak and one is fitted off centre so not all areas of the pod receive water. The other issue is the cover blows off when wind reaches 19 Kilometres per hour. The lid also blows off whilst hinged open when tending to the unit with only minimal wind. Fortunately the hose prevents the lid from blowing away completely. TVSN also shipped to wrong address.

Purchased in February 2019 for $400.00.

Poor quality pod hood

Vegepod is 14 months old.
The hood frame is rusting from the inside out, and one of the plastic connectors holding the hood frame together had failed. Poor quality for the price paid

Purchased in December 2017 at Bunnings Warehouse.

Easiest set up EVER- City Dweller

Single woman who has put together many items. Vegepod was the easiest project ever. It took me about two and a half hour in my living room. Still cold outside here today in Pittsburgh PA. I will fill it with soil mix next weekend . Seeds are under grow lights high now. The youtube videos are awesome. Every part clips together without effort. Used a rubber mallet to give a little pus on the canopy. PERFECT and EASY set-up ever. I put both stands together in a half hour from the time I opened the box. Pods took about an hour and canopy half and hour. Thanks so much for producing a great product which allow me to have food without feeding the neighborhood wildlife.

Purchased in March 2019.


I have had my medium vegepod for 5 years. I did not connect up the water system as the water was too far away. I had trouble with the black clips so I super glued them on.
I could not work out how to tie on the cover so it did not fall off so I made up my own and tied it to the fence.
The metal ends have rusted now as the connectors have become brittle and snapped.

It must be placed in the correct position otherwise you get mould on the soil.

Disappointed that I could not buy the connectors at the local Bunnings store.

But apart from that I like it and will now do some repairs and buy some new connectors.

Purchased in November 2013 at PRODUCE STORE ON RAILWAY STREET, BOWRAL for $300.00.

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Thanks for that Dee. Yes quite a bit has been improved in 5 years in parts and materials but this is good example to show that even the old models keep kicking on. The new clips have lips to click over the edge of the walls so no need to super glue on. Also check out webshop for the Parts and Accessories for any bits you may want :) grow on ! Cheers simon

Excellent after sales Customer service

Recently we had a issue when our vegepod was blown over and the clips holding the canopy broke. A quick descriptive email and they were quickly replaced and we were growing veges again. We had not used the watering aspect of the vegepod as my wife likes to water the garden personally when she can, however wirh the recent hot weather we hooked up the hose but unfortunately the connector kept leaking no matter which brand we tried, again a email query and a quick response and fix. I have not experienced this quality of customer service with a product ever.
Thank you for everything
Happy as Larry

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Purchased our for Christmas

We have had our Vege Pod since Christmas, and only 3 weeks ago planted our first vegetables. Wow, today our beans and tomatoes have flowers on them lettuce and carrots are growing beautifully. We live in the Snowy Monaro region and we are soooooo happy with our Vege Pod. Great investment in gettibg good pest free vegetables. Cannot be happier

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Best thing I've ever bought

I absolutely love my vegepod, I can now grow everything that caterpillars destroyed like tomatoes, parsley and lemon balm. I wish the company all the best. It's an absolutely fantastic product! It makes growing vegies and herbs beyond easy. It's great for if you're renting, own your own home and for appartments too!

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Better Than Ever Imagined

Planted mid Dec, early Xmas present, have the medium size with stand. Yesterday 1st Jan, 2019 - first harvest -enough lettuce for salad dinners for 3, plus herbs. Cannot believe the growth achieved in such a short time. Cannot recommend highly enough this product. When adding the soil used 4 bags of premium mix plus 1 cow manure plus 1 fowl manure.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Great but pieces become britle with time.

Great product. Vegies are awesome and it is super easy to water. They grow well and the canopy keeps them safe from the bugs, birds and other animals. However, the white connectors on the canopy have become brittle in the sun and have broken and perished. I am hoping to buy new ones.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Caution,read all reviews before purchase

Very disappointed in the standard of construction. The mesh was to tight to cover the frame work causing it to bend. During a moderate storm the frame collapsed completely. Have tried calling several time, phone rings out. Eventually got a reply to an email stating it will cost $10 for each replacement 'T' bracket to rebuild the lid. No much faith in customer service.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
G'day Zac, That sounds awfully odd. We pride ourselves on customer service and indeed won a business award for it just a month ago ... Im sure you're surprised too given all the reviews stating how strong we are on service. It seems something has gone awry with the phones there. Anyway let's move forward and get on top of this. Please try calling us again and we will sort. We can assure you we have not compromised on durabiity or strength with the Vegepods either so it sounds like there may have been an issue with how you have put it together? We have assembly vids to help. We are well known for product quality in materials. The poles are all gal steel, the bases are all UV stabilised and reinforced with support braces etc. The brackets are not $10 each either for replacements - please note they are $10 for the entire connector set. But on odd chance it was faulity we would rpelace free of charge anyway. Please call us. Cheers, SimonVegipod contacted me and sorted out all issues. Happy customer

Love it to bits

I have a large vegepod on a stand. We live in a townhouse with a small courtyard, and I have had no luck growing in pots. However, the vegepod has transformed my backyard into a small productive garden. It has turned a small pocket of sunshine into a greenhouse for germination in the winter/spring and a shadehouse for growing salad greens after that.
Since I purchased my vegepod, I have added accessories (the winter cover and the summer shade cover) which were very worthwhile and have greatly extended the usefulness of the garden.
In addition, I wrote to the manufacturers last month to say that my extreme use of the vegepod meant that the hinges for attaching the lid were not coping. They immediately shipped me out a new set free of charge (in their new design) which are an immense improvement and totally eradicated the problem I was having.
Definitely 5 out of 5 for the product, and 5 out of 5 for customer service.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Thanks CMO for taking time to appreciate Andy review. As you point out, it ain’t just a product but it’s the service. From Day One we set out our company ethos to always maintain good old school customer service 7 days a week. Please post on our FB page if you ever get the chance and keep growing!

Easy to construct and plant out

I must admit hubby constructed and filled my medium vegepod and trolley I’ve just planted it out looking forward to harvesting my herbs and vegetables. Watching and checking the progress each day all sprouting
Looks great easy to move and connect to the hose.
Great service when I purchased over the phone and speedy delivery

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Fantastic for those renting

Absolutely love my vegepod. Started it on 2nd September and thrilled with how fast the produce is growing. I got the large pod and I am considering another. This is great for people who rent.

The team behind it are so quick at answering any questions you may have.

Thank you for a fantastic product.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

What a great piece of equipment

We purchased our large vegapod from the Southport Flower Show. We have witnsessed an excellent level of customer care and the company have been helpful from day one with just a few minor enquiries we have had. The vegapod and stand were easy to erect but I would advise that the instructions are re-written for better guidance. Our unit is taking place in our garden and has now been prepared for winter/spring vegetable growth. No bending to the ground to plant and the covers are going to protect from insects and vermin. We are really pleased we have purchaded this value for money item

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Just set it up and everything works great.

I just built and set up my first Vegepod (a medium). What a nice product- easy to build, quality materials and great design. It gets a little tedious tightening bolts on the stand and tightening wing nuts on the Vegepod, but everything fits great. Thank you for the work you've put into this and now I'll have to just dream about where to put my second one.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Love the Vegepod!

I bought 2 small pods and trolleys in the hopes of beating furry creatures at their own game and getting to eat my veg before them for once! I’m not good with paper instructions but found the videos on the website so easy, I built both pods myself in a snap! Someone with bigger muscles built the trolleys

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Bed and canopy don't sit flush

Hi all,I bought a large vegepod a year or so ago thinking it would be fantastic. Unfortunately there is a major flaw I would like to point out to prospective buyers.
The canopy and plastic bed do not sit flush and in some parts there is a centimetre and a half gap. This of course is quite the problem when bugs, slugs, ants find their way in ... which they do. Basically better to have the veges out in the open for at least then they have natural predators which is not the case inside the pod.
Anyway otherwise probably good but 5 times planted with one complete refresh of soil to eliminate problem has left me with 5 cucumbers and a few lettuce leaves at a cost of about $600 soil (included) , a $100 cucumber!! And I though $5.99 was pricey!

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Hi Broke, Thanks for the opportunity to respond publicly. A centimetre and half is not a normal gap between the canopy and top of the wall. We presume you would have noticed that no others are complaining of bug problems, which must also you get one even more frustrated! Let's look into what's going on and help you out. Have you got some bowing in the walls for some reason or another? Is the pod itself straight and flush sitting on a stand or ground? One can also use extra hinge clips to pull the canopy down to the walls. Every dress clip on the walls is a potential extra hinge clip. Did you contact anyone in Vegepod HQ or Vegepod NZ to discuss this? If not, we are happy to do so as you should not have such wide gaps. Coincidentally a new design of the hinge clips is due out next month which shaves off more rigding and is only producing a 2mm gap. But even with the current hinges it should not be more than 5mm. Cheers and look forward to chatting. Simon and the Team

Some tips not seen elsewhere.

We're very impressed with this system so far. My wife and I assembled our large Vegepod yesterday. Make sure when laying the beds (four in the large version) into the base that the drain holes are all to what will be the back of the assembled unit. Plastic tubing is inserted into these holes so that the excess liquid (which contains a lot of leached fertiliser!) can be collected and recycled. Soften the end of the tubing with hot water to make it easier to push into the holes. I am going to investigate joining the four tubes together so that only one container is needed to catch the water. Put most of the clips that hold the lid to the back to act as hinges. You only need two at the front as clasps to hold the front of the lid down in high wind. Only fill with growing medium when you are satisfied it is all fully assembled and level on a firm, strong base. We tilted ours to the back very slightly to encourage drainage to the outlet holes that should be at the back of the unit. (Not a big issue, I think.)

Date PurchasedAug 2018

A great present from my husband

While working at the Ekka (Queensland show) last year my husband asked me to come and look at the Vegepod. He bought it for my birthday.
It reminded my again when I set up our stand again this year I passed the Vegepod stand up how good mine is. I have never been able to sussessfully grow herbs , I do now with Vegepod. It has been the best present. I have no problems with bugs and best of all no bending. I have always wanted to use fresh herbs in my meals. Thanks Vegepod a great product and well made and thought out.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Good concept but product quality seems very poor

I excitedly bought my Vegepod last year along with the stand for my tiny courtyard. Having grown up in the self assembly era I am no stranger to flat packs but this took it to a whole new level because the quality of the parts didnt fit easily together and there were too many of them. Once I eventually got it together it was out of square (and still is), the legs are not overly sturdy and the rust has already stained my tiles.
The cover on top has been effective in keeping the bugs off but the irrigation system has leaked since day 1 so I have manually watered the garden from the beginning.
The garden bed itself is good and I have some bok choi and spinach growing currently, though on reflection I could have achieved the same outcome with a more basic garden bed.
I really wanted this to be amazing, and still do, but it just hasnt been a positive experience so far. Maybe that will change in Spring.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

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Questions & Answers

We have had a lot of rain 140mm in over the weekend how do we remove the excess water with out drilling holes
2 answers
Hi p'doff, I usually tip the vegepod to the back and hold it there with wedges and it drains out but I am not sure that this is the recommended way.You don’t have to do anything at all. That’s the whole point of the overflow holes at the 2.5 inch mark. When it is full it will drain from there

I seem to have caterpillars in my vegiepod. I have no idea how but I was wondering if there were an organic solution to this. Also some of my lettuces grew so fast that they went to seed in just a few weeks. I’m impressed by the growth rate but disappointed that there was a lot of waste. My beans however have produced an amazing yield and I’m still growing tomatoes at a rapid rate. Had huge success with my egg plant and cucumbers although they are taking over now.
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Hi Katy, Re your caterpillars, only thing I can think of is when it was open at some stage an insect flew in and laid eggs. Use the internet and look up recipes for organic/home made sprays. Hot weather will make lettuce bolt. You have done so well.

Where can I buy a vege pod, is there a stand on wheels for the large model. Is it cheaper if I buy 2?
1 answer
Hi Janine, You can buy a vegepod direct from their website. I have a medium size one and I put mine on a table..

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