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Vetalogica Canine Tranquil Formula

Vetalogica Canine Tranquil Formula

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Amazing for nervous cat

Excellent product. I tried everything from the vet to calm my nervous cat. Stumbled across these biscuits at the pet shop and have never looked back.

Fingers crossed!

Out of desperation I'm trailing this product to see if it can calm my 9 year old cattle-kelpie who developed severe anxieties to certain noises after several surgical experiences. She's tried prescription medication which did nothing. I baulked at this product because the label says it's recommended by Bark Busters which I found to be completely useless. However, I will keep updating this post on progress or otherwise. It won't work out to be a cheap exercise given that dogs between 25 & 45kg require a dose of 5 chewables daily; a pack will last 24 days. Regardless, if it gets her anxieties under control, I'll be happy. She does like the chews and so far they do seem to be taking the edge off her anxieties but I want to see a significant improvement before I'll say this formula is a success.

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Unfortunately, after a month on this product my dog's anxieties have not abated to any significant degree and to keep using it would be a waste of money.

Poor customer service

I was having great success with this product on my grumpy cat. He was diffently a nicer cat whilst taking this product. The newest container I purchased I noticed the pieces where much larger (at least X3) and no longer flat. My cat still comes running for them when I shake the bottle but will not eat them. I emailed Vetalogia twice to enquire if the formulation had changed, eventually they got back to me (weeks after 1st email, their own emails forms go to junk I was was told!!?? I was told their formula hasn't changed, but if I posted the bottle back they could tell me? They did offer to send me a new bottle but I declined as I felt if they had to test my bottle to work out if the formulation had changed something was not quite right. I'll stick to rescue remedy I think from now on.

Does not work

If anything seems to make our 13 year old male Maltese more irritated. I would take our advice and not purchase.


We have a very high strung 16 month old spoodle x terrier who barks at every leaf, bird and noise. He follows us around all the time and struggles to settle on his own. These treats are simply the best! Within an hour of having the chew...which he loves, he is settled and relaxed. He is still himself but just chilled out. He is better behaved on walks and the barking has decreased. He doesn't seem to be getting as worked up over little things.
Worth every cent!

Dosen't work

The cat found these too hard to eat, just left them in plate. I tried soaking them in water then mashed them down to soften them.. I think this is a whole lot of work for a cat biscuit. I then mixed it into her food and it didn't work. I thought she would feel a little chilled but no reaction. They are very expensive and my understanding is you can't return them. Won't buy these again.


Tryptophan is an ingredient. It needs to pass blood brain barrier to make serotonin. The serotonin is the calmative. You and most animals make it. It relaxes us. Not sure about the other compound. The listed compounds contain herbs that act as calmatives.

It doesnt say which version of tryptophan or its concentration. This will effect it going across the blood brain barrier.

I have used it on and off since i bought. Unfortunately i have seen some changes. Whether it is due to settling in or the chews is unclear.

Will let you know

Have just started this product for our Dane x Lab who has bad separation anxiety. We have been told of his barking habits when we are not home and we have tried everything else. Love that it's endorsed by a Bark Busters and are made from natural ingredients.
Easy to give him and he loves the taste.
Will advise after a month and results from neighbours 5/10/17

Still undecided

Really not sure if this has worked on my Lucy, X border collie, kelpie. We are on the 2nd jar now. We havent really had a storm since using. But a couple of weeks ago there was a small amount of thunder & Lucy did play up. At first I thought she seemed a lot calmer but now I dont really think so. I really wanted this to work for her & its very distressing for all of us & husband gets pretty mad at her. I will use it a bit longer but doubt if I will be buying again. A bit expensive if it doesn't work even though Lucy loves the taste.

August 7th 2017 Update: No it doesn't work

Well I have come to the conclusion as much as Lucy loves them I will not be buying again. 3 lots is long enough so I will not be wasting my money. Last night Lucy was playing up & I had one very cranky husband, the sky was clear, there was a full moon. This morning I find out on the radio there was a storm out to sea. So she knew. So no they didn't work for her.

Cal active or knock out!?

I bought this for our 9 year old Viszla as he has extreme separation anxiety. After 2 days on these tablets he was just about unconscious, didn't move when we came in ( so yes, it works!) and was so lethargic I thought he was going to die! He recovered but has not been quite the same and his hearing has not returned. I think some sort of nerve damage has occurred. I would not recommend this product.

Thunder storms

Have just bought it and gave my staffie one tablet and noticed sometime later her breathing was a lot more rapid, that went on for hours and I think she may be allergic/intolerant to something in the tablet, maybe tryptophan. What do you think. I am wary about giving it to her now and I really wanted to try it on our dobbermann re car travel but am not sure. Pls advise. Also re thunderstorms I would just like to mention something that seems to help our dogs and also fireworks. We put the tv on or radio to drown out the frightening noises and this helps us. Hope it helps others too. I am not saying it is a bad product because I believe Vit Bs are very important but just commenting on our dogs reaction.

Terrific product and dogs love the taste

Over the past few months our 10 month old pup has become anxious when put in the car, drooling everywhere. After 3 weeks on these tablets (4 daily as he is 20kg) he is happy to sit and sleep in the car. He wags his tail and no drooling. We just crossed from Victoria to WA and he is still happy to get in the car. And he loves the taste. Winner.

Has calmed the wandering of a senile old dog

Our red kelpie is 18. She is senile, but still very happy. The latest problem is one of night wandering, which she does all night long, either forgetting it's night or just can't get comfortable. Not sure what the problem is, but when I asked for sedatives, the vet recommended this product over sedatives, which could make the problem worse. Anyway, she's only been on them for 1 week and there is a noticeable difference. She is now only up once or twice a night, which is a huge improvement. It's possibly too early to call it, but so far, it's working, hence the 4 star rating over the 5 star. Will continue to use it and hope she (and us!) gets peaceful nights.

Sort of works.

I think these tablets help my Basset Hound although she occasionally has nervous episodes caused by loud noises and sudden movements. The wide ranging reviews so far verify the tablets work to varying degrees. Certainly worth trying for at least a month or more.

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An update on my original review...I am now finding that this product is not helping my beloved dog but with patient ongoing exposure to noises and sudden movements, she is responding well without medication.

Great product will continue to use it

Dakota is a large, rescued Staghound. She is extremely excitable as well as being incredibly fearful of strangers. I tried this and noticed she was a little more settled. We realised just how much it helped when she went without for a week... Needless to say, we will be keeping her on this. Sadly chemist warehouse discontinued this so will need to find some where else to purchase.

Dachshund beats tablets

No problem taking the chewable but after months on them has made no difference even though we have two dackers one gets stressed when he cannot see you and super bad with thunderstorms both are 6 yrs old
What's next??

Didn't work for me

I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She gets very excitable, especially when she is off the lead, bordering on hyperactive. She runs around giving off a high pitched yap, which is quite annoying. After reading other reviews on this product, I decided to give it a go. But unfortunately for me it hasn't made a scrap of difference. I wouldn't like to say it is a bad product, as I know it has worked for others, but sorry to say I wasn't one.

Really Love This!!

Lily, my Maltese X, has been 'highly strung' for at least 12 of her 12 1/2 years! Have tried hormones, anti-depressants, psychotropics, and behaviour intervention support, all to no avail...... Tried Vetalogica Canine Tranquil as a last resort and after only six weeks the changes are very noticeable, bordering on remarkable. Everyone who has a history with Lily has noticed a change without being told of her new 'medication'. Although she still shakes and shivers at the approach of a thunder storm, her demeanor when strangers call, we have parties at home, kids approach her for a pat, or she travels with us in our caravan, is decidedly laid back. We hope for many more years with a much more tranquil Lily and highly recommend Vetalogica Canine Tranquil to everyone as I have to our local Vet........good stuff! Only wish it had been available 12 years ago
Very palatable and easy to administer. We give 2 in the morning and 1 at night. It's now become routine. Lily loves the taste.
A bit expensive, but well worth it with the results we're getting. Can't help but think there's many others who can't afford it/

Will never be without it again.

3yr old toy poodle, brilliant obedience trial dog except for when the judge has to touch her, afraid of everyone. Have had to stop competing. Been like it since birth. Tried 2 tablets a day, 6 months later, I have an approachable happy dog who now jumps all over some strangers, only moves an inch from the judge, and still improving. Thank you. It's also calmed my other poodle's terrible yapping at everything that moves. I'm recommending it to many people in my dog club.
everything !!!

Questions & Answers

Approximately how long does it take Vetalogica to start taking affect
No answers

My 5 year old Maltese/Shiitzu has started urinating in the house at night when shut away from me as I’ve got a broken leg and don’t want him jumping on it. Is this product beneficial for this behaviour?
2 answers
To me he has separation anxiety. The label says it will help with this. I have heard of other things available. I have heard vets have collars for this. So recomend a visit to your vet. Also what may work on my dog may not work on yours. Best of luck. Hope your leg gets better soon Lets know how you goI thought as much, I did start him on them and hopefully it works. Thank you

Can anyone advise how long can one administer vetalogica to dogs?
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I suggest you speak to your Vet and/or contact the manufacturing company. I am no longer using this product as I found that with much love, intensive socialisation including exposure to loud and varied noises, my Basset no longer requires medication


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