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Vicks VapoDrops

Vicks VapoDrops

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Diarrhea The Day After. Nose Not Cleared.

I ate five VVD in a short space of time before having to sing. It soothed my throat but didn't clear the nose. It's the day after and I feel much worse. Nose and throat blah but the worst thing is that I have diarrhea and stomach cramping. I'm totally not impressed but I feel stupid for having so many.

Not very great

They aren't very effective, honestly. I have a bad cough and bought these at superstore for about $1.35, came with 20 drops. I feel as if they do nothing, they taste nice (lemon) but they don't help at all. You're better off getting Halls, same price but you get something out of it. Will not buy again..

about average

I sometimes buy the vicks vaporub lozenges though I end up chewing them most of the times as they are small and taste good though when I don't chew them they sometimes make me sneeze and do help soothe the throat / I recommend these to anyone who has mild to medium case or the flu or has a sore throat

i like the taste if i could open them

Cant open them at all i had to carry a pair of scissors in my handbag so annoying so i wont be buying them ever again

Packaging change again

The product has always been good. However a while back they changed to a modern vacuum type pack
which I found quite annoying but now I have discovered they have changed the packaging once more.

They now come in a tube style in packs of 3 tubes. The drops are individually packaged in a clear thin plastic and tightly bound in a plastic tube wrapper which is hard to open. I found nearly all the Vapodrops were crushed and shattered possibly from being dropped or mishandled prior to being displayed in the store. The old packaging was more robust.

Please go back to the original, easily identifiable packaging for your otherwise excellent product. Also there doesn't seem to be a direct email contact to tell the Vicks company about this - hence my review here.
Product is good
Packaging doesnt protect the product from damage

absolutely hated these they taste rotten

these taste disgusting, never buying again. awful taste in my mouth for hours, didnt help symptoms at all. made me feel sick. hate it i will be telling everyone i know. these need major improvement. you take them when u feel sick to feel better not to feel worse. disgusting
tastes disgusting like youve mixed vicks rub with dettol antiseptic & strong toothpast

They really do clear your airways!

Vicks VapoDrops are fantastic as they really do clear the nose and soothe the throat. I always use these during Winter as I find they clear the airways temporarily so as to be able to take a breath when suffering from hayfever or cold and flu. They are pleasant tasting and easy to take. The butter & menthol flavour is my favorite, but if that is not your things there are other flavours to choose from. They are very reasonably priced and there is a decent amount in each packet, so I find them to be cost effective. This product comes highly recommended!
Plesant tasting and well priced.
Nothing at all.


A good solution to provide a little more comfort when you are feeling ill. Offers inexpensive relief to stuffy noses and is easily available
Really does clear the nose. Not a permanent solution but does give at least a little bit of relief. I like that I can get them in a regular old supermarket too without having to visit the chemist. Helps make you a little more comfortable when ill
Personally, I don't think it helps with coughs as much as some other brands do. I wish the packet was resealable as the drops tend to fall out and end up all over my handbag


Vicks VapoDrops really do clear the nose and soothe the throat, if only temporarily. As a serious sinusitus sufferer, I virtually live on these 'cough drops', especially in Spring. I have never found them to relieve coughing, but to clear the airways temporarily so as to be able to take a breath when heavily suffering from hayfever or cold and flu, these drops bring wonderful relief! Pleasant to suck and easy to digest even when other things won't stay down. The butter & menthol flavour are delicious. If you suffer terrible ear aches or repetitive middle ear infections, these burn out your airwaves from nose & throat right through to your inner ear, easing the pain a little. Highly recommend.
Effective, instant relief to the airways. Refreshing and taste good.
Too many - as in a whole packet a day - can sometimes give one the runs!


It provides relief when you have a cold and get the horrible painful throat and blocked nose. I find it especially good for when you have that annoying tickle in your throat that makes you cough and it can be difficult to stop, it works pretty quickly.
It does soothe my throat and help to clear up my nose, it is great when you are suffering from a cold.
I find them to be a bit expensive, but worth if you are really suffering. The flavours are not as nice as some other ones, but I guess it makes up for it on effectiveness.


Whilst they are better than most cough lollies on teh market I certainly would not class them in a medical category. They are cough lollies, desite the company calling them lozenges. There are better ones out there, though these do an ok job if you are really strapped for cash they help cover the symptoms for a little while.
Good lolly, they clear the nose for a few minutes, better than buttermenthols
They aren't really all that effective. You have to have them pretty much one after the other coz as soon as you have finished one the effect is gone

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Is there anything in these that will interfere with blood pressure medication?
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Does Vicks vapodrops have any alcohol in them that might give a false positive on a breathilizer?
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doesn't work don't waste your money


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