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Victa 82V Rapid Trimmer 1696788

Victa 82V Rapid Trimmer 1696788

4.3 from 9 reviews

Good trimmer, but understand how to get the best out of it

Top marks for the Victa’s low vibration. This is the first line trimmer that I have used were my hands are NOT numb after using. Its low noise is also a big plus. The noise is so low that I don’t bother wearing ear muffs when using it. For heavy use (in turbo mode and full throttle), I only get around 40 minutes out of a single charge. The trick to extending battery life is that edging and cutting of a maintained garden can be done a low speed / light throttle. It is surprising how much can be cut at partial throttle. It takes me around 30 minutes to do my lawns, and using light throttle most of the time, the battery shows ¾ charge at the end.

While the charger does make fan noises when charging, I prefer this as it keeps the electronics cool for extended life. I also like the process for reloading the plastic line, it is the easiest I have come across.

On the negative side, as others have noted, it does seem to be designed for a very tall person (deduct ½ a star in its rating). And I am unfussed about the interlock switch on the throttle. It requires the operator to push a plastic button on the side to activate the throttle (deduct another ½ star). The interlock is awkward to operate when using the trimmer on its side for edging. After using a battery powered line trimmer, I am never going back to a petrol unit again. I am happy with the purchase.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Great line trimmer for a long-term investment

This line trimmer is really great for quiet and reliable operation. The line trimmer is not light and it is really suitable for taller people. The battery charger is rapid so noisier than standard charger. I wish the device had 4amp battery instead of 2amp battery. The 2amp battery can go for a long while at 1 hour or more if you don't need turbo mode.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Cordless is a great idea when the product works the way its intended

Made for taller people than me 170cm. The pole needs to be 1 foot shorter. Maybe 1/2 a foot. Seems to long. Needs 4ah battery standard to do the whole yard

Still using it and no matter what i try. Cant get it to last long enough on 1x 82v 2ah battery to finish my yard. Even running on the lowest speed it can go most the way. The safety switch isnt in the correct place to make easy to push and use the trigger either

Date PurchasedMar 2018

A must for lawn maintenance

Bought this from Bunnings after reading reviews and specs as I normally do before buying. This is a lot dearer than the equivalent petrol version. But you get what you paid for: easy to use, low noise per power it produces and the built quality is excellent. The weight is just a tad bit heavy than the petrol version. This is due to its higher voltage (82v )battery compare to other battery operated brands. But this gives the unit, plenty of power for thicker lawns. The bump head is a plus, this avoid the hassles of always changing the worn out nylon. All in all, it is good product and highly recommended.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Easier to use than my Honda

You may have read my review of the Victa 82V Power Cut mower.
I wasnt sure if I wanted to ditch my Honda 4 stroke stuff in favour of cordless, but moving to a smaller land size meant petrol equipment was taking longer to get going than it was to mow the lawn.

I bought the trimmer at the same time as I bought the mower as a "skin" only. The trimmer in a kit is $210 more for an extra battery and charger whereas the blower kit is only $200 extra. Ok, its only $10, but better in my pocket than Bunnings.

Quiet. Really quiet.
The controls are easy to use. Press the power button, hold in a thumb button before pulling the trigger. It wont go unless you follow the process, so kids cant accidentally start it.
Easy to use as an edger. I hated using my Honda as an edger (so I bought a separate edger) because as I would start to cut, I'd give it some throttle. As I increased the throttle, the motor would make the trimmer move, so trying to cut a straight line really took some time and care. This is easy as. Full throttle start the cut and it barely moves as the motor speed varies. The "D" handle makes it easy to turn on its side as well.
The cutting diameter is good.
Starts first time every time! (as long as you have a charged battery)

The weight! With the smaller 2.0Ah battery, the balance isnt right. I used the harness to start with just to get used to the weight. I'd hate to use it with the 4.0Ah battery!

I'd say this was probably on par with my old Honda. The weight is a downer. But the ease of use balances out the comparison. I havent used the "turbo" mode yet. I also wonder if the Tornado Edger attachment (or other split shaft attachments) are compatible.

If youre on a small block, cordless is a great option, and when comparing the cordless options, Victa is a smart choice.

Date PurchasedDec 2017


Very happy with this purchase. I got the ‘skin’ only because I’d also bought the mower kit which had charger and batteries.
It’s very quiet - crazy quiet- and strong enough for everything I’ve thrown at it so far. The battery lasts 45m+ I’ve found but so far I’ve never exhausted it by just using the trimmer. The cord seems to last a very long time.
It’s a more expensive option initially but will feel like a smart purchase and the right decision. Victa have made a good product here.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Excellent trimmer although a little heavy

I have all of the 82v range (bar the hedge trimmer). This is a nicely made trimmer with good power and an effective bump-feed head. The supplied line is also hard wearing and I've yet to have any broken line, which I think is partly due to a good head design as I've had no issues with replacement line. Power is very good. I trim garden edges, paths and some rugged areas where a mower can't access (thick grass and weeds) and its never shutdown due to overloading. 30-40 minutes runtime is plenty.

This is also a split -shaft trimmer and will take Ryobi Expand-it tools (not something I need though).

There are very few negatives.
The safety switch is a little hard to operate but not a big issue. Weight and balance is not fantastic. Better balanced machines have the motor in the head and tend to be very expensive (like Echo). I'd like to eventually replace the head with one of my after-market ones but I'm not sure if this is possible.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Fantastic Trimmer

This is a fantastic grass trimmer.
I did my first grass trimming job without any problems. For about 2 hours of trimming (after changing batteries), NOT ONCE did the string break. That was unbelievable.
I had a RYOBI electric 1000w grass trimmer in which the string broke after 3 min of trimming. I tried different heads, different strings but all of them broke. I tried Speed-feed, Joey head, fixed line heads, string diameter upto 3.1mm, but each time, after about 3-5 min of trimming, the string would break. I was nearly contemplating on buying a Honda Petrol unit, when i saw the good reviews of SNAPPER 82v system on Amazon and that is when Victa also brought out the 82v units. (The SNAPPER 82v are similar to VICTA 82v, using similar battery)

On comparing with the Victa and analysing the reason the string doesnot break with Victa, the summary is:
Victa 82v runs at a max rpm of 5000 and with boost goes to 5500 rpm. Moreover, it has a variable speed. Therefore, when using the trimmer near concrete blocks, near wall, removing grass from top of brick paving, i use a lower speed. It still removes the grass effectively. When cutting grass, i use full speed.

The Ryobi electric has NO SPEED control. So it goes full blast in all situations and then of course the string breaks very quickly. So, DONT buy any string trimmer that HAS NO SPEED CONTROL. It is essential if u dont want to experience frequent string breaks.

Back to Victa 82v Trimmer.
The shoulder strap makes it easier to use the trimmer for long durations.
A single 2.0A battery lasts for about 30-40min of trimming. Buy 2, 2Amp batteries. Then as you use the trimmer, the other one can be charged. Charging takes about 30min. So, u can do continuous trimming jobs.

I did change the string with a 2.4mm string i had. No problem.
Re-loading is a breeze. Cut a long piece of the string and thread it thru the head (after aligning the marks) and then turn the spool. The bump feed also worked flawlessly. One tip- Before bump feed, slow down speed to 1/4 of full speed and then bump. That way, u still get the feed wthout straining the parts inside the mechanism.

I used this for edging also. I have Buffalo grass. It would take more time to cut some of the thick grass that came to the side. The power boost raises the rpm slightly from 5000 rpm to 5500 rpm.

The system works at full power till the battery dies, which is good. You can check how much power is left by pressing a switch on the battery (number of lighted bars indicates the charge left).

All in all, this is a FANTASTIC unit. Has excellent power without hassles of a petrol trimmer (i havent owned one to compare with petrol units). I have only praises for ithis unit. For the first time in 10 years, i am enjoying grass trimming.

I also bought a blower that uses the same battery. The blower is also EXCELLENT. The blower drains battery faster. Therefore, 2 batteries (as explained earlier) is ideal.

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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UPDATE 20 Dec 2017: I bought the Ego 56v grass trimmer ST1502E-F (kit with 2.5 AH battery) with Raid load head from TotalTools. This is to take to India.. and i am amazed at the fantastic engineering of EGO 56v Tools. It has all the great features i found in Victa 82v, but also equally powerful and lighter and better engineered (eg: Quick adjust handle, clearly marked feed line entry points on head). As the motor is on the head, the battery lasts quite long and makes it light (No need for shaft to go all the way from the top and no need of gears at the head. I thought as the motor is on the head, it might not be powerful. But when i checked, wow, i was amazed. It uses the same 2.4mm line as in Victa 82v trimmer. But being lighter, i have much better control for my garden. The way Ego products are designed (finesse and attention to detail), it seems to be the TESLA or APPLE of the battery powered garden tools. If i were to buy again, i will buy EGO. If you are considering to buy a grass trimmer, do go to a dealer of EGO -info on website (in Perth, it is available thru TOTALTOOLS ) and see the product for your self. You will be amazed!


I made the mistake of buying the 4.0 ah battery, 7.3 kg total weight didn't sound a lot, but I found it heavy and tiring, and probably couldn't make use of the battery life anyway. The 2.0 ah battery will save you 1.2 kg, which brings it down to about the same weight as a 2 stroke trimmer. I bought the 18V Ryobi trimmer for my 98 year old father, who found it easy to use, as it is nice and light. I found it a bit ineffectual, taking more than twice as long to do a job as a petrol trimmer, and not worth my time. The Victa seems to have more power than the petrol trimmer, which is probably not a fair comparison as the petrol trimmer is quite old. The Victa had no trouble with anything I threw at it. There are two power settings, the slower one still being more than adequate.
Cons: I found the safety button awkward to operate because of it's position, (it may be just a case of using a better technique), although the throttle itself was excellent. You do have to push quite hard on the battery eject button.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Questions & Answers

I just bought a Victa cordless line trimmer model 1696788. Why does its bump head falls off a couple of seconds after I pull the trigger?
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how to wind the trimmer cord on?
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To replace the cord when it is finished and wind a new cord on, 1. Line up the slots on the spool cap with the slots on the string head. 2. Insert line through the string head hole. Push line until it exits the opposite string head hole 3. Pull the line through until there is an equal amount of line on each side. 4. Turn the spool cap clock-wise to begin winding the string into the string head. Leave approximately 5 inches of string protruding out of each side of the head. I have copied these texts from the manual. What i find is that to prolong the life of the string, when u are using it near edges of bricks and walls, reduce speed. If u only have grass to cut, use higher speeds. You can see more details about this product by downloading the Victa manual. 1. Go to https://www.victa.com/au/en_au/support/manuals.html? 2. Click on "Lithium Ion " 3. Enter Model Number as 1696788 4. Download the manuals.


82V Rapid Trimmer 1696788
Price (RRP)299
Power SourcePetrol
Handle TypeBike Handle

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