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Moments of glory, then catastrophic failure.

Purchased to mow a predominantly level grassy block of about 5000 sq.m. Had my VRX for four years, it now looks like something from the fury road as I stopped putting parts back on. The Briggs and Stratton engine is great but thats where the good news ends. The guide wheels on the cutting deck just fell off, then whilst driving over undulating grass the whole cutting deck FELL OFF. The deck hangar assembly just snapped in half and the deck fell to the ground. The bonnet gradually vibrated loose but the fittings are so weak I just removed the whole thing.

The worst failure was when I once engaged the cutting deck. I stopped cutting whilst driving past the kids then re-engaged it, the deck stopped discharging so I initially assumed the belt came off again. Instead I found the tensioner pulley ripped clean off the deck. The pulley bolt still had the deck attached, but there was a GAPING HOLE IN THE DECK where it was meant to be. Another Bunnings repair and we're still going...

I am afraid to let my wife use it since it is just a matter of time before something else breaks. I curse the day I was talked into buying this steaming pile of excrement.

Purchased in May 2015 for $2,500.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Bad Vibrations

Mower arrived and I had it mowing my acreage within the hour. After 30 minutes it began vibrating uncontrollably. I felt ill after getting off. Called Bunnings who took the monster away. A least Bunnings was good about it.

Purchased in February 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $3,549.00.

Good mower for the price.

I purchased this mower just over 12 months ago. I find it is easy to use, cuts grass well, catches ALL the clippings and empties the catcher very easily. This mower starts every time, fist time and is fairly quiet for a 17.5hp motor. Turning circle is very good and the steering is light. Spare parts not easy to find, eg, I jammed a branch off-cut in the cutters and flat spotted the belt, the belt is a AA86 (double-sided vee belt) AA85 & AA90 are standard, but AA86 is a special, but I have sourced a few from the belt manufacturer. All in all I like this mower. 4☆ out of 5☆.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Do not waste your money on endless money waster

A person I know bought this heap of junk for me.
These are the problems I have had:
Gutless motor
Bad drive pulley
Bad bearings bad switches
Bad belt poor wiring
Always fins a way to kill the battery and the set up for the battery is a nightmare I have cut myself so many time I have lost count I can't wait to the piece of junk throw rod.
And that's not all the night adjust snape off.

Not happy China made =China pride

Date PurchasedJun 2013
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Here is the list of the trouble i have had 1 deck broke 2 battery hit belt and nearly started a fire 3 Key switch is junk 4 Battery never stays charged 5 drive pully has bad bearing 6 its falling apart 7 seat switch no longer works 8 gutless engine 9 i want a new mower

A Little Harsh

I mow about. 5.5 acres and not a level lawn, more like paddocks and not flat, some parts slope quite steeply. This 42" ride on does the job and has been doing so for the last 5 years without excessive maintenance. Must admit the small branches and sticks from the gum trees do damage the belt which needs regular replacing and the thicker sticks do cause the belt to come off. But replacing the belt or just putting it back on the pulleys is a small 5 or 10 minute job. Only complaint is the parking break which is a bit fiddly and badly designed. The ride is not that comfortable but that is more the result of the uneven terrain. all in all for the price (under $3000) not as bad as the other 2 reviews are suggesting.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

What a load of crap

Belt problems from day one. The local repair agents said it had a broken drive mechanism which they replaced under duress after being instructed by Bunnings. The blade belt has come off regularly since and I am now on my 3rd. belt. My first mow for this season the belt came off 3 times in the first hour so I bought and fitted the 3rd. belt which again came off after about 30 minutes, put it back on again and 5 minutes later, off again. It now sits in my garage and I have got my 15 year old Cox out of retirement. I want to turn grass into lawn so help me Victa.
The Briggs and Stratton rep. came to my house and replaced the idler pulley to one that was about 10mm wider. He was very attentive to my problems and seems to have fixed them. If the belt stays on I will give them a good review for their service and attention.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

not the best machine

THe victa requires an owner with good mechanical aptitude to complete ongoing issues, we cut 2.5 acres n a slope with various issue of broken belts- drive and cutter, broken brackets,poor connection on safety switches,idle pulley and camshaft failure.

But overall its no different from other unit in our area -0 all require high maintenance.

Cheap Chineese rubbish best avoided

I am now repairing the 3rd VRX19542H for the same reason, It is cracking up all over the place.
From what I can see it looks like a bad copy of a Stiga Tornado which was not a particularly well made mower to start with and not suited to most Australian conditions.
The deck shakes from side to side excessively, even after I go the the effort of carefully balancing the blades both left right & front back. The two stabilizing bars at the front are not up to the job when mulching and it is interesting to notice the mounting bolts have holes for R clips in them and were then threaded over the top so Briggs & Stratton must have been aware of this problem from the start.
This shaking fatigues the single left hand deck hanger which is obviously not up to the job.
Design wise it is way too thin and manufacturing wise it is badly welded and the weld itself is a poor design.
The brackets that the stabilazer bars bolt into are both cracked which is typical of the repairs I do the these mowers and the frame is also cracked around the same region.
The one and only good thing about this design is the lifting od is a bolt on componant so you can just keep on buying a new one every few years for as long as Briggs & Stratton keep them supplied.
This one is a 2012 / 2013 model from the date of the engine so a very poor mower indeed.
The belt tensioner does not work particularly well and despite being adjusted as tight as possible the belt continually jumps off and generally destroys itself in the process.
The tensioning idler bearing is shot which is disgusting for a 2 to 3 year old mower on a 1/2 acre residential block.
In reality you would be much better off buying a second hand 600 or master cut than one of these.

Still has belt problems!

My VRX was naturally a dealer purchased brand new model. I have used it now for a total of 75 hours, yes, 75 HOURS, and already destroyed 2 blade belts. Am now needing to purchase my third belt!
Was conveniently told by the dealer that it was because of rocks and stones first, branches second, that the belts have been destroyed or are repeatedly thrown off the puleys.
C'mon Victa, fix these problems once for all, please!

Craptastic- nothing but trouble.

Since buying our ride on victa we have had nothing but trouble. Within the first week of purchase the motor blew up and we were not covered by warranty as 'the motor wasn't lubed enough', now again barely 6months later the mower won't start. If you want to spend $1000+ on repairs well this is the mower for you! if you don't want to, spend big in the first place and buy something of a higher quality (that is worth the money). I know I WILL NEVER purchase a victa again, nor will I ever reccomend them.

Questions & Answers

how do you change a blade belt ? Diagram anyone ?
3 answers
contact Briggs and Stratton (Victa)i thought i hadbut thanks for the help not

I just bought a VRX15538G and it failed to start on its second use but I got around the problem by directly jumping the starter since then it has started normally with the key, also one of the blades came undone and needed to be rebolted. On the 3rd use the blade drive belt came off so I put it back on. I am now having gear problems as the manual transmission only seems to select 3 out of 5 gears, does this mower have a geared gearbox and is it oil filled? Does the clutch really work as a clutch or can the gears be selected on the fly? Do the different gears need to be selected when stationary as it is almost impossible to press the clutch in without putting the brake on? Is there a service manual or parts break down for this mower?? Please note I have been treating the mower carefully and it has maybe only had 4 hours of use and I am good mechanically.
No answers

How many people have had numerous issues with the belts on these things? We have under 20hrs on it and have gone through 3 belts!!! This lemon of a lower should have been recalled so Victa stood a chance of having some type of good reputation. Bunnings was useless in regard to helping and palm off the issue saying we've waited far to long to complain....
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