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Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines

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We won't fly with Vietnam airlines again

This is the worse airline by far that we have flown with. And we have traveled extensively around the world via many different airlines. Even though we were traveling via business class, the customer service we got was horrendous. I can't imagine how they treat their economy class customers! First they sent us a change of flight time TWO DAYS before departure (Singapore - Frankfurt) by 2.5 hours earlier! Not 30 minutes, not 45 minutes but 2.5 hours earlier. We do not live in Singapore therefore we naturally had pre-booked weeks before a different flight into Singapore, arriving at approx. 3 hours before our original connecting flight with Vietnam Airlines. The gap then didn't allow for 2.5 hours of flight change time. Trying to contact Vietnam airlines by phone is a futile effort. They are worse if not as bad as bargain airlines where it's impossible to get a hold of anyone by phone. Their automated phone system tells you to press X for English but nothing happens. It goes in a loop in Vietnamese. I then had to be creative and called up Singapore airport and asked to be transferred to Vietnam Airlines check in counter. Still didn't get a hold of anyone. Singapore then suggested I contact them via FB chat. So I did...oh my gosh, let me tell you, if I can gouge my eyes out it would have been less painful. Their English is so poor they cannot understand my concern. They kept insisting (for over an hour!!!) that the flight time didn't change even after I sent them screen shots after screen shots of email confirmation and email notification of change time. Why did you send me a notice of time change of flight if the time didn't change?! But they kept insisting they are right. Really? At the end (after 2.5/3 hours of chatting) they finally realized they did change the time. And the answer for that was - we are sorry for the inconvenience. REALLY? That's it? No offer to cover the cost of our new flight booking in order to connect to their flight, clearly all their fault. Unbelievable! Anyway, as far as business class goes, this airline is crap. Their toilets stink of urine (and there's always a random wash cloth on the floor that I think the flight attendants use to clean the floor?!) and it's the size of an economy class bathroom. The seats, while roomy like a typical business class cabin, are old, dirty and disgusting. They really need new upholstery. There are hardly any nooks and crannies to put away your stuff - no different than a premium economy in SIA for example. Flight attendants are friendly enough but they hardly spoke English. They really need to train their staff better if they want to be a global airline, that's all I have to say. Lounges are sub-par. You get better foods at the restaurants in the airport and seating much cleaner outside the lounges (in Vietnam). Stains on their seats and chairs and tables not cleaned on a timely basis. Disgusting. Never again.

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
ClassBusiness Class
BookingThrough Airline

overall below average -changed schedule / very poor service & boarded via bus when gates were empty

-Booked & paid for return tickets from Australia to Vietnam approx 6 months before travel dates.
-Received email around two weeks after booking that both flight times had changed which then threw out the pick up times of hire cars I'd already booked.
-when returning to Australia the flight did not board via one of the MANY empty boarding gates at airport. Instead all passengers had to board buses at the gate and travel quite a distance to the plane, where we waited approx 10-15 minutes inside the closed bus before being let out to walk to plane.
-cabin crew handed out immigration cards to all passengers. As it turned out they gave Western looking people cards in English, and those with Asian appearance cards in Vietnamese language. When my wife asked for a replacement card the crew member very quickly said we do not have any cards left in English so you need ask for one at airport when you arrive. I simply do not believe this was true as other cabin crew were still handing out the cards and no attempt was made to ask if they had a replacement card in English. I consider crew member may not have had a card in his hand and was not fussed to try and get one for us.
-around 1 hour before breakfast meal service, having not eaten much of the evening dinner meal, my wife asked if they could deliver a cup of instant noodles. Crew reply was to say that breakfast will be served in around an hour and you need ask those that handle the food. Having waited the hour my wife then asked crew who were in process of delivering the breakfast meals. The reply was then that she'd have to wait approx 1 hour after the meal service completed - which happened to be around landing time....so in short one lazy brush off after another. My wife was asking for the noodles as a simple replacement for the full breakfast meal not as an addition to it. I have seen many requests for these instant noodle cups on these flights and it is quite common but this was the first time I'd ever seen someone denied. When I explained this again to crew member they quickly went off and then returned with some noodles. Unfortunately the water wasn't hot enough to cook the noodles so they weren't cooked.
-my meals : dinner was a strange mix of a few tasteless hakow type dumpling on bed of thin noodles. I had to use all of the soy sauce to try and flavour the meal. I was left feeling uncomfortable after meal.
Breakfast arrived and it was the same dish ! ...the same hakow dumplings on thin noodles, but this time without any soy sauce.

In short a below average experience & yet another example of people who choose to work in service positions but have a " can't be bothered to serve attitude ". I say this because it just felt like that's the way the cabin crew as a whole dealt with the passengers......rather than try to assist they thought easier to try and pass off matters to someone / somewhere else. We weren't asking for much and I don't think my wife and I are very demanding in such circumstances.

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
DestinationHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
ClassPremium Economy
BookingThrough Airline

Promised a partial refund and delivered zero...zero star rating

On 2 Feb 2019 I was promised a partial refund on flights from Vietnam to Australia on Christmas Eve. The airline had cancelled these and several other flights that my son was booked on due to visa problems resulting in him missing the first leg of the flight from Cambodia to Vietnam. When I contacted the booking company (Wotif) they said Vietnam airlines was willing to give a partial refund which we would receive in 8-12 weeks. Today I phoned to see where the money is and was told we would get no partial refund at all. It is not necessary to tell lies and give false hope to shut someone up! I realise now it is airline policy to cancel all ongoing flights if one leg of the journey is missed but this was out of my sons control and resulted in him paying double for his flights home. How can airlines charge customers for a service they did not provide and customer was not aware of cancelled flights until they reach the airport.

Fabulous Business Class at a great price

Travelled to London in October and returned end of November. Fabulous staff, excellent food, great leg room, flat bed - what more could you want. Will definitely travel with them again.

Excellent services! Good food and the wine, and Sai Gon Beer are very nice!

I travel around 6 times per year! I also travel a lot of other airlines but VNA is the best!

Great flight, wonderful service.

Firstly I HATE flying!
But big kudos to Vietnam Airlines fro making my trip from Sydney to HCMC in June 2018 as pleasant as possible.
On time and hassle free.
Will definitely fly VA again.

Separate family’s and are extremely rude!

Never again!!! They seated my 10year daughter and 12year old daughter next to a single middle aged dodgey looking man, my husband and nine year old son together then seated me their mother 5rows back!!!I refused I swapped my husband to seat next to this dodgy man, child safety should be priority..particularly as this was an over night flight!! The Rude self centred male host on this flight screamed at me me are you happy now when I moved my husband and proceeded to be rude & obnoxious for the next of the flight. He was the youngest looking male on the trip from ho chi min city to Melbourne on flight VN78 on Sunday 26/8/18, I requested his name to complain but he refused!!!

Separated by my husband and 2 year old

My husband and l flew on Vietnam airlines from ho chi minh city to Melbourne over the weekend and was separated from each other. My 2 year old was sitting next to me with a stranger. They took 45 mins to check in and found out that we were running late for the flight. It even made us more frustrated as still had to go through customs and security check which is more lines. I was seated with my 2 year old daughter at 19 h and 19 g and my husband was at 23e how far that was. Also my daughter's tv screen wasn't working too. So it was a difficult flight with dealing with my 2 year old. Very disappointed with my whole experience. It wasn't our fault where our flight from nha trang to ho chin ming city was delayed by 20 mins, that we arrived late. Also note when we booked the flight we selected the seats already too.

Up there with the best

Surprisingly this airline was outstanding. I’ve travelled with emirates, Singapore airlines, Qantas, and New Zealand and Canada. I can honestly say that It was one of the best flights of ever had. The staff are very attentive, the food was excellent and the legroom was fantastic,

Very happy customer

Everything from the beginning of our flight from Melbourne to Vietnam, internal flights and return was excellent.
On board attention, service with a smile and nothing was too much trouble. They also catered extremely well regarding my special dietary needs.
Would definitely fly with Vietnam Airlines again

A good value ticket to Europe, ruined by poor customer and ground services.

I booked a ticket via a travel agent in December 2017 for a return trip to Europe in premium economy - compared to their competitors Vietnam Airlines have a good priced product with good connections to Melbourne and Sydney.
The flight was fine, with plenty of leg room and baggage space - let down by the poor inflight entertainment system
with limited choices and poor sound quality. The food was okay, nothing special.
What annoyed me about the trip and prompted me to give a poor review, is that my bags were delayed by three days - this was despite a 8 hour connection time in Ho Chi Minh city and the bags were well labelled. There was no support offered at Heathrow, and no talk of compensation. When I purchased some toiletries and essential clothes (all my clothes were in the hold baggage) - costing less than $100, this was not refunded despite being within the rights under the Warsaw Convention. I had lodged all the property irregularity reports at the airport, and asked the customer services to respond after there was no response for three months. I eventually had to raise an investigation with the CAA (Civil Avaition Authority), due to a non responsive Vietnam Airlines - the response was not positive (Case 16964169)
verbatim response from the CAA
"Thank you for your patience with us while we investigated your complaint with Vietnam Airlines.

Following our intervention, Vietnam Airlines has reassessed your flight however, they are defending their position that a refund is not due to you because you were returning home. Although we disagree with this position, we do not have the powers to impose a solution of a complaint on an airline.

Unfortunately, we are unable to take your case any further. "

Vietnam Airlines refuses to answer any further questions on this matter, and as I am unlikely to raise a small claims court action for $100 - I have dropped the matter.

However I would warn all prospective passengers that Vietnam Airlines has poor baggage handling procedures, and does not pay compensation when it is at fault. Caveat Emptor!

Never again this Airline should be classed as Budjet

Purchased an economy ticket Sydney-Paris return having flown with them on many trips, the last 2 trips really changed my mind to travel with them again.
It took 36 hours travel time and 4 sectors Sydney- Saigon- Hanoi-Paris and 2 transfers Saigon and Hanoi where we were left to find our own way to the Domestic Airports where we had to get a visa to cross the road and no gate direction and the 2nd a shuttle where we weren’t told where to catch the bus.
We were given meals that were Luke warm on their Dreamliners and no choice of food at all and one a breakfast Hanoi-Paris full of Europeans a Chicken dish with warped vegetables, bottled water was Luke warm throughout the trip.
On the return flight we have a stop over of 15 hours where we were denied the transit Tour and not even provided meals

Here is the reply from Vietnam Airlines on Facebook
The special meals of Luke just serve in the Business class at the moment.

I exceptional customer service from Melbourne booking office

Was confused when I wanted to book a flight using points due to different amounts for different days. Decided to email Customer Service for some information. Got better than that the ladies asked me when and where did I want to go and gave me options to select from then they did all the hard work and booked our flights. Very friendly and helpful over the phone and I think they are totally customer focused.

Excellent value

Booked through Flight Centre, business class Vietnam Airline from Sydney to Heathrow.. One stop each way on new Dreamliner planes

comfortable and quick service

The flight I booked was a Domestic flight, flying from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City. Booking and check in was easy, the flight though a small Air Bus 320 was comfortable, and arrived on time. The Aircraft was clean and the decor very pleasant. The staff pleasant

Won’t fly this airline ever again

Booking on line with her jet aboard no problem
We were sent from gate 8 to gate 12 then back to 8 then to gate 9 - 4 hours later we finally leave HCMC
The food was really bad. Kids screaming they were over it before we had even left
So bad

Vietnam Airlines: Disappointing indeed!!

Bad experience. Relatively recently I flew to Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) from Sydney (return). Unfortunately, for the entire flight back from Vietnam to Sydney, the entertainment system (including TV console) was not working in our section of the plane. What was perhaps most disappointing was that when this was raised by various passengers the hostesses undertook to look into the matter. Despite this, and after a few hours, no update was provided as to why it was that the entertainment systems were not working, with the hostesses simply walking up and down the aisle, ignoring us. This continued for well into the flight and we were left trying to keep ourselves occupied/endeavouring to get the entertainment systems/consoles working. It is one thing for technical issues to occur. It is another thing for staff to simply ignore us. It would not have been until over half way into the flight that, finally, we were informed that the system had gone down and there was nothing that could be done. When we asked whether we could be moved to others seats, we were told that the flight was full/there were no other seats available. In short, the level of customer service provided was very poor. In this day and age for a supposed 4 star airline not to have functional entertainment for its passengers is disappointing. What is even more disappointing was that when I wrote to express my disappointment I was fobbed off. After escalating my complaint, I was offered the paltry sum of $30AUD in circumstances where my flight was $1400. I will not be flying this airline again!

Good economy flying- as long as you know what to expect


There are some peculiarities of this airline you need to know about - and probably what leads to all the complaints.

First of all - it was cheaper than flying SIA, and direct, so I guess one doesn't really expect SIA level service.
Having said that, boarding and meal service was fine.
Then after meal service, the staff disappeared.

After some time, I thought it would be good to get a drink. Dinging the attendant button had no impact.
Then I noticed people - many of them - eating cup noodles. Curious, I went walking to the nearest galley.
No staff - but very clearly everything left out neatly to help yourself - cups, coffee, teabags, hot water tap, and yes... a huge bag of instant cup noodles! Once I figured out the "self serve" routine - all good, no complaint!!

No issues with check-in etc.

Missed connecting flight due to their incompetence. Lazy customer service

Booked a flight from Melbourne to Nha Trang, including a 3 hour stopover in Ho Chi Minh City for my wife and I through VN airlines.

They change my flight schedule on 2 occasions shortly after purchasing my ticket, the second flight change reducing my stopover time to only 1 hour, and also including an email from VN Airlines ask me to change to a 5am flight the next morning with an offer to pay for 1 night accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City, which i decline as I have already booked accommodation at my destination (5-star resort at $350/night).
I am also very concerned as I am transferring from an international flight to a domestic flight which requires me to clear customs, collect my bags and then check in again.

VN Airlines leave my schedule as is and advise that they will have staff on arrival to assist with my transfer. When i arrive VN airlines take almost 1 hour just to unload our luggage - The staff member on the ground who was supposed to assist is glued to her phone texting the entire time. Once we have our bags she leads us to the domestic terminal, tells us we've missed our flight, shrugs our shoulders and then walks off, forcing us to stay 1 night at an old, run-down hotel (couldn't even sleep due to the obscenely loud noises coming from the pipes in the walls) and forfeit the 1st night's accommodation at our destination.

I've attempted to contact their customer service line for compensation for weeks now, as well as included all my supporting documentation (emails, boarding passes etc.). Each time I do their response is always words to the effect of "someone will get back to you", and then I never heard back.

Completely disgusting.

Not worth the money saved

I will definitely not fly with Vietnam airlines again simply because the food was so terrible that I decided not to eat anything the entire 9 hours to Melbourne from Ho Chi Minh. Even the smell of the food served made me choke and I recommend investing in a better airline to have a pleasant flight, I certainly did not.

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Questions & Answers

I’m flying economy, Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City. It says my meal is included. Will I need money for drinks etc.?
3 answers
No, drinks should be included. VN Airlines is great when it comes to providing food and drink in the cabin. They just suck at not making last minute changes to people’s schedules.Agree with Brain L - they are a "full service" airline, not a budget carrier. No need to buy anything on board. Only issue sometimes is finding the crew to help you - so don't be afraid to get up and walk to the galley to look for them.No you don’t need money though they run out of European food even breakfast and are never hot

Which hotel do VNA provide for long hours waiting?
3 answers
sorry I do not knowI could not get on to the airline to book a hotel. I was business class and should have been able to qualify for one. I booked my own hotel and did not do a tour. The air line will not reply to my question re the difference in service between Hamburg and Ho Chi Minh and the leg from H C Mimh to Melbourne. Very rudeand arrogant in my opinion. GrandaThank you for your answer.I thought business class was eligible for hotel. I think VNA is not a very good option. Thank you. Veronica

I want a refund for my flight from ho chi min city to Melbourne. The service was disgusting actually there was none !It could not be worse in economy class Shuldn'I be entitled to a refund .?
3 answers
noWhy not Andy ? . I did not get what I paid for. I also did not get any answer to my question 'Why the big difference in food and service between the flight from Hamburg to Ho Chi Minh city and the flight between Ho Chi Minh and Melbourne.' Not good enough for an international carrier.Well regarding the food VN answered with this about hot meals The special meals of Luke just serve in the Business class at the moment

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