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Vittoria Espresso

Vittoria Espresso

2.2 from 29 reviews

No pressure at all from these beans

I have put about 30 bags of supermarket beans through my barista express and while I have had to make adjustments to grind etc I have always found a sweet spot with good pressure...Until I recently purchased a bag of Vittoria
Beans yesterday and no matter what adjustments I made I had close to zero pressure. I thought that the machine was faulty and called the customer service line. The breville rep first asked me if I was using supermarket beans and that this was most likely the problem. He then told me I should use the double walled basket to get decent pressure until I could get good beans. I was very sceptical that beans freshness would be the problem given I have put so many cheap beans through it with little issue but decided to get some fresh beans anyway to test out the theory. Low and behold I received perfect pressure immediately! These beans must be the worst of the worst supermarket variety and I will never waste my
money on them again.

Who buys this crap???

My poor mother was trying to be helpful and bought us a bag of these beans. I wish I’d trusted my instincts and bought our local beans as a backup. I must have poured 20 shots down the sink before I gave up trying to get an extraction. It’s just UNUSABE for espresso. There are simply no grind settings or degree of compaction to compensate for the lack of oils in the beans.

Dry - (don’t judge me when I say) pods are better

No oils in beans. Expect to grind FAR finer than fresh we’ll roasted beans. My burr grinder cannot grind fine enough to get good extraction. I don’t love pods, but seriously, I get better extractions from Nespresso.

Something is Wrong, Not sure Why was such as good Product

I have been using their coffee for over 7 years, just purchased a new batch and its taste crap and not like the other batches, I'm using an Original Vittoria Cafetera for the last 10 years, and never had any issues I even cleaned it out which your are not suppose to do, and still the taste is crap. What have they Done to this coffee. Vittoria what goes on?

Like Mr.Pachino said; "This is good coffee..."

Seems like reviewers come here only to complain wheather they dont know how to use/dial in their machine or their machine is stuffed? I have so much pressure using these beans that i have dialed back my machine to the 12th finest grind setting (ie; Coarse) I have not over tamped either, just a little push. My Breville 870 produces amazing golden Crema and taste very smooth, no bitter aftertaste. I would rate this roast as strong Medium body and doesnt have the intesity of the Mountain or Nero roast (my preferred). FYI anyone using a Breville will need to retune your grind setting when swapping between the single and double shot. Double needs a way finer grind.


To those who condemn this Brand - I suggest they get help on YouTube and make sure they do research on what is the best way to make it.
I’ve been using Vitoria Expresso for over 20yrs with a little Breville Expresso Machine recommended by Choice. AUS$120 from Their Factory Seconds store in ULTIMO Sydney ... (A tear in the outside packaging). Makes great crema.

Garbage...,smells like cat urine

Was sceptical about buying Vittoria and should have listened to my intuition. Worst coffee I've EVER had the displeasure to consume. Coles and Woolworths would do a service to stop carrying this garbage.
Could NOT get any pressure no matter what I did and as for a decent crema?.........gave up after about 15 attempts.
Only thing left to say is that there's a lot of easily pleased coffee drinkers out there if this is still on supermarket shelves!

cannot get it right

tried so many times with 1.5kg espresso beans and it just won't make a good coffee.....need help getting it right please


Stopped using a couple of years ago because of poor taste. Recently went to a local watering hole where their Baristas use it. It was pretty ordinary. That reinforced in my mind why I don't buy it anymore.

Very Disappointing

Bought at Coles . There are 4 small packings in all. Tried 2 of them and happy with the taste. The other 2 were terrible.Exactly same amount and way of making them. Makes me wonder if they are from the same lots of grounded coffee beans at all. VERY suspicious. Anyway,won't buy them again even at half price.

Thought my machine was broken

Bought 3 200g packets of Vittoria Beans for $9.98 each. Tried to extract an espresso shot failing every time. Made at least 30 cups and not a single cup made crema or achieved espresso extraction pressure! Shot ran too quick or burnt if too fine. Tried every grind setting on the grinder!!! At this stage i was convinced my machine was broken. Found packets on the shelf at the supermarket expired 2015. That was 2 years ago!! I made sure the 3 bags that i bought weren't expired. They were due to expire next year. Extremely disappointed with these beans. Will never ever use them again.

Does not get infused to espresso level

No matter how u grind it it won't get there but the organic blend was a bitter version of the same S...


Terrible taste, this was disappointing, bitter, no aroma and flavourless. I can't bring myself to use it even for camping coffee!

Burnt coffee beans

This this the first time I tried Vittoria coffee beans 1kg from Woolworths $15 ( on sale), and it will be the last time. The beans were burnt, inconsistent​, bitterness, tasteless. It doesn't even worth$15.

So smooth

I have been drinking vittoria coffee ☕️ for around 20 years I'm a self confessed coffee addict my day starts with vittoria and ends with it.. full flavour and so smooth nothing else is quite like it..try it you'll taste what I mean..

Not great

I have used various quality coffees in my Delonghi machine and had some very good results from Illy and Lavazza and other pre-grounds from the supermarket. I have only managed to get very weak, tasteless "brown water" from using the Vittoria pre-ground... bought a big bag and now im at a point where I may just end up wasting half of it.

What happened???

I have geen using Vittoria for a long time. It's getting worse all the time. No more. Never again. It's tasteless and horrible and declining in quality for some time. It's no better at coffe shops either. Try something else. Don't waste your money on this.

Good price when on special

Reasonably good coffie but requires the finest setting on my grinder for expresso , this suggest beans are not as fresh as they could be , fresh roasted beans need a corset setting on my grinder or they block the porta filler

What's happened to this coffee?

I have been buying and enjoying this coffee for years but in the last year or so it has become increasingly harder to make a good cup. I have to use more scoops in the plunger and it also tastes different. It's very disappointing. Is Vittoria sourcing the coffee from somewhere cheaper? I'm changing brands after decades!

Not so bad

Ok coffee, but I find the better coffee beans also cost a bit more...Vittoria has a place but not always in my Breville BES980...Has a sharp finish and is a bit difficult to grind .....not so smooth as Yahava or the more upmarket coffees.

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