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Vittoria Mountain Grown

Vittoria Mountain Grown

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Vittoria Mountain Grown Nesspresso Compatible Capsules

I would NOT recommend anyone purchasing Vittoria Nespresso compatible capsules.

This is the first time I purchased these capsules which are marked Nespresso Compatible but they are definitely not compatible.

The shape of the capsules is different and slightly shorter than Nespresso brand and so they do not work. Like other people have reported the foil seals can not be pierced by the coffee machine and so no water passes through.

When I contacted the company they said that they would be happy to post me a a prepaid mailer to return the capsules not used. After again contacting them they effectively said not our problem return them to the place of purchase.

Purchased in December 2018.

Steer Clear

Tried this and another Vittoria product on a new espresso machine we bought just before Christmas. Couldn't get crema and the taste was ordinary. Persevered for a month and then contact the machine manufacturer looking to return it as I thought I had a dud. When I told them what beans I was using, they asked me to get freshly roasted beans as these supermarket mass produced ones have potentially been in storage for over a year and lost the majority of the oil hence no crema/poor flavour. First coffee with freshly roasted beans and what a difference. Will not use Vittoria again.

Purchased in January 2019 at Woolworths for $15.00.

Buyer beware: Forign body in beams

I had a forign object in my coffee beans which killed by $500 grinder. Coffee drinkers beware!! Besides tasting like muddy water, these coffee beans broke my grinder beyond repair!! Even worse, I contacted vittoria about this and they advised me that the particle “could not have come from their beans packet’!!
I am 110% sure that the partle did!! following an email correspondence with vittoria coffee, they advised me that there manufacturing process was fauless and they were not doing anything about it to ensure the same issue does not happen to someone else!!
Coffee drinkers, think twice before putting these beans through you expensive grinders!! The coffee is poor quality and the customer service is extremely poor


I have the beans and they produce the worst coffee ever. In my breville oracle there is no crema. Within 10 seconds i nilly have a double shot of coffee. What is produced tastes burnt and bitter. The most exciting part of this coffee is that finally nilly out of it. I am a coffee lover and no longer look forward to my morning coffee. The worst part is these beans are one of the more expensive beans in the supermarket. I will go back to buying cheaper beans that are higher quality.

Taste Burnt

For use in my French Press and my Moka pot. Taste pretty burnt to me, tried different grinds and brew times but mostly comes out yuck. Won't be buying again.

Waste of money - capsules don't work - No after sales service

I would NOT recommend anyone purchasing Vittoria Mountain Grown Nespresso compatible capsules.

This is the first time I purchased these capsules which are marked Nespresso Compatible but they are definitely not compatible.
The shape of the capsules should have given it away that they are supposed to be Nespresso compatible. On the opposite end from the foil seal they are FLAT instead of being conical in shape and as a result the foil is not pierced by the coffee machine and so no water passes through.
I contacted the company twice, the first time no response and the second time someone asked me to answer many questions which I had already advised in my first email and he said that he would be happy to post me a a prepaid mailer to return the capsules not used. Well after reminding him a few times I have given up and decided that Vittoria is NOT interested.

Not the cheapest capsules on sale and certainly the last and only time I will purchase ANY Vittoria product simply because the company are NOT interested in any problems.

Under-extracted every time

Same as what everyone else is saying. Doesn't matter how fine I grind, how much I cram into the basket, how hard I tamp.. I get full flow before pre-infusion is finished and a double shot poured in about 10 seconds. Sunbeam grinder/Dual Boiler and that combo has made thousands of good coffees over the years.
Did some research and they're probably just stale: https://coffeesnobs.com.au/brewing-equipment-midrange-500-1500/33010-help-bes900-shot-running-fast-even-finest.html
Ironically the Coles/Woolworths home brand beans are generally ok and cheaper.

Under pressure issue similar to other reports

Bought this on special from Woolworths and had under pressure problem similar to other reports. I use a Breville BES870 and I have set the grinder to fine and tamp coffee firmly, but I still can't get enough pressure. Has anyone got any luck in this?

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Update, after I set the grind size to finest, and tamp the coffee very firmly, I can get good pressure. The coffee comes out very nicely with lots of crema, and it tastes very good. I will give this a 3.5 stars now.

Disappointed, pressure issue as others have reported

Hi bought them on specials so thought I'd give them a go. Thre pressure issue others reported I thought might have been based on basic machinery, with a highly adjustable grinder and decent machine I struggled to get pressure and just decided to ignore what the machine was telling me. No pressure also meant poor crema. Look the flavour was worth 1 extra star, but not great. Have put my ove fave in now and back in business.

Better than basic Vittoria brand

I find it is stronger than the otdinary Vittoria coffee. Lasts longer as I don't have to adjust to stronger.

Low pressure issue

Could not get enough pressure using these beans in my Breville Barista coffee machine. Tried maximum finest grind and tampering as firmly as I could but to no avail. Thought the machine was faulty until I tried another brand of beans and got a perfect cup of coffee.

Something wrong with the beans?

Something wrong with the beans and had to get a refund. Not getting any pressure on the expresso machine and brew come out too quick and watery. Tried other beans and they were perfect.

Great strong coffee with bold flavor

It produces great coffee and tastes precisely as described on the cover "strong coffee with slightly spicy after taste". One suggestion try not to use very hot milk as that degrades the taste and makes it more bitter. Otherwise great coffee with strong flavor and nice aroma

Smooth, rich and excellent golden crema

We also have a Jura machine, it grinds these beans to perfection. Smooth, never bitter and decadent. Rich full mouth taste, no nasty after taste. Amazing with a dash of cream. Cannot fault this and always my go to.

A great double espresso every time

We have a Jura machine at home and it turns out a great double espresso every time using these beans. They are never bitter and always produces a great creme with that full aroma.

I look forward to savouring this coffee every morning

After years of playing around with high end coffee machines and then more recently with a pod machine (which needed 2 pods per cup to get a decent long black), bought myself an Aeropress last year - simple to use, no plastic waste and a good tasting coffee (though I do miss my crema). I tried several coffee beans which I'd hand grind, at up to $80/kg then stumbled on this coffee on special at my local Woolies. I no longer waste time grinding my own, to me this tastes as good as any of the expensive brands and I bought in bulk (6 kg) when it was on a half price special. The 1 kg package (with 4 x 250g vacuum packs) stores for a really long time. I've almost finished my current batch which is 6 months old and it still tastes perfect. Highly recommended for anyone who likes a smooth, dark coffee with tonnes of flavour.

a Good drop

I picked a box of these up from Woolwoths and I think they are great. They are cheaper than Nespresso Pods and I would prefer them any day. Good Quality Pods that do the job well...

Exceptionally good beans, best ive had.

These mountain beans are by far the top grade roasted beans ive come across. in the past ive roasted my own green beans, yet i cannot measure up to this level of satisfaction these beans deliver. Highly recommended.

Strongest Coffee I've Ever Had

This is a hard one to rate! On a scale of 1 to Strong it blows everything out of the water. And by strong, I mean it's like eating a Vegimite sandwich layered in Vegimite. Not for the faint hearted that's for sure. You only need such a small amount and then it's D-day on all fronts. I've heard High-altitude stuff packs a punch, but woah! I literally need a day's break after each coffee. But no regrets, but be warned, it's full-on!

Not so sure

I was expecting a strong coffee & love a coffee after taste not with this! We bought the beans & the coffee machine grinds them! I'm wondering if there was an air hole in the bag when we bought them! I usually love Vittoria!

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Questions & Answers

i have vittoria mountain grown arabica 200 gram net how can i use the blocks in a plunger?
2 answers
1 heaped tablespoon per cup (250 mL boiling water). Stir well then plunge.Yes but i would personally not use it for that...drip or espresso or italian style stove top is better suited for this grind... Personally if you use a plunger/frenxh press buy the beans and grind yourself.of you have a burr grinder

I have recently purchased the Vitoria mountain grown coffee beans. I sore it in a canister & keep it in the refridgerator.Is this the best way to store the coffee beans or should i keep it in the pantry rather than the fridgerator. Hope to hear from you. Mary-Anne Gatt
1 answer
Hi and many apologies for over looking your question for so long. I personally have found for (despite what some will advise) longer storing in air-tight container the fridge to be the best solution. It maintained a steady cool temperature to avoid the beans from sweating and deteriorating.

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