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Vittoria Organic Espresso Coffee Capsules

Vittoria Organic Espresso Coffee Capsules

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Not Really Compatible Nor Comparable With Nespresso Breville Creatista

This is false advertising. I bought the organic version of these coffee pods and I could hardly fit them into my new Creatista coffee machine. Coffee tastes below average and the pods are not recyclable. I will keep buying Nespresso and use their recycling program. After much research, Nespresso uses Swiss Water filter process for their coffee and trade fare but they don't claim it organic. I am actually questioning ORGANIC claim from others too. Overall waste of money for the Vitorria coffee pods and I am glad I did not buy them more!

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths for $5.00.

Disappointed as I can not use them

The Vito is coffee capsules do not fit my Nespresso coffee machine as stated on the packet. I could not get my money back from Coles. Disappointed as I like Vittocia coffee. I hope they will take responsibility for the false advertising.

Purchased in March 2019.

waste of money

The worst waste of money the pods are made of cheap plastic that burst 8/10 times you try and make a coffee save your money !!

Very watery tasteless coffee

I was looking for Nespresso compatible pods. I bought these at Woolies as they were on special. Will never buy again. Very watery no flavour. Couldn't finish it.

Vittoria Coffee Italian Blend 10 Coffee Capsules

Purchased at Woolworths. I buy many Nespresso compatible pod brands. This is by far the worst. Advertised as perfect as a short black and have a smooth finish with rich crema. Had 3 pods to confirm not a one-off issue. Found the coffee to be very week, watery and disappointing. I drink a lot of coffee and this was truly disappointing.

Please don't waste your money.

Tried this at Woolworth.. Coffee tastes like water..Rubbish product. What a waste of money. Please don't waste your money on this.

Great for my sister

We received 72 Espresso capsules when we purchased the Espressotoria Machine for my sister. I love that she can purchase more capsules as she needs them at a good price. You can usually find them on special at the supermarket.

Absolutely terrible

These pods don't fit in the machine easily like they say it's quite fiddly because the end doesn't come to a cone shape it's just flat doesn't sit in machine easy sometimes they split. I purchased the ORO and espresso don't like either the first few seconds is water only get a couple of seconds of coffee no Crema very weak absolutely dreadful. Better off with an instant coffee! Also no cheaper than Nespresso pods - total rip off !!

Awful - they keep splitting

I already had a woolworths pod coffee machine and loved it but had had it for several years and saw a special buy 6 Vittoria packets of espresso coffee and get a free machine. Over 50% of the vittoria pods split so you end up with coffee full of coffee remnants. And they don't sink so you can't drink the coffee. Sometimes the coffee is so strong and then other times it tastes like water. Don't bother they are awful and inconsistent

Don't waste your money

I purchased two varieties of the Vittoria Nespresso capsules and both were a waste of money. Extemely disappointing. No crema whatsoever and way too much water and very little flavour. The first second or so is nothing but water!!
Vittoria really need to pull these. I can't believe that a company that supposedly prides itself on being a leader in the international coffee arena would continue to market these as they are!

In a word and as one star suggests........TERRIBLE!

Nespresso "Compatibility"

First off let me just say that in my opinion this coffee tastes awful. Ok, now that's out of the way ...

I have a Breville Nespresso loan machine while my proper Nespresso is getting fixed. Bought some of these while waiting for my capsules to show up.

When I opened the packet I was a bit confused because of the capsule shape. It's much narrower than a regular Nespresso capsule. I didn't think it would work, but it did the first two times. It tasted disgusting and I just wanted to use them up. I tried a third capsule and the machine sounded like it was straining to get water through. The coffee did come through but extremely slowly, and much less than there should have been.

I smelt it and (worried that I broke the machine) dumped it down the sink and tried one of my last Nespresso capsules, which worked perfectly.

I'm not some hired goon from Nespresso, you can get perfectly good capsules that are Nespresso compatible from third party manufacturers. Just not Vittoria ones!


These pods are NOT compatible with the Nespresso machines as stated on the packaging. They are a total waste of money. They are the incorrect shape for the machine and just fall straight through to the collection tray. Do not buy them.

Great flavour

I was surprised by an earlier review saying the capsules did not work correctly in a Nespresso machine. I found they worked just fine and tasted excellent - one of the best I have tasted.

Don't waste your money on this product!

I bought these coffee capsules to try as they clearly state on the front of the package that they are compatible with Nespresso coffee machines. They are not! Upon opening them I found that they were not exactly the same shape as the Nespresso pods. The Nespresso machine does not pierce the back of them so they only dribble out a small amount of water before the machine stops. They are completely useless.

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I am unhappy that I have paid money for the Vitoria coffee capsules and they do not fit my Nespresso machine. Coles will not refund me as the packet is open . How can I get a refund
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