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WeeRide Baby Bicycle Seat

WeeRide Baby Bicycle Seat

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Perfect for short 5”1 Rider

I was worried about a bike seat as I’m not a confident rider, also short. This is perfect. It doesn’t change your center of balance much. Once installed I was worried I won’t be tall enough to have my baby in front. On our test run we have good clearance. The support on the website Mat is very good too. Highly recommend this.

We love the WeeRide deluxe

I loved our WeeRide since day one. We started using it when my daughter was 9 month old.
We also own the traditional bike seats the ones that goes in the back, so I can easily confirm that the Weeride:
- Provides a more enjoyable ride for the child who has a great view of everything not the parent back
- The connection with your child and the "enjoy the moment" is possible, as you can ride just close to your child face, whispering to her all the little things you or he/she can spot. ( with the traditional bike seat in the back, we could barely understand or listening to each other because of wind, traffic, etc)
- The child is in front of you so you easily see if he/she is alright has dropped something, etc.
- And the best thing that would help is the front rest table my daughters usually would be asleep close to the end of our ride - confortably and not with they heads hanging around as the bike seats that go in the back.

The negative would be that even though they say is up to 18kg you wont use for that long. My daughter was only 18kg by 4yo, but we stopped using it when she was 2yo maybe a bit more. Mine kids are tall, D1 is out of the chart for percentile and D2 is in the 95%. So it was hard to drive safely when they were getting to tall because it would obstruct my view sometimes, and also they get more curious and when both my kids were in they "terrible 2" they would suddenly decide they want be the ones who "drive" the handlebar and that was dangerous. So after 2.5yo they would go strapped in the back bike seat or in the bike trailler.

Love it!!! Worth Every Cent!!!!!!!

I have my 7 month old in a wee ride, she is the size of a one year old so can fit into it, I wouldn't recommend it for under 1 if they're small as the harness will be too big.
Its a great invention. It doesn't feel like it alters my natural sitting bike position at all and it balances perfectly. My daughter loves it and I can see her eyes light up when I pull the helmets out of the cupboard.
Only mild problems are with my bike I don't have the full turning circle I normally would have as the edge of the handlebars hits the WeeRide so cant make extremely tight turns but I likely wouldn't be able to make them if I had the WeeRide on or off, just annoying sometimes when I've dismounted and trying to put the bike away and need to turn the handle bars hard to one side. Other bikes may not have this problem. Also, when riding up hill and you want to stand to give some more force on the pedals, I cant do it as the WeeRide is in the way of standing up. Really mild problems, overall I think the WeeRide is absolutely fantastic and I don't regret spending the extra money on it..

Excellent for fabulous times together out and about :)

Bought the Weeride Delux when my son was 16 months old to enable drop and pick up from daycare. I have fitted it to a Scott mountain bike and although you may need to allow for the width with your legs (very minimal) and allow for the childs head in front of your chest (with flat bars) it makes my son fell quite secure and comfortable to the point where when we go a little faster he tends to grip my arms and / or the pad.

Awesome for keeping touch and monitoring your child whilst riding and gives them a uninterrupted view of everything around them.

We use the Weeride for so much more than daily short trips and go on several hours of riding exploring the country side.

Highly recommended.

Great for family rides

I'm really happy with the weeride seat. Haven't been on a bike for a while but am confident enough with my little one on the front between my arms where i can see her and talk to her. Great for my 2 year old who is a bit mischievous and likes to try to escape out of any 5 point harness if she can so i wouldn't be able to relax if she was in a rear mounted seat.

Points to note: the seat does get in the way of your knees a bit. I don't really mind because I'm not riding further than the park. Also i wouldn't put a big kid in this. My 2 year old is 12 kg and very comfy. I wouldn't put my 18 kg 4 yr old in it.

My 11 Month Old Daughter Loves Her WeeRide

I purchased the Deluxe WeeRide from 99 Bikes at Burleigh Heads. Definately worth the few extra dollars for comfort from the base model that was just a plastic shell. It's great the way I can see my Daughter at all times without having to continually turn around to check her whilst riding on a busy beachfront footpath. I only hope she doesn't grow out of it too quickly as everything Child related.

Not for small people on small bikes - very uncomfortable riding position,

On my small bike the seat sat right up near the saddle, meaning I was hanging off the back of my seat. Your knees have to bow out to accommodate the babyseat, making peddling very uncomfortable and puts a lot of stress on your knee, especially up hills. I had to ride hunched with overextended arms to reach the handlebars without squashing my one year old with my boobs! My baby couldn't reach the rest pad, and was slumping over when falling asleep, so I had to hold him up with one hand to prevent him hanging out the seat. All in all, a very uncomfortable ride. After a 2.5 hour ride my knees were in agony. Very disappointed as this had very good reviews and I like the idea of having baby up front. May be fine for a taller person on a bigger bike, doing short flat rides.
Baby up front, you can see and attend easily. Baby enjoys it.
Super uncomfortable on a small bike - especially on the knees.

Best Bike Seat For A Baby

This is the only seat I could find that I could safely put my 8 month old in.
I have my arms around them and it just feels so safe, and fun!
I read the comments about importing the seat cheaper, but I bought locally from 99 Bikes. I wanted the peace of mind of them fitting for me and also I knew if there were any issues I could see them. I also read on the Weeride website when doing my research that imports don't carry a warranty.
Yes I paid a bit more but I always tend to on baby products, not as fussed when they are for myself!
Safe, fun, balance
pricey......but worth it

Great fun

My bub loves the weeride. Feels stable and safe. Great that she was upfront. Was worried that the seat would interfere with peddling but isn't too bad and definitely worth it for the other advantages.
Easy to install. Stable. Upfront position - can see and interact with bub and maybe catch her if she falls.
Harness isn't great quality. Interferes with peddling but much less than I would have thought.

Great bike seat and a great price

I was looking around at bike seats for my 18 month old to join me while out on my bike. I found that the Weeride Kangaroo retailed for about $190.00 which i though was too much so i looked at eBay and I found that they were still going for about $120.00 second hand (July 2012 when this was written).

I jumped online and did a bit of searching to find it on Amazon for $45.00 (on sale-normally $89.00) brand new and delivery from America was on $27.00.

The bike seat is exactly the same as the ones you get here in Australia. I highly recommend this item, but don't get ripped off buying in our local stores. There is no way that this item should cost as much as the Aussie retailers are trying to rip us off by charging.
I love engaing with my little one while out riding. I can teach her lots of new things while out and about
Only the price that is available for in Australia

Thanks for the tip!! I have just ordered mine off Amazon it cost me a total of $77.55 AUD including delivery. Can't wait for it to arrive :-)Hi Bubba Gump and Bunny31 I would really love to know what was the Amazon sellers name? I've found a few of the Weerides on the site but none will ship to australia? I agree in Aus they are just too expensive. I hope you can help me :) ThanksThe seller is actually Amazon.com itself. If you go to this link http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B000FIH0EG/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new and choose the top one priced at $49.97 it will add shipping during the checkout process.


Stable, safe to use, bub loves being in her seat and going for a ride. It was a bit pricey but definitely worth it.
Stable, safe,

Good concept but uncomfortable

I was attracted by the idea of having my child in front on the bike so I could see what she's up to and interact with her more than I could in a rear bike seat. However, it didn't work out for me as I find that my knees bump into the seat when I am peddling unless I ride with my knees sticking out, which is very uncomfortable and puts a lot of strain on my knees. I think it might be better on a larger bike (I am small and therefore my bike is small).

Another problem is that my daughter sometimes jiggles up and down and bangs her head back into my chest while I'm riding, which is painful and potentially dangerous as it distracts me from concentrating on where I am going.

The harness is soft and comfortable but I found it slips off the shoulders. I had to pin it at the back to prevent this.

On the plus side, the seat is very well made and my daughter finds it comfortable. She loves being so close to me on the bike.

Overall I am disappointed with this product as I like the concept and it is well-made.
Well-made, comfortable for child, can interact with child better than in a rear bike seat.
Uncomfortable knees-out riding position. Harness slips off shoulders.


I love the stability of the weeride. Back mounting child seats throw off the balance of the bike and you don't have the advantage of having your child between your arms.

Highly recommend the weeride to all bike riding enthusiasts!
Stable, safe and a way to enjoy bike riding with your toddler. I was glad I chose the weeride for my daughter. She absolutely loves it!

Having your toddler up front with you in your line of sight makes you feel reassured and you are able to chat with your child as you ride a long
Nothing really. It is a bit pricey compared to some but well worth it in my opinion

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Costco in Australia has this weeride deluxe seat for 99 dollars. Cheers!


Best child seat available without doubt.
Your kids sees what you see and not your back. And you can see what they are upto.
Really clever way of fitting unlike other front seats, it doesnt attach to the handlebar or stem so all weight is kept central
Fun for kid and parent
Easy to fit

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