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Cherub Baby On the Go Baby Food Pouches

Latest review: These are great and practical baby food pouches. I did a lot of research before buying these pouches. They hold a good size baby meal portion and freeze homemade baby food well. I love the zipper

Cherub Baby Natripur ThermoSensor Breast Milk Bags

Latest review: a colleague gave this to me on my baby shower last year. my bub is now 6 months old and there hasn't been a day when I don't put this one to good use.the bags are alos reusable. I can sense that it

Clean Shopper Trolley Cover

Latest review: Such a good trolley cover. My daughter had a pink floral one and it’s super comfy. It’s a great design and perfect fit for the trolley. Absolutely love it’s. Keeps the germs away.

WeeRide Baby Bicycle Seat

Latest review: I was worried about a bike seat as I’m not a confident rider, also short. This is perfect. It doesn’t change your center of balance much. Once installed I was worried I won’t be tall enough to have my

Baby Jogger Glider Board

Latest review: This has been proving useful now we have a second child that is using the pushchair and the older one sometimes gets tired. It wasn't so helpful when we first brought it though as our daughter was

Valco Hitch Hiker

Latest review: I could not live with out my hitch hiker. Any parent would know trying to chase a small child while another is sitting in a pram is very hard work. I can't boast enough about this product. It

Phillips Kiddicarrier

Latest review: Absolute must if you want to have your kids behind you on the bike. Safest trailer I have seen so far. Realy stirdy and safe. Great strong feel. Good fastening features. Strong frame. Lots of room

Bugaboo Tray

Latest review: I have had the Bugaboo snack tray for around a year. I explored a few other generic snack tray options (which weren’t exactly cheap either), but in the end decided to bite the bullet and invest in t

Valco Stroller Caddy

Latest review: I love this valco stroller caddy as much as I love my quad x pram. They are just both awesome! The caddy has space for 2 water bottles, and another middle section plus the mess bag. I love that it

Melobaby All-in-One Nappy Wallet + Change Mat

Latest review: I love this nappy wallet. It's compact and easy to throw in my bag or in the basket under my pram. It fits 3 nappies, a little outfit, wipes & bags. The change mat is nice & soft, although it could


Latest review: This product is amazing. It works a treat every time. We’ve been using it in our 22 month old since he was born ( still use if we can’t settle him) and we’re now using it on our 10 week old. Puts them

gr8x Bottle Traveller

Latest review: If you just need to carry 1 bottle inside a nappy bag that does not offer a bottle compartment this is a great buy. Fits all bottles, even the TT closer to nature bottles which a pretty wide and fat.

Lima Bean ChangeMate

Latest review: I have been using this change mat for 4 years now and it is as good as new. It is really easy to clean, fits plenty of nappies and wipes but is still small enough to pop into my handbag or under the

Cherub Baby Re-usable Food Storage Pouch 10PK Special Edition

Latest review: My go to! Weather I’m at home or out! Just so easy to give to bub with all sorts contained! I love making homemade food with knowing I can take it out in these pouches! Love the patterns too! It’s nev


Latest review: Perfect for the markets, or when you need a quick shop after a walk. Huge storage space! Folds up nicely. Love all the pocket organisers too. I do all my shopping at Aldi now (it's the closest shops

Cherub Baby Food Pouch Soft Spout

Latest review: I’m always out and about. These pouch spouts are perfect! So easy to feed bub when his hungry straight from the pouch. No mess or spoons needed! Perfect size for t

Tray Vous Stroller Tray

Latest review: The bugaboo is a great pram but now it is THE only pram for my little ones. My little one was getting restless in her pram, dropping the items I would give her quickly onto the ground. I heard about

Fully Sic Bags

Latest review: I bought the pack for Travel Sickness (there's also Morning Sickness and All Purpose packs). Really cute designs on the vomit bags and very handy to have in the car for occassional motion sickness

Brother Max Milk Powder Dispenser

Latest review: This item is good but sometimes your formula will get stuck around the top and not go into the baby bottle. Other then that they are good they don’t take up much room in a nappy bag or in the house. T

Bumprider Stand-On Board

Latest review: This is a good board, very easy to attach. My toddler (2yrs, 4 months) enjoys riding it immensely when we go out. The only criticism I have are: the board tends to swing from side to side quite a

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