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Westinghouse WHXC2400i

Westinghouse WHXC2400i

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Seems Very Good So Far

I have had a lot of generators from expensive Hondas (the best) to the cheapest 2 strokes.
This is Westinghouse model is a solid performer. Its four stroke, nice and quiet - not as quiet as a Honda but perfectly acceptable. Now the good bit and the reason we bought this - it puts out digitally controlled inverter power so that means it's safe to use with computer controlled equipment. I found out the hard way that this is important.
Fuel run time is around with a medium load is exceptional - up to 1 day and there is a fuel gauge too.
Its well made although a bit on the heavy side (24kgs) but it puts out a solid 2.4 kw so you can even run small air con units from it.

So far, so good.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Works like a treat

Runs Ibis air command a/c, fridge and charger in caravan not a problem all at the same time.
I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another.
It seemed to do the job quite well.
Maybe a little bit noisy compared to a couple of others but not by very much.
Like the fact of a hour meter etc

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Westinghouse WHXC2400i Digital inverter Generator

IMO this is another well made Westinghouse generator. Build quality appears very good and it's output after testing a few different appliances at home tells me it produces an honest 2100 running watts (2400w max on start up). I had also taken into consideration the proven Honda 2ui and Yamaha ef2000is before making the purchase. I have been able to test the WH24001 alongside a Honda 2ui.
The Honda is just 1or 2 decibels quieter at idle and at peek revs so as far as noise output there's not much in it really & both have an eco switch.
On the upside, the Westinghouse has a fuel gauge, holds more fuel, it's dry weight is less, it also has a 12v cig plug (unregulated) a three way led display which you manually push to view voltage output, rpm, hours run which is great for service intervals. All controls are on one side & it also costs less $$$$ than either the Honda or Yamaha.
The 2400i comes well boxed & includes a spark plug spanner, bottle of oil which needs to be added prior to starting the generator and a plastic oil bottle pourer with spout. (you will find the spout inside the oil pour bottle :)
There is also an included universal screw driver, operators manual and a dust cover. The cover could have been made of a more durable material like the ones on their WHXC8500 series however this is better than nothing.
Westinghouse warranty is 2 years Yamaha & Honda offer 4 years, however all parts are readily available should they be needed. One feature that Honda does have that would have been a nice addition to the Westinghouse would have been the ability to link 2 Westinghouse generators together.
IMO this has been very well designed with slightly more output and more features than the others so I'm giving it 5 stars.
Reliability hopefully won't disappoint.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Questions & Answers

What are the differences between Westinghouse WHXC24001 and Westinghouse WH24001 Explorer Series
No answers

Where is the motor made
1 answer
Like most things nowadays, China. Under strict supervision

Are they e li electric start or rope pull
1 answer
Pull start, very easy normally with 1-2 pulls


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