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Wharfedale Atlantic AT-500 Floorstanding

Wharfedale Atlantic AT-500 Floorstanding

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Awesome speakers

Originally purchased these speakers & was running as front speakers part of an existing 7.2 Onkyo system, they sounded good strong bass but felt a little underpowered so later upgraded to a 9.2 Yamaha system with bi-amp, connected as normally first they sounded great so then decided to set up via bi-amp to see the difference wow these speakers came alive with heaps more bass but also mid & highs were much more noticeable, my home theatre setup is now complete & has that punch it was missing, totally wrapped. I don’t claim to be a sound expert but I think some people purchase based on price or name thinking higher price always means better sound or quality, well I purchased these for under $500 & sound better then some speakers costing 5 times the price. Far exceed my expectations.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Love these speakers.

I have had these speakers since 2010 and they are still going very strong, they are loud and when combined with 4 of the AT-200 bookshelf speakers as the surround speakers. I have a pioneer SC-2022 and they make a great team. This amp can't bi-amp and I was going to bi-wire them but I don't see the point if the wires are joined at the receivers end. for the price they are now I would highly recommend them, I paid more back in 2010 and that was with 20% off. Before the 2022 i had a pioneer VSX-919ah and upgrading the amp made them sound so much better.

quality from whisper to roar

Make no mistake the wharfedale atlantic 500 tower speakers are amazing!!! They are high powered 250 watts and that means they require twice the power that any amp could possibly give so you must use a pa amp or buy a reciever that supports bi-amping to fully apreciate these beautifull speakers ive biamped mine with 145 watts driving the 2 bass speakers and 145 for the midrange and high speakers so 4 times 145 watts for 2 speakers or 290 watts perfectly 250 watt speakers i used a pioneer vsx 1019 ahk reciever i play cds through a bluray player all digital from source to transfer to ampliflication stage or high defintion 320 kbs usb recordings you can hear accoustic vocalists lick their lips and take breaths its clarity is impressive the woofers are tight with sub bass easily handelled by my 600 watt pa sub which is active dont hesitate one moment but be warned of possible hipower biamping needs. Im a very happy owner of these brilliant speakers. :-)

Good Value

The kids all left home, so what to do with all those spare rooms? One just screamed out to become a music room! So what to fill it with? Did not want to spend a fortune but do want good sound. I listen to all types of music (rap isn't music), lots of vinyl even more CDs and 2TB plus on the PC. Feed these Wharfedales with an older Pioneer VSX-D509S (5.1) and supplement with an Accusound center speaker and an A & R sub woofer with JMax filling up the rears. Had some cheap towers before the Wharfedales mounted high on the walls (corners) and severely tilted and angled down to seat position. The cheap towers sounded OK before I got the Wharfedales, now I know just how awful the cheapies were! Anyway these speakers are good value for money, sound is awesome with very tight bass through to just nicely crisp highs. These actually do very well high on the wall and with the angle. With rear firing ports I was a little worried that such a setup might not suit but all is OK and the ports are more that 200mm away (as recommended) anyhow. Originally listened to these alongside Dali, Jensen and some others more than twice the price and these just stood out as better bang for the buck, they've only had about 20 hours running so far so they should get even better after 30 or so more hours. These wont disappoint if you like it loud either, very efficient and very loud when you want it.
Everything including price.

Questions & Answers

I own a set of the Atlantic AT 500 speakers and use them as Stereo speakers. I had no idea that they can handle 250watts. I've been using them with a denon 100 watt per channel amp, is this amp powerful enough for them?
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Hi Borer 1, No if you’re like me & enjoy music / movies loud, clean & clear my suggestion is to definitely go for a much more powerful amplifier, you will notice the difference. I’m running mine on a Yamaha RX-V3083 @ 200 watts ch connected via bi-amp ch feature 9.2 ch amplifier running as 7.2 ch & it sounds awesome.Thanks Justin, I need to replace the Denon Amp soon and will have a look at the Yamaha before I buy another Amp. Cheers, Borer1

I am running my Wharfedale Atlantic 500 speakers with Harman /kardon avr130. I also connected my Wharfedale crystal clear2 with yamaha ax492 which plays at the same time from 1 DVD player yamaha s857 and my surroundings are tannoy fashion r 806684. Is this a good combination or do I need to change something? however both amplifiers plays well and the harman/kardon delivers a deep warm sound while yamaha delivers a clear natural sound. Please advise in anyway Concerned Surprise
2 answers
The problem is your amp running the wharfedale atlantic at 500 is only 45 watts rms and is 8 ohm not 6 ohm which the speakers are they can handle 250 watts rms your other amp is better at 85 watts perhaps you should get the other amp to run the wharfedales 85 watts is better then 45 watts thats for sure i recomend you buy a new pioneer amp that has biamping and 120-140 watts per speaker channel a 7.1 amp so you can do 5.1 still because biamping uses 2 channels to power one speaker and read my review again hope i helped you:-)Thank you very much for your help. What about Wharfedale crystal clear2 speakers! Can Harman/Kardon handle them well? If I swap speakers because they are 100 watt.


Wharfedale Atlantic AT-500 Floorstanding
Price (RRP)$939
Release dateFeb 2012

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