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Wonder White Hi-Fibre Plus Sandwich

Wonder White Hi-Fibre Plus Sandwich

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Always stale even when first off the shelf


We used to be big fans but for several months now every loaf we buy is stale.......even though it might be a few days from the best before date. But once in a while we DO get a fresh one - so what's happening there?
Got some the other day and it still had 3 days to go but was well and truly stale. So are they just sending country stores the stale bread? But why say it will be good before a certain date when its not. What happened? It used to be so good!!

Purchased in June 2019 at Essence Wholefood Supermarket.

Give up

Give upCanberra

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This is not bread!


My family were long time fans of Wonder White - no more! We stuck it out through the dry and crumbly within days, actually blamed the weather. How do you explain bread that flattens into a doughy pancake-like mess when you butter it, doesn’t even hold its shape, just horrible!!!

Is absolutely disgusting


I use to love this bread and now won't buy it ever again. I have found another brand that is the way bread should be, not rip doesn't go stale quickly and doesn't get mould a couple of days after buying while well within use by date.
Very disappointed.
Bring back the original wonder white

Phil Hare

Phil HareSydney

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Wonder White bread slices - now aerated to save Goodman Fielder money..who cares about the customers


Goodman Fielder have now started aerating their bread. The result is a slice of bread that you can no longer spread because it falls apart. It looks and behaves nothing like the old bread. Aerating is a way of reducing the amount of mix they put into each slice, which reduces cost. As a long-term buyer of Wonder White bread, I have now switched to another brand of the non-aerated type. I can just imagine the management team white-boarding the idea in the ivory tower thinking how clever they all are.... I would recommend switching to another, non Goodman Fielder brand if the aerated bread doesn't work for you.

Your bread is not what it used to be


This used to be our favourite bread for years, but not any more. Everything about it has changed ie colour, texture, taste and freshness. It's dry, crumbles when folded in half, tears apart when buttered and is full of holes, and slices appear smaller, and are a dirty white colour. Am now very disappointed with this product, and once we use up what is in our freezer, I will be no longer be buying it!!


chrissyipswich qld

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what happened to your bread


i have brought your bread for a long time now and have never had any problems i really thought it was the best bread ever staying fresh for days but now for the last 3 or more weeks its like buying stale bread i will not be buying your bread no-more and at 3.80 per loaf i am really disappointed on all the money i have wasted on your bread!!!

it tastes awful


what happened to your bread its dry like it old bread , not square anymore, crumbles easily i loved your bread but wont be buying it anymore until you put it back to the way it was


beautyqueenvic, 3824

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i do like buying this bread as both my husband and daughter love it and they are quite fussy eaters. Also it stays soft for a long time unlike other brands especially home brand breads that seem to harden within 2 days and taste stale and then no one wants to eat them. I like the fact it is hi fibre so i know everyone is getting more fibre then when eating other breads
stays soft and fresh for so long, has more fibre then other white breads so a bit healthier, kids love it, my husband loves it too



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I love the soft fluffy texture of this bread. It is ideal for using in sandwiches when it is fresh out of the bakery. As it nears its expiry date, you can use it for toast. After its expiry, you can still use it for toast or bake them and crush it up for bread crumbs to use in recipes to coat chicken or as stuffing. I also like how the crust is not too thick and tough like they are on some bread. I also like to know that I'm getting an extra dose of fibre when I'm eating it.
This is a good value and good quality bread.
I can't think of anything I dislike about this product.


jaxdonnNSW, 2040

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I actually really like the flavour of wholegrain breads, but every once and awhile you crave some white bread. This bread lets you indulge in the white bread taste without sacrificing too much fibre. I find that it is really nice for retro sandwiches like grilled cheese or cucumber and mayo sandwiches.
Tastes like normal white bread, but has more healthy fibre. Good for fussy people who don't like brown or wholemeal breads. Crisps up nicely on a sandwich grill.
Not as filling as wholegrain and wholemeal breads. Lacks the rich flavours you can get from the wholegrain breads.

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