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Woolworths Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

Woolworths Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

3.0 from 4 reviews

Good for the price

Pods work every time in DeLonghi Nespresso Essenza Mini. Taste wise not as good as Nespresso pods in my opinion but for the price are not that far off.

Tasty Capsules at half the price of nespresso!!

I use these pods with my Nespresso U machine and think they taste awesome. At half the price of Nespresso Capsules I really don't think you can go wrong. My only drawback is that I would love it if they could introduce a Chai Latte flavour - I find this hard to get for any Nespresso compatible pods unless I buy the genuine Nespresso pods from the store.

No Match

A few issues with none Nespresso capsules:
1- The size of the capsule does not match . Simply it is too short and you have to readjust the the capsules inside the slot and cone
2- As the capsule it too short The outcome of the coffee is poor quality with poor pressure and you have to choose a powerful high number of coffee. Usually go for 8-10
3- As the capsule is too short , when you make the coffee , the capsule get filled with water inside the machine and waste compartment. When you clean the waste compartment , it is full of strong coffee water .. Good Quality dark one (:-))
4- I tried 2 types on none Nespresso capsules .. both the same , too short..
5- Compare the price of $7 for 10 Capsules .. better have a walk and buy the original Nespresso capsules and enjoy it ..

The easy way is to fix the size ( length) of the capsule .. too easy ..

Not quite right

Running out of my usual Nespresso pods, I gave the Woolys pods a try. One was all I needed to make up my mind...I'm no coffee snob, but they are no comparison with the real thing. A real lack of creme and flavour apparent.
3/10 score, however better than nothing and very dissimilar to instant coffee.
As for compatibility with your machine, I would say it's like putting on a size10 foot into a 9.5 shoe - the top rim of the woolys pod is too thick and makes for a very tight squeeze when pressing it into place. This MAY stretch the mechanism in you machine or put undue pressures on what was otherwise "built to size" for the original manufacturers pod, therefore this may make the seal on the Nespresso pods leak in time.
Not 100% compatible or as satisfying as the original but better than nothing - but you get what you pay for...

Questions & Answers

Are these aluminium.
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The body of the capsule is plastic, with a thin foil coating. The top and bottom seals of the capsule are foil presumably aluminium

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