Woolworths Select Shine Super Concentrate

Woolworths Select Shine Super Concentrate

3.5 from 6 reviews

Great dishwashing liquid and dishwasher tablets for a tiny price.

I've been using Shine dishwashing liquid since the beginning of this year. It washes my dishes well, & plenty of suds from just a small squeeze. The problem I'm finding though is, because the liquid is a bit thick, it's always clogging up the cap! Nothing comes out then, & I have to get a needle & clear the cap before I can use it again. Woolies management - I hope you read this. Talk to your manufacturers please! Something needs to be done about these stupid caps! Its infuriating when I've got dishes to do, & I'm hampered by the damn cap clogged up! It happens often. Seems like I'm having to unclog it about once a week! Because of this flaw, I may or may not buy this product again.

Shine dishwasher tablets do a great job. I don't see the sense in paying top dollar for brand names like Finish or Fairy. They might work a bit better, I wouldn't know, but at the end of the day, I'm after value for money, & if I can find a product that does a good job for less money, I'll buy it, & keep on buying it. These tablets are a nice size, & fit my dispenser nicely. I don't know another brand that can offer 100 tablets in a box for only $12. The only criticism I have of Shine dishwasher tablets is that sometimes I find small bits of pumpkin & potato still left on the plates. It doesn't bother me. I know my plates are clean, so I just pop them back in the cupboard. I put my dishwasher on every 3 days or so. These tablets do a great job in cleaning my dishes. Glassware come up shiny & bright, too. If you want to save money, & don't mind tiny bits of pumpkin/potato left on your plates sometimes, try this product for yourself.

Shine dishwasher tablets & dishwashing liquid are exclusive to Woolworths supermarkets.

Purchased in January 2019.

New formula is horrible!

Guttered to find they have changed the formula and its crap! It use to be the best thick liquid with a nice scent. Now the antibacterial orange one smells awful and doesn't soap up like normal, meaning you have to use more. After using it for years i am now switching brands.

New formula absolute rubbish

The new formula select shine super concentrate is unfortunately not a patch on the old formula. The new formula is very thin, watery and does not foam or clean no matter how much is used. Very bad product. While this product is cheap it is not worth the money. Don't waste your money. I will not buy this product again.

Fantastic product !!!

This dishwashing liquid is the best, its thick and you only need a tiny bit to tackle the greasiest pots, yes i still wash pots by hand 3 times a day,have tried many other brands but since i found this one it is the only one i buy now..does dry out my hands either....

The Best dishwashing detergent...

Woolworths Select, SHINE Super concentrate Antibact dishwashing detergent. After the first use of this product, I was very surprised. Thick, and you only need a small amount and one of t he best grease cutting dishwashing detergents I've ever tried. Smells pretty good too! This is much better than brand name products like Morning Fresh! Have tried many brands, even Coles' brand, but Select is 100% better! Thanks Woolies for a great priced, excellent performing product!!

The Best Floor Cleaner

I don't believe in buying lots of different cleaning products and I stick to a few which I know are reliable for a host of jobs. I have two little dogs who sometimes accidentally pee on the floorboards and although I always clean up straight away - sometimes I miss a spot. When the weather gets humid, the floor boards smell. I've tried lots of different products, even called the RSPCA to see what they use (was too expensive for me) so I recently tried a drop of Woolworths Select Shine Super Concentrate Dishwashing Liquid in a bucket of water and wow what a result! Shine = yes, squeaky clean = yes, smelt nice = yes! I love the product - Woolworths Shine gets 10/10 from me as a floor cleaner also!

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