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Wotnot Baby Wipes

Wotnot Baby Wipes

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Great for sensitive skin

We use these wipes on our 3rd baby all the time, now. Given our first 2 children used to have bad eczema as babies, we often used water and a cotton cloth to wipe their bottoms instead. But having got those pesky food intolerances out of the way (phew!), we have been using these wipes on our new baby since birth - with zero problems.
I preferred the old ingredients list before they changed it, but it still seems to be OK with the new ingredients. We've not had any skin problems from them, and we also use the wipes on ourselves and our older children when we're out and about (eg cleaning hands and tables).
They're really good. Gluten free. No soy. No fragrance.

Perfect wipes for sensitive skin!

My Bub has inherited my sensitive skin. We tried Coles wipes before and he got a really bad rash. Friend recommended baby wotnot and it was amazing! No greasy and good quality, love it. Problem a bit expensive . If you can find a good price online worth the $.

One of the best wipes on the market!

Just switched to wotnot baby wipes from Gaia and I'm satisfied. It's so lovely to use top to toe for my 2 year old. The wipes are a generous size and has a nice aloe vera scent.

Perfect Wipes

The best baby wipes!!! Perfect size (generous), perfect moistness, and nothing bad in them. My baby's skin is brilliant with these wipes. Honestly worth it. Really good for the environment too. Have used these for 2 children now and now wouldn't use anything else. Their facial wipes for adults are great too.

Love these Wipes

I love the feel of these wipes, the thickness and size is perfect for cleaning up even the biggest mess. They are soothing and fresh and I love that they are natural and good for the environment too. I would highly recommend these wipes to any mum. Great deal of buy 10 and get 2 free on offer online at ecodirect.com.au.......makes them very reasonable.
Eco friendly, feel and size and does the job
Wish they were in supermarkets

Natural ingredients = better for baby

The ingredients in these baby wipes are far better than the baby wipes I used to use as these contain no parabens. They feel perfect in terms of their thickness and moisture. I like that they're biodegradable. I find that they're harder to pull out one by one but I get around this by pulling a few out ready if I know I'll need them to wipe a poo so it's not really an issue.
Natural ingredients, biodegradable

biodegradable baby wipes

lovely to use, soft biodegradable wipes . I love that the wipes are 100% natural cloth and free from the nasty chemicals that can be found in other wipes. The wipes are also 100% biodegradable so are better for the environment. I feel confident the wipes are safe to use whereever on the body and do not iritate babies or my skin
Australian owned company

The Best baby wipes on the market

These baby wipes really are the best that are in the market right now, they are a lesser known brand but they smell beautiful and they are completely biodegradable and don't contain an nasty ingredients (same with the rest of the Wotnot range- I also use the wash and sunscreen).

They are large and very durable and leave a subtle soft scent on the skin (but they are fragrance free-it's just the essential oils). They are well priced and you can bulk buy them from ecodirect.com.au and buy 12 packets and only pay for 10.
Great size, durable, lovely scent and full of lovely ingredients that are kind to skin


These are more expensive than other environmental wipes on the market. We got ours free when buying Moltex nappies online at www.neco.com.au or may not have bought them outright. But they are a great product and I would definitely recommend.
The biodegradable factor is a big plus for me. They have limited packaging and no plastic flip lid like most wipes. Moist and fresh and clean baby's bottom effectively.
Would prefer smaller wipes and more of them. Haven't seen them available in bulk packets. Also only seem to be available in speciality "environmental" shops such as organic supermarkets.

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Wotnot Baby wipes are available to buy in a bulk pack which is 10 packets of 80 but you get 2 packets free on there website http://www.ecodirect.com.au/ for $89.50

The only wipes I will ever use!

After trying others, I found these wipes and they are just perfect! Not too wet, not too dry, they don't tear, they don't smell like a chemical factory and best of all - they don't cause irritation on my son's skin like all other wipes do. They're free of all the chemicals and rubbish that give other disposable wipes that overly 'fragranced' smell, they're organic and they're biodegradable to boot!
Great size, no tearing, organic, no irritation!

Excellent product

Overall a great product and worth the money. Nice and soft with no wierd after-smell like other wipes I have used.
Soft, no nasty ingredients and clean well
expensive compared to other products (but worth it)


Super product, and refuse to use any other brand of wipe. Gentle on baby skin and yet cleans up the mess beautifully.
Fragrance free, alcohol free, nasties free
Thin (but not too thin, unlike huggies which is just too thick and difficult to use)
A little fidgety to get out of the packet


You can buy cheaper wipes at the supermarket but it really comes down to the ingredients in the wipes - Wotnot wipes are 100% natural. I see mums using other brands at the same time as they tell me their bubs have really bad nappy rash. I know that my bub never had 1 day of nappy rash after I switched to these wipes. Environmentally friendly is very important to me and these wipes tick all the right boxes I can't recommend them highly enough. I always include a pack in my gifts to new mums.
environmentally friendly 100% biodegradable
no toxic chemicals, perfumes etc
only Organic Aloe Vera and vitamin E
thick and very efficient wipes (You don't need to use lots)
not tested on animals and no animal products used
A bigger bulk pack would be great (they only come in packs of 80)
They cost me $8.50 per pack but I understand that using certified organic ingredients doesn't come cheap so don't mind paying a bit more


I love that these wipes don't contain any of the nasty chemicals found in most other brands, but still get the job done.
The wipes are thick and with completely organic ingredients these wipes are by far the most sensitive that I've found for my baby.
I've found it tricky to dispense a single wipe at a time, because they are thick more than one wipe comes out of the packet at once. At $8.95 RRP for a pack of 80 these are pretty expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for. Only available from health food shops where we live.


I love these wipes. They do not contain any harmful ingredients and so I am confident they are not irritating babies skin
Environmentally friendly wipes. They are gentle on bubs skin, do not contain any of the nasties that are common in other brands of wipes, and are generously sized.
No box only plastic packaging. In saying this, even when I have left the flap from the packaging open the wipes have not dried out.


I did a lot of research into environmentally friendly products for my baby and have since started using Wotnot Baby wipes given they are 100% biodegradable. They are a more natural product to use for my baby and her sensitive skin. I found they were kind to my baby's skin, not causing any irritations, were soft, thick and generously sized wipes. They are slightly more expensive than other wipes available, but is worth spending more for an environmentally friendly product which is kind to my baby's skin. Would recommend. I would also recommend Wotnot nappy bags.
Environmentally friendly (biodegradable wipes), soft and generous sized wipes. Kind to baby's skin
Slightly more expensive

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