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Yamaha EF2400IS

Yamaha EF2400IS

4.2 from 9 reviews

not as good as I'd expect for a Jap machine

This is the second EF2400is Ive had. The first one after three years, the ECU failed. It was always an easy machine to start, usually first pull, but anyway I decided to stay with the brand...bought another one....and again the ECU failed..!!...after a few years..
Before the Yamaha I had a Honda...not once did i have a problem with it. It always started first time, and not once did it ever let me down. ...Im going back to Honda. You might be ranting how good your Yamaha is now.....but it will stop working sooner or later.....Honda's seem to go on for ever..!!

Purchased in August 2015 for $2,200.00.

Not happy

Have had for 7 years and use as little as 70 hours a year. Have had to pay to replace ecu at just over 5 years old and 2 years later the unit smoked and now requires further repairs. Always serviced correctly since new.

Purchased in October 2012 at Generator Store for $2,000.00.

Excellent generator

I tested my caravan AC (older Ibis) on both Honda and Yamaha 2 generators. No go. Bought a cheapy 4.4kw - what a mistake, it would not power anything over 1600w. Bought the Yamaha iS 2400 and have not looked back. Runs AC, washing machine (300w) and battery charger (240w) at the same time. No Eco switch needed - it's in full time Eco as the oversized engine (171cc) has enough grunt to power up under full load. a bit heavy at 32kg, but that's not surprising with the large, easy-working engine. Starts easy, and I like the fuel gauge, so I can refill when it suits me.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Starts first time every time.

I bought my generator back in December from Totals tools and I have set it up on a fridge slide in the ute canopy. We are basically full time travellers and I have been using this genny in conjunction with the gas cooking to boil the kettle, cook toast and use the frying pan. In the 3 months we have owned it we have not had any issues with it. The main reason we bought it was to run the aircon which we haven't had to yet but we won't have a problem as it runs all the other appliances with ease. A bit heavy but on the fridge slide I don't have to man handle it. Runs super quiet as well.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

The perfect Builders tool.

I have just finished a 650 sqm 2 storey home to lock up stage using only the Yamaha 2400 as my power supply. Permanent power is now connected and the money saved installing temp power almost paid for the inverter. Simply brilliant and a must have tool for remote building.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Perfect caravan genny!

Weighed up the options for a long time for home backup power and for our caravan and ended up with 2 prefered options. The Honda EU20i and the Yamy EF2400is. Decided on the Yamy for a few reasons. Extra power, fuel gauge and fuel tap. Our air cond is an old AirCommand Wren....no soft start...genny roars a bit on start up but purrs 5 seconds later. AirCommand weren't confident the honda EU20i would handle the hard start and that decided it for me. Yammy is heavier and bulkier but is a powerful unit. As far as the noise goes there is no such thing as a quiet genny. Ive heard both units and they are bearable 10m away. Better 25m away or further but long leads arent a good idea either. You get used to the constant hum.
I would be surprised if there is a caravan aircond the yammy couldn't handle.
Definately recommend the Yammy EF2400is!

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Very quiet and plenty of power

I needed to upgrade from my current generator a Honda eu10i as I've changed from camping to caravaning. So I did the compare the pair, on one hand the Honda eu20i & on the other the Yamaha ef2400is.
The Honda eu20i would have been the same as the eu10i in quality and a great unit, The Yamaha seem to have the extra punch alowing for the reducution in power output in hotter/colder climate or altitude.
I've owned a 4stroke Yamaha outboard engine for 9 years and I'm absolutely impressed with the finish, fuel efficiency & decibels, so I sold my Honda eu10i and decided to buy the Yamaha ef2400is.
It runs my air-conditioning, battery charger and still enough spare to run the microwave. I don't have to worry about turning things off to run other things.
I would say the the Yamaha ef2400is is as quite as the Honda eu10i and doesn't work as hard as the eu20i to supply more power.
I priced it at Sydney tools for $1999 and Anaconda beat the price by 10%
If you buy the Yamaha you won't be disappointed.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Excellent product, easy to start, and ultra reliable

I bought this genny tossing up between the Honda 2kw.
Was used to power the aircon in my caravan. But, unlike some competitors, I could run the Microwave AND aircon simultaneously!

It starts easily, runs a hell of a long time on a tank of fuel, and would be perfect for caravans where you have the room, especially larger vans

It's only fault is size and weight. It's big, heavy, and cumbersome. I could slog it around myself, but it's really a 2 person lift, and not something you'd want to toss around a camp sight without need.

Otherwise, if you were looking for a home backup genny, or one fixed into a larger van, it was bulletproof.
Quality Yamaha engineering, would gladly recommend to anyone.

EF2400IS - Great Geni

This generator is great. Quiet and efficient and starts real easerly. We bought this unit after researcing and comparing against the 20i Honda. i found that overall the Yamaha came out on top. If there was one thing i think the Honda had on this unit, it would be the ease of moving it.
Very low noise. Ease of operation.
Hard to move one out.

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hi be carefull the unit is earthed mine just died as a result of a fusion of the windings ( possible overload maybe lightening related. parts are very expensive

Questions & Answers

I would like to use it for back up heating in power outages in a small bungalow. Can you recommend a simple heater it could power?
2 answers
The Yamaha 2400is is rated at 2200watts continuous, so any heater of less than this rating would be ok. Look st the power rating in the box or the heater itself. There are a number of small inexpensive two stage ceramic fan heaters available which are around 800/1600, or 1000/2000 watts which will work well with this generator. Any oil column heater rated below 2200 watts would be ok too. Small reverse cycle air conditioners of around 3000watts heating capacity (less than around 1600 watts power usage) will probably work ok too. I say probably there as reverse cycle AC units have motors which have a surge current when the compressor cycles on, which must be less than the 2400 watt surge limit of the 2400is generator. "Soft start" AC units reduce this surge on start up - talk to the people selling ACs if considering this option.Thank you very much ......I thought as much but good to have it confirmed! Penny

Will the Yamaha 2400 investor genset run my Heron 3 airconditioner? Regards Mr Pieter Lips
2 answers
Research says yes easily even with a 2000. My experience doesn’t cover caravan A/Cs. The Yamaha 2400 will run a whole house lighting system, ceiling fans, media and refrigeration. On top of that it won’t run any of our A/Cs, stoves or toasters. Providing the refrigerator is not on a compressor cycle it will even run a microwave if set at a lower power rating. In power blackouts we live very comfortably.Pieter, it should run the Heron 3 no problems. It runs my 10 year old roof mounted Ibis air conditioner, PLUS a 300watt caravan washing machine at the same time. Together they make quite a big load, since that Ibis has no soft - start technology like some more modern AC units, and the washing machine puts a surge load on the generator each time the motor reverses direction (constantly). The oversized 171cc engine has plenty of torque to overcome short surge loads that can defeat smaller engined units. My sister has a fire fighting water pump on her farm which uses the same Yamaha engine (called an MZ175 for that use). It needs to start easily, and it does. It powers a water pump with a couple of 1 inch (25mm) fire hoses.

I would like to know why my Yamaha 2400is gen keeps hunting instead of running smoothly? Regards Jim
3 answers
what are you powering up is the first q. next thing is make sure what ever you are running is turned to max other wise the items you are powering may be cutting in and out instead of continuously running, this may be your problem. hope this helps ron webbMy 1kva Honda Inverter gene would hunt with a 'cheap' battery charger... needless to say, it died after 3 years and the place I bought it from said the 4 year warranty didn't cover 'use' of the generator. I bought a Yamaha and CTEK battery charger and all is well. Hunting will wear the generator prematurely.The answer is to take the air cleaner and little bracket off , drain fuel out of carny by a little screw with Spring behind , out , let fuel out , put screw back in , start motor , then have a tin of good carby cleaner , spray with nossle on It , into carby and onto outlets until you hear the motor run smooth , put the air cleaner back on and you won't have anymore issues with it until the dirty fuel gums it up again , so keep the carby cleaner nearby .

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