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Yamaha EF2800i

Yamaha EF2800i

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Good rule with generators for caravan use, get more capacity than you need, I'm glad I did.

I purchased this generator to power our Jayco Outback while free camping and for power outages at home. Running everything in my van on 240v at the same time draws 5000 watts but we would never have this need. Normally would run the AC 1000w and fridge 200w and hot water heater 1400w. Approx 2600w. Electric hotplate is 800w, microwave is 900w, AGM battery charger 600w. In winter the electric heater is 1200w. This generator has enough capacity to run multiple appliances at once.
I have tested it with AC, fridge, microwave, hotplate, charger and the generator didn't overload cut out.
At home during power shedding we ran the house split system, house fridge, wifi and laptop for 10 hours on a 38 degree day on 1 tank of fuel.
Purchase a cheap hour meter and attach it before you first start it. I don't know why Yamaha wouldn't include one of these as standard. Makes it easy to keep track of service hours.
Only negatives are it does make some noise at high loads and there is NO weatherproofing at all.
If you left it in the rain it will be the end of it.
I purchased an umbrella clamp mounting bracket that usually attaches to a camera tripod. It easily attaches to the carry handles on the generator and allows you to fix a large umbrella to protect it from the weather.

Purchased in January 2019 for $2,000.00.

Yamaha EF2800i Generator

I looking at the Honda EFI2200 and other compact units before purchasing this unit. This Generator is not much bigger or heavier than the compact models and has more power and a bigger fuel tank than most of the others. Starts either first or second pull every time, is reasonable quiet and has been able to run everything we have plugged in. The advantage of the inverter is you can run modern TV's etc with sensitive electronic with no problems. Have had no issues so far and have been using the unit for over 6 months.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

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