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Yamaha MCR-N670

Yamaha MCR-N670

4.0 from 3 reviews

Good but could be better,

Firstly the good stuff. It's easy to set up. Looks appealing, nice and shiny and compact. Bought a sub-woofer which was worth the money.
Understandable instructions, which is quite rare for electronic products.
The sound is good but would have expected better for the price.
The biggest hassle is that the remote is not intuitive, too cramped and lacks power with slow response

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Plus no DAB receiver just a simple FM Surely a DAB reviewer isn't too much to ask?

Good system, but doesn't quite nail it

It's nice and compact (there's a reason it's called micro hifi right?). It looks great, particularly the black gloss on the speakers.

Sound quality is reasonable, though at quiet volumes it seems to miss a bit of fidelity. Still nothing to really complain about for the price point.

Setup was pretty straightforward, though you do require an android or apple ios device for the musiccast app (no windows app). Also has a basic https Web gui which is nice, though it can't be locked down so probably not a great solution for education or public environments where people trawl networks and "play"

Supports a plethora of streaming services including tidal, deezer, Spotify, your own server, airplay (mDNS), internet radio, etc... just note that it doesn't support tidal masters or tidal hifi.

Wireless is 2.4ghz only. This means if you are in a medium or high density population area you may have issues with dropouts due to interefernce. There are some settings to try to combat this, but your mileage may vary.

The USB port is not a DAC, but rather just for a memory stick or similar with audio files.

There is a port for a powered sub, but honestly I doubt many would need this after a listen as it's already pretty heavy on the bass.

There are adjustments on the front for bass, treble, balance, volume and input. So if you just want radio or cd, no need for the app. If you want streaming, the app is necessary.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great micro system

Bought this 6 months ago and it hasn’t missed a beat. Real classy looking system with component feel . The speakers are nice and heavy with quality finish , the sound is great at just about any volume. I really like the ability to change the sound of the music with treble and bass dials. Would definitely recommend for someone inthe market for a classy micro system with punch

Date PurchasedMar 2017

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Is there any similar product(micro system with 3 components-amp,speakers,cd player)with lower price?
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