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Yamaha MusicCast 20

Yamaha MusicCast 20

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This Is A Great Little Speaker - Surprisingly Loud For Its Size

I have one of these little speakers that I use as a 'portable' speaker - it does not have a battery and needs 240 Volts, but it is great to move around the house wherever I want some music. It is surprisingly loud for its size, but more importantly, the sound is clean and clear. It has all of the connections that you would expect from this type of speaker - Bluetooth / WiFi / Airplay , but most importantly - MusicCast. This is a brilliant app which will allow you to play music from your home network or from your device, or all of the audio streaming services (Spotify / Pandora / Tidal / Deezer etc). If you have other MusicCast compatible devices, you can play different things to each of them, or the same thing to all of them. It really is a great app!

This type of speaker has a lot of competition (Sonos / Bose / UE Boom etc), which are very close in most areas, but where this speaker stands out is if you have any other MusicCast compatible devices - once I started down the Yamaha MusicCast path it just got better and better. You can even use this speaker as a surround speaker for another MusicCast compatible device!

There are cheaper / louder / smaller speakers just like this one on the market, and as a stand-alone purchase it might be difficult to justify the Yamaha MusicCast 20 over it's competitors, but the bigger picture of whole house audio with simple control and incredible flexibility really makes it stand out in a crowded market.

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