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Coles Complete Cuisine

Coles Complete Cuisine

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Do Not Buy This Cat Food

I served two pouches to my cats this morning and they barely touched it, which is extremely odd. I picked up their bowl and took one whiff of the cat food and it had an unbearable off smell, so I immediately began binning it, and the smell became so overwhelming, I violently emptied the contents of my stomach into the sink. I had to get my wife to dispose of the rest, because I would not walk back in the room while there was still a hint of that sickly smell. Do not feed your cats this product, it’s the worst thing you can do.

Purchased in July 1990 at Coles Supermarkets for $6.00.

Less than meets the eye

This is arguably the worst cat food on the market. Not all Coles products are bad. Coles' fresh meat for cats and dogs is well priced and liked by my cat. It underlines the fact that cats can't read labels and will happily eat dog food. This product started off as dog food but cat owners were buying it because it was cheaper. Product research showed that cat owners would pay more for less, hence the labeling. Now the cat is out of the bags, they label it either or. But back to Coles Complete Cuisine. Avoid it. Numerous websites and consumer reports have singled out this product as very bad indeed and unhealthy for your cat.

Good Quality Dry Cat Food.

My young cat is quite fussy in regards to his food, But he has been enjoying all the varieties of Coles dry cat food on a daily basis for a long time now.

This brand is quite economical especially when purchasing the larger pack sizes.

It is important to ensure your cat is NOT fed 100% dry food only, It really doesn't matter what brand you give them a diet of nothing but dry food is completely unnatural and will lad to urinary tract health problems.

Cats are a predatory animal and their diet in the wild is fresh moist live food, However it's simply not possible or desirable for cat owners to ensure their cats have live prey to hunt and kill each day so ensure they do get fresh moist wet food on a daily basis as part of their daily diet and ensure they get plenty of fresh clean water at all times..

Wet food-it's all about water

Over the years, I have used just about every brand of wet pet food however, price was often the motivating factor when making a purchase.
Coles Cuisine veal and beef, normal serve with a little water added in, has been a winner. An older cat, she is able to digest her food, she's lost a bit of flab, is more active and her coat is sleek and shiny.

Cheap product made my cat sick

You are what you eat. Your cat is no different. I bought a cheap cat food and made my cat sick. I will never do that again.

Makes my cat sick :(

Have given this food to my cat twice over the last fortnight. Both times she has been distressed and exhibited difficulty urinating afterwards. Terrible product, binned it and will not buy again!

WARNING: My 6 month-old kitten eats an

My 6 month-old kitten eats all other cat foods without any problems but gets painful diarrhoea and cries before "pooing" for days after eating this food. We re- tested to be sure, but had the same results both times. The highest percentage of the ingredients is cornmeal - and the package says 'Real Meat Injection' so my estimate is that is very high in cheap carbohydrate.
Initially, I thought the product was a good buy because it was cheap.
Made my kitten ill.

Finally something my cat will eat

I love this as does my fussy cat. She loves it and her kitty litter does too. I have also been using it as dog treats as my dog was getting jealous of the cat getting this. The price is great just over $3 a kilo. I am not sure why people think its not good for the cats it meets the standards of a complete cat food and my pets have had no bowl issues on it if anything when they have other brands they react to it. Well done Coles.
The price. The smell is attractive to the pets they love it and have been satisified
Sometimes hard to get and would be good to have another flavour in kitten and maybe adding a dog variety


For a cheaper dry cat food product this one does a pretty good job. It is very affordable and that is perfect if you need to stick to a budget. It is not going to be as good health wise as buying more premium cat foods but it does the job and if you just use it sporadically, you will save a bit of money. My cat does not mind eating it, but I find that it is not always available at my local supermarket.
A decent enough catfood when you consider that it is a lot cheaper than many other dry foods available. Comes in a range of flavours.
Not always available.


You can't beat the price, and as long as the cats like it (which they do) I'm happy. Better to mix it with some water or milk so it isn't rough on the cat's teeth.
Not as rock had as some other dry cat foods, a few different flavours, the cats both really enjoy it, a brilliant price for a large amount so it doesn't strain the budget.
We used to buy this fairly often before switching to premium dry cat food and both our cats were happy to eat it, however, I've been told by my vet that it isn't very good for cats, and that most supermarket dry foods aren't.

My cat stands at the cupboard waiting, then he pushs me closer to it, he just wants more, its the best cat food we have ever bought, the only problem is that it is only sold at coles and thats 20 miles from my place, but we still drive there to get it.Although this Coles Complete Cuisine product makes my cat sick, Vets recommend that high quality dry food actually cleans a cat's teeth and that it shouldn't be mixed with water, milk or other foods. These make the food swell in a cat's stomach. The veterinary advice is to just leave a bowl of fresh water beside the dry food.

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