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Keep sending me marketing!!

Several times I have been in contact with Zip and asked them to remove me from their marketing emails and each time I'm assured I have been then I get bombarded with more!! Now they just don't respond to my emails requesting they unsubscribe me. My account settings even have them switched off!! Had to finally log a complaint with the ACCC.


Worst customer service

Worst call centre I’ve had dealings with. Twice now my phone call has run over their call centre closing time and twice I’ve been hung up on with out the ability to call back. I was never called back either. The customer service is so bad that they may as well ship the call centre overseas.


Scaaammmm - terrible - disgusting and avoid

Definitely do not recommend Zip Pay and would highly recommend afterpay instead if possible.
Literally signed up which was a straight forward process and went to use zip pay to help pay for a renewal for some web development stuff and when I went to the online checkout it showed that my "account was on hold" due to suspicious fraudulent activity.(looking back I think it's more like zip pay should be checked for fraudulent activity, this whole thing was completely dodgy and questionable)
Never experienced something like this before from other companies like afterpay and paypal etc, so logged in to my zip pay account and dialed the customer service number to get it resolved. The number was for a Sydney based location so I anticipated no problems would ensue as usually my experience of Sydney based call centres had been overall pretty good compared to some other locations.

Worst customer service ever!!! The guy on the other line (His name is [name removed]) didn't even say hello properly and it basically sounded like he wanted to die and that couldn't be bothered with this phone call (in which case please go and get yourself another job and get out of the customer service industry if it repulses you so much). I explained to him that I have literally just signed up and never used this account before but obviously he wasn't listening. Finally at the end of the call he said I would get an SMS from accounts and to follow the prompts.
I waited 25 minutes and still no SMS from "accounts" so I called back again thinking something is wrong and the next customer rep said "oh they will have to send it to you tomorrow because it's a public holiday". To begin with if they are operating on a public holiday and I can make phone calls to them then it is perfectly natural to assume that means the whole business is open on a public holiday. I didn't realise that customer service was open but apparently it is only the accounts team that is on public holiday (which seems ridiculous to begin with) not to mention the fact that dear old [name removed] obviously didn't have the intelligence to tell me this so I was left waiting around for a text message from an accounts team that weren't even working on that day. Also I didn't appreciate how accusatory the 'security questions' were that I had to answer from this representative - it was basically as though the only reason my account was on hold was because I had done something wrong when in actuality I didn't even have the chance to use my account yet!

After calling back, the 2nd representative said sometimes it can take up to 4 days for the account on hold to be rectified which is incredibly frustrating considering I had never even used the account and when I signed up there was no issues so no idea why it suddenly had an issue when i went to pay.

Called back a third time to just cancel my account altogether. This whole thing was a complete waste of my day and seemed beyond scammy, dodgy and more a nuisance than anything else. I do not recommend anyone even bother with this "company" if that's what it even is. Disgusting.


Never had an issue.

Been using zippay for a few months now. Never had an issue no matter what store I used it in. I set up up the payment to work around me. They allow it so long as you pay the minimum amount. Personally i pay more than the minimum. Have recently used Zippay for egift cards when my pay didnt come through on time. Ecards worked perfectly. I prefer Zip pay to after pay as you do have better control of your repayments. Absolutely love Zippay.


declined my account

I wanted to use zip pay for my dentist, I applied multiple times and it kept getting declined. I don't have a bad credit score as I don't have a credit card and never been in debt, really annoying because the only way I can pay off my dentist bill witch is around $1000 and i am on disability pension and a student.


Good company

I don't know why there have so many negative feedback here. I used zippay couple of times no problem with that. You should know well when have to pay. If you pay the amount early you can change the date for the next payment either you pay or they debit from your card. So far I don't have any problem as long pay on time and i know minimum repayment is $40 if you meet cannot pay fully by that due date will be charge $6 per month. In my opinion this is best option compare to Afterpay which will divide 4 payments. Zippay give you more time to do a repayment. Guys if you want to pay on time just dont spend too much just buy what ever things you need.

USELESS .... not even worth one star

Tried to open a account a few times now and it kept saying unexpected error each time ... so i simply gave up on it, in other words it's useless and not worth bothering with


Not recommended - Avoid

I purchased two $20 Kmart gift cards through Prezzee using ZipPay.

When I went to redeem them they did not work.

Scanning them as normal did not work, nor did entering the numbers manually.

The employee who assisted me stated that they have had a reoccurring problem with e-gift cards.

As such I had to use cash to pay for my purchase, after a lot of my time was wasted trying to get the e-gift cards to work at the point of sale.

I contacted ZipPay asking to be reimbursed, they told me to contact Prezzee who said to request a cancellation from ZipPay who told me to ask Prezzee for a refund.

As neither will accept responsibility and I am left out of pocket, I have had to lodge a complaint with ACCC.

After a prolonged signup using Zip pay

After a prolonged signup and multiple tries for them to accept my card details. I got no satisfaction. Could lead to heartache for some who might use them. Would not recommend Zip Pay


Avoid, read the other reviews before applying for this product

The application process for this product is misleading in the way it works. They are not using official ID as a means to identify you. Facebook, Paypal and LinkedIn are not an official ID. Offering bank details without having provided official ID first is not secure.
As stated by others here, Afterpay is a much better alternative. I very much regret being tempted to start an application with Zip. Would be better off getting a credit card from a bank or credit union, it might cost more, but at least you can feel more comfortable with the way they hold your personal details and their dispute resolution process.


BEWARE 2x $139 withdraws from China after providing bank logon

I have recently signed up with the CBA, for the soul purpose of salary.
Never used the ATM, nor any other merchant.

Signed up with ZIP Money provided bank login (BAD IDEA) and now 2x $139 withdraws from China 10 hours after...

The CBA Fraud have advised it's related.

SHOCKING!!!! how is this a public company with shareholders!



If they decline you because Facebook isn’t right , you can never re apply , they claim you can for zip money but it says you have applied with zip pay and auto declined . Silly must cost them so many customers who do pay their accounts . After pay is way better

Zip pay sucks

Rubbish company... rubbish reviews.. Applied for a thermomix to be a demonstrator, was earning a decent wage, was rejected despite having an excellent credit rating. Can never apply again. They should be shut down!!! Terrible company!

Account on hold 3 times for trying to use online purchase.

Son opened an account 2 weeks ago, tried to buy online and the account was out on hold, had to supply identification to get it unlocked, ok can go with that sort of. Went into to the store he tried to purchase online with and have no problems after the account was unlocked, then went to make a purchase online with catch of the day, account was put on hold, had to ring them up again and ask why, said it was auto locked due to suspicious activity, answered all the questions and account was unlocked about 4 days later, so he went to do a purchase online with mrsuppliment (my son used my app for that store to try and purchase the items he wanted instead of downloading it and creating an account) on Friday night and the account was again put on hold.
My wife's account also does this when trying to purchase online, had it put on hold 2 times within a week.
My mate can use it online with no problems and many other people I have talked to.
So what's the go with getting the accounts put on hold for online purchase's, when they can go instore and have no problems.


Good for not having to use your own money

I've purchased 2 trips with Zipmoney and found it very convenient. I prefer not to touch my own savings and just pay back for my trips.
Don't like the $6 monthly fee but its a small price to pay for the convenience. They had the incorrect amount on my account after my second purchase and it took some time to correct it but even longer for someone to actually acknowledge my inquiry about it. If you're a good money manager and prefer not to use your own money its a pretty good product.
UPDATE:Went to make a purchase thru an appliance centre yesterday and was denied access of the funds even though I currently have no outstanding amount. The reason stated was that the funds available are for the exclusive use of the travel company I had previously used. On speaking with Zipmoney they told me I'd have to make a request thru their account dept and have my current amount available reduced. So I can pay for trips that cost way more then the appliance, have them paid off within the interest free timeframe but can't borrow much less without jumping thru hoops. Go figure. I didn't bother and just paid for the item.

One of the most painful experiences

I recently was wanting to purchase a computer using zip pay. After 3 hours, locking me out of my internet banking, requiring resetting of passwords of all sites used to verify basically anything, I was still unable to establish an account.

The truth about Zip Pay

Okay guys , it's great to see something in the shop and own it outright. Whats not right is Zip pay. When I got on zip pay , it was literally thrown at me. Have $1000 credit and all that was asked was to link with my pay pal. Now with my brother He is told to verfy his Photo ID , Phone Number etc. This went on for many weeks. Zip Pay promised and promised they would approve if he gave all the documents. Now he's out of pocket , and scammed. Zip Pay prey on the vunerable. They are one big con. Now were going to take it a step further and take Legal action against Legal action. This is a SCAM so those wanting to apply for it , don't. How is it my brother can be instantly approved for a $2000 personal loan because of his documents and Excellent credit rating , yet Zip Pay just lead him along the Garden Path making false promises. Guys don't get hurt like my bro did.


Great, my son loves his new big bed

I got a car bed from fantastic furniture through zip pay and it went through fast and i got the bed 3 days later and he loves it and so do we.

Poor Service

Poor Service, manager is never available when required, mis-information provided, do not take any ownership of their issues and blames the customer. Like to fob you off and not deal with the issue & nothing has even been purchased yet!

Easy to use

Just don’t go crazy spending buy one thing at a time u should be fine to pay it back $6 monthly fee if u pay it back before the month u don’t get a fee I nearly have a full toolbox drop saw and drills thanks to this I can’t save much so it’s quite helpful
Not all reviews are negative it’s just for those who spend to much an can’t afford repayments

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Can i pay my rego with zip pay
No answers

I have previously had an account with Zippay and never had any issues. While applying to refinance my mortgage, I was advised to close my Zippay account, which I subsequently did. Now that I wish to re-access Zippay, I am not able to re-activate my account, not am I able to open a new account as the application recognizes my information. I was never overdue for payment, have a good credit history etc and find it frustrating that I am not able to access this again, or so it seems. Is it possible to reactivate my Zippay account after closure?
2 answers
asking here will not give you the correct information contact zip pay directJust check with zippay via Facebook. They will tell you the alternative way for sure.

Anyone else had issues with Zip pay taking entire amount instead of the monthly amount?
1 answer
Yep was happening all the time i closed the account

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