I gave an opinion about my experience with Costco. That does not make me an expert about stock levels for anything other than what I see myself when I go to Costco. I also have no idea what moorabin means, is that a place where Costco has an outlet..? I live about 15 minutes away from their outlet in South Australia. I have been to two outlets, South Australia, at Churchill Road, in the Adelaide suburbs, and an American one closest to Anaheim, California.
If customers want to know stock levels, in America they have a website where you are able to check and I understand you can purchase on-line (but only if you hold an American registration). In Australia you have to try phoning, where they may tell you what their computer says, but the only certain way is to visit their warehouse and see for yourself (I know, because I've asked for this information, from the Adelaide outlet and also the Anaheim outlet).
Personally I hate anything with garlic and as for Maggi gravy, I didn't even know they made it,