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Model: 6 Star Date Purchased: Aug 2017

Research required prior to product selection

3 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 30, 2017

I made an impulsive decision to replace a 25 year old electric storage hot water system with new Thermann gas continuous flow hot water unit. Didn’t bother to research the options and relied entirely on my Plumber whose advice I normally value.
A major downfall with the Thermann unit is one which, from other product reviews, I should have realised prior to its purchase. Whilst the Thermann unit adequately provides continuous hot water for use in kitchen and laundary, it cannot be relied upon to supply continuous hot water to a shower without turning cold for no apparent reason.
With regard to a cost comparison between electric vs gas, in theory gas should be more economical but due the heating process causing huge delay in delivery of hot water to the tap/showerhead there is probably no substantial cost difference.

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Model: 6 Star Date Purchased: Aug 2015

Very Unhappy

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 13, 2017

The Thermann 26 requires a a large volume of water to make it work so it won't work with water saving shower heads which is quite unbelievable in this day & age. It is not possible to close the hot water tap much to reduce flow & temperature as the gas cuts out, as it does if you turn the cold up much. As it is heating a large volume of water all the time to what I consider too high a temperature then it must by definition be using a lot of gas which is borne out by the fact that we now have VERY large gas bills and in a home with only two people and with very little gas used for anything else. Upon investigation with the distributor it seems that the temperature is not adjustable despite the instructions stating that it can be changed by resetting the dip switches. The instructions fib it seems. It is the worst piece of equipment I have purchased for a long time.

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Model: 6 Star Date Purchased: Sep 2017


3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 17, 2017

So our we replaced our old gas water heater, Tank type. This Thermann produces a lot of hot water, fantastic. Problem is you cannot use water saving shower heads, need the waterflow to be high in order to get consistent water temperature. The worst part for us, is the exhaust gasses (Carbon monoxide) will fill the shed and or gazebo so you have to vacate these areas until the gasses disappate. So now I have been informed that my options are to relocate the hot water water system (and plumbing) or get a an additional flume to discharge the gasses above the roof line of the house which will hopefully prevent the gasses filling the gazebo or shed.

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The Ponds, NSW

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Verified Purchase Model: 5 Star Date Purchased: Aug 2017

Its hot! & water keeps coming.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 24, 2017

I purchased the model Thermann GCF 26 6 star Model when the 320 Litre solar powered gave up in 3 plus few months. I am glad I purchased this unit. Had I repaired other unit it was on its last leg with corrosion on the bottom of the water tank. This unit was recommended by the installing plumber. Did some research on this forum & forked out $1100 for the unit.
Pros. Works well. We are 3 people family unit & we tend to take quick showers even with a teen in the house. Takes about 30-40 seconds on coldest days to get the hot water going. There's no boiled water or like constant boiled hot water tank which saves a bundle specially at night when it constantly get be in the 60c temps.
According to packaging this was made in Japan. Not many come electronics come from that region, perhaps better quality.
Cons: There's no tank so you have to wait till the heater element to get kick started. If some one has taken prior shower I find the hot water flow to be quicker. The first person in the morning will have to wait the longest to get the hot water going as the burner has to get it going & the water has to travel through pipes. I normally let the mixer turn to hot & leave it for few seconds. I also noticed if you stop the shower to do your body wash/ shampoo lathering, the hot water flow quickly disappears leaving with you with cold water flow. I am not sure if its easier to leave the hot water running wasting water which will give you hot water flow. I am ok with turning it off & waiting for another 20 30 seconds to get the hot water going. We live in an age of impatience where waiting for hot water for 1 minute becomes painful, then I think of all the people in remotes parts of the world who do not have any running water. Then it becomes lot more to enjoy that hot shower.
Its only been a month with the unit. I did check with the company they said it has 12 yr warranty, in reality I am sure it will be part to break with in 3 yrs thats not covered under warranty.

Purchased at: Reece

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Alexandra, Victoria

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Verified Purchase Model: 6 Star Date Purchased: Aug 2016

What a difference

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 06, 2017

With electricity prices going through the roof, I recently made the decision to dump electricity in favour of gas. Being rural, I had to increase the size of the line from my LPG tanks to carry the larger gas flow so that the two showers in my home could be used at the same time. The install was made quickly and the over large electric storage tank was removed (so much more space now). I am more than happy with the results and the continuous hot water never runs out (unless the LPG tank does).
I have waited several months to write this review so that I could receive a new electricity bill using just the gas system. I can now say that even with the increased gas usage (and consequent charges), I am making a fair saving over the excessive electrical system I used to have.
If you are thinking of moving away from electricity, this is a good option.

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Model: 6 Star Date Purchased: Dec 2016

Thermann Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 17, 2016

I had this unit installed to replace the useless Chromagen Solar Hot water system. The Thermann unit I had installed by Diamond Valley Plumbing is the 26L 6 star unit which is preset at 60deg. The water heats very quickly and is continuous without any disruption. The unit comes with a 12 year warranty for peace of mind also. Leaves the old Chromegan system for dead and no stupid oversize storage tank taking up space.

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Pt Augusta

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Thermann Gas Continuous Flow

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 30, 2016

I have no complaints and my gas bill has gone down by half since I had it. I did have the same issue of the hot water cutting out which is caused by the water saving shower head. I fixed it by drilling a slightly bigger hole in the re-stricter washer located in the shower head. The reason I bought a Thermann is because the Housing Trust are installing them in there houses in my area. If you only have one shower then get the 16L, any bigger and you are just wasting more gas to heat the same amount of water.

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This is a waste of money

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 04, 2016

Water temperature does not stay consistent temperature, can not have a Luke warm shower on the hot night without it going cold, water pressure for a normal has to strong terrible gas hot water system. It is extremely good on gas too bad you can't say the same about the show

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Model: 6 Star

Thermann hot water system gas continuous flow 6 star

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 02, 2015

This is the worst system in the world. If only there was an option to give it zero.
I got a plumber to install the system about 4 months ago and has not worked properly from day one.
3 mins in to a shower the system will stop making hot water and I will have to wait another 3 months until it heats up. Rang up the company who advised me that my gas meter was too small and needed to be upgraded. The meter was upgraded, cost me $500 and still the same problem. I know this was a lie, because my sister has a rinnai with a small meter and not one issue. Thermann charged me for a service call out, which of course said that there was no issue. Its been 4 months and still no constant hot water. So much for a 12 year warranty, I have advised everyone I know not to use this system and i advise you all to stay away from this inferior product from Reece plumbing.

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Questions & Answers

5 Star

Wnat temperature is the hot water set at?

Don asked on Aug 08, 2017

Answer this

I think it is set around 60. When installed, the plumber went back and forth between the unit and the hot water tap furthest away until he was happy with the temperature, so it could even be higher. It does feel geat when using it though.

5 Star

Is there a warranty with thermann 26 is it twelve months?

jim asked on Dec 05, 2016

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12 Year Warranty

5 Star

I have the same problem shower goes cold for about three minutes every time. I certainly will not be recommending a Thermann 26 to anyone at all. Has anyone found out how to stop shower going cold half way through it yet please let me know if you have? thanks Jim

jim asked on Dec 05, 2016

Answer this

Hi Jim l am a Fully Licenced Plumber and recently installed a Therman 26 at my own house and from day one have the same problem you are having. I have tried everything possible to rectify this myself and are waiting on Reece to contact me after Christmas, I am very disappointed in this unit and at the moment will not install any more until l can get it sorted. I will let you know how l go. Cheers Paul.

Probably the shower heads water saving device that's causing the problem

Did you know that instantaneous hot water systems (HWS's) require a certain amount of water to pass through per second to stay active? For example if you turn your hot water tap on really lightly you will notice it doesn't stay hot. So low water pressure is the issue causing your problem. That said, low water pressure can come from 1 of 3 things:
1) you have low water pressure to your property (the least likely in suburban Australia)
2) you have a water saving shower head that doesn't allow enough water through even on full pressure (most likely, just remove the flow restrictors in it, sometimes 2 inside)
3) You have installed the HWS without a controller, and therefore have to use a tap to mix hot and cold water to get the correct temperature. Thus using less pressure from the HWS and substituting some or maybe even half of the pressure with mains water. In this case you will need to have a controller installed so you can run the hot water on max with no cold water mix.

Good luck!

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