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Ozito AGS4050

Latest review: Great value for money. It works as good as my old name brand grinder. The instructions are easy to understand. Easy to assemble. The guard is movable for safety at different angles. There is a

Metabo WEB 15-125 Quick

Latest review: Wow This is one of the best grinders on the market, I have used Hitachi,Makita ,Dewalt etc for over 20 years but this Metabo thing just keeps going and going. I have been through at least 4 sets of

Bosch PWS

Latest review: Had mine for 17 years and it’s had heavy use, been used for restoration jobs, general farm work and many hours of metal work. After this much time the brushes haven’t even completely worn out and onl

Dewalt DWE4151

Latest review: After blowing up a second cheap Makita angle grinder I thought I would give a DeWalt a fair go. Really pleased so far with plenty of power for a 125mm with a 900w motor without being too bulky. Feels

Makita 9558HN

Latest review: This is an extremely well built, reliable and easy to use machine. I have been using this for over two years commercially in many applications from welding fabrication to concrete grinding. It is

Makita DGA505Z

Latest review: Had this tool for a while now and have been happy with its performance. As a 125mm grinder it uses all my standard grinder wheels without a problem. When it comes to real heavy grinding it still has

Metabo WEPBA 19-180

Latest review: Best 7 inch Angle Grinder I have used so far. Very Powerful and has a lot of features such as paddle switch, 2 sec fast brake, Autobalancer, soft start or restart protection, which is what you would


Latest review: Very solid angle grinder, you should buy one if you are always cuting up metal to use for any job. I love the amount of RPM this angle grinder has, the faster the better, but u need to be in control

Makita GA5030KX

Latest review: This is an exceptional 125 mm grinder. Very robustly built and high performance. I have used it daily for both a trade and diy usage. It has a angled handle which makes it very easy to use. It was

Metabo 18 Volt Cordless W 18 LTX 125

Latest review: One of the Best professional Angle Grinders I have ever used. German made...I am a welder by trade so have tried many Angle grinders and this one beats them all hands down. It has a huge cutting

Metabo W 7-100

Latest review: I would recommend this grinder, I have used them alot in trade use and they very rarely fail. Besides the switch and heat issue there biggest con is probably there price but there build quality is

AEG 125mm Angle Grinder WS11-125KIT2

Latest review: Another example of China buying a once reputable brand name and using it to sell junk. This grinder has no where near the quoted power, gets hot very quickly and failed well before the warranty

Metabo W 25-230

Latest review: Good strong working power but inferior bearings ( no sealed bearings just o ring to keep dust out which perish with heat) and very bad service in South Africa and spares too expensive to consider

Ryobi 18V One+ R18AG4115

Latest review: Grinder has performed only very light work. Nut came loose on the spiral gear on armature. I tightened it and it doesn't slip now. Is my warranty invalid because someone didn't do their job properly.

Ozito PXAGS-500

Latest review: I purchased the model before the X Change, brand new on eBay, but operates on the same 18V batteries and was extremely surprised at the usefulness of this little gem. It came, as they do, without a

Ryobi EAG1518GSP

Latest review: Is a reasonable 125mm for the money and with 4 years warranty, I find the this Ryobi 125mm grinder is not as good as my Makita 5" which can be easily used one handed where needed. Also the guard

Ryobi RAG80125-S

Latest review: This seems to be the pick of the sub-$100 bunch at Bunnings. It has a tool-free adjustable wheel guard and a smart wrench storage in the handle (why don't they all do this!) [EDIT: see below]. The

Makita DGA504

Latest review: have had a few corded (excellent) and cordless makita 100 - 125 mm angle grinders over the years. the last one being the DGA504 brushless - just over a year old but really hasn't done that much work

Ryobi EAG2023RG

Latest review: The tool worked fine until the time came to change the grinding disk, the locking nut which secures the grinding disc in place seems to have tightened so much (probably due to the rotation of the

Matrix Cordless Angle Grinder Lithium-ion 20V

Latest review: The control circuit burnt out (acrid smoke) on first usage. Inside was what only could be described as a very underpowered control circuit in a small metal case. I am presuming this is a safety

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