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Workzone (Aldi) Titanium Circular Saw AUS8000Tbs

Latest review: I have been using this twin blade saw, may be with enough experience with the tool to provide an opinion. It is 550W counter-rotating blade circular saw (240V). I found that it is very handy to cut

Bosch GKS 235 Professional

Latest review: As others have said it’s like a hot knife through butter. Out of the box I used it to rip through about 100lm of 19mm merbau. Easy as. Dust extraction is good & makes it easy to see where you’re goi

Bosch GKS 190 Professional

Latest review: Was looking for my first circular saw and did some research, went to different shops and picked up saws and had a look at what was out there from various manufacturers in this size. Have to say I'm

Ozito PCR-2100

Latest review: I've been using this now for 3 years. It has help lay laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, a small tiling job and lots of small jobs in between. The saw hasn't missed a beat, it's nice and safe, and

Makita 5606B

Latest review: very good circular saw, i have a couple of other saws but this one is the best one that i always use, it has never failed on me, or had a fualt since i bought mine. I really like using this saw

Hitachi 235mm

Latest review: This has been an excellent saw and still going strong. It is really of trade quality but I use it for DIY use and so it breezes through everything asked of it. It has plenty of power to slice through

Milwaukee M18 2730-20

Latest review: If you have read any of my other reviews, you will know that I am ancient, work as a carpenter and have no particular love of Milwaukee tools. When I started in my current job, I had corded tools.

Makita HS301DZ

Latest review: I got this a few months ago to use an online gift voucher I had. Now that I've been using it around the house I can say that it's an excellent little tool to have. You need to remember its size

Ryobi 18V P580

Latest review: No fuss cordless operation. 18 volt battery, ready to use in moments. Saw depth & angle adjustments for all jobs, big or small. Safety guarding are robust & practical with dust bag & vacuum

Triton TA 235CSL

Latest review: My saw is five years old. It has heaps of power. The blade has lasted well. The laser is easy to see and accurate. The saw is light. It is easy to adjust. It is slightly limited in depth of cut by

Makita N5900B

Latest review: These saws are big, heavy and powerful but thats why you buy one. Well not so much for the weight. These saws have remained a similar design for 30 years and its a well proven, simple and reliable

Milwaukee M18

Latest review: Most reviews are written fairly early on in ownership. People buy a product and write a review soon after. I thought it might be worth writing one two years down the track so that people can make a

Hitachi C10FCE2

Latest review: This is an awesome saw. Loads of power and cuts 4x2 like butter. Operation is very straight forward, pretty much take out of the box, plug it in and start cutting. Mine was 100% accurate out of the

Makita BSS611Z

Latest review: Ive had one of these for years, they are powerful and useful. When i first got it i took a bit of a chance as they were fairly new on the market and only 3ah batteries were availble. Now there are

Hitachi 18V Slide Li-ion C18DSL(HL)

Latest review: Good value product, battery lasts long enough to do decent days work.. design and feel of the saw fits well and is easy to use...not to

Bosch PKS 1500

Latest review: Building a cubby for the kids and couldn't bring myself to haul the monolithic (now presumably antique) Aus-made Black and Decker out of the shed for the small amount of cutting required. I also

Ozito CSW-7000

Latest review: I'm just a DIY user, but I quickly grew past what this saw could do. The two major issues that hold it back for me are the blade cover getting stuck at the start of work, often needing to awkwardly

Ozito CMS-1621

Latest review: I bought this for just shy of $80 at Bunnings. The saw blade is fairly decent, cuts through pine like a hot knife through butter. Cuts fairly well through thick heavy redwood. The saw blade is not

Makita HS7600

Latest review: Nice saw for a bit over $100. About the weight you would expect of a small saw, but easy to use. I found it surprisingly quiet. Quite powerful for a small

Ryobi 18V One+ R18CS-0

Latest review: This was my first One+ product and I’m relay happy with it. It’s light and well designed ergonomically. The battery system works well and I get plenty of usage before a swap out is needed. The only ne

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