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Hot Devil Oxy Kit

Latest review: Bought this Hot Devil oxy kit from SuperCheap yesterday $129.99. Should have read revues first as this is certainly a ripoff when it comes to the tiny amount of oxygen supplied. It only lasted 5

Bossweld M100

Latest review: I was skeptical to buy a welder from Bunnings and especially at this price. This is a little ripper.. Its hard wearing and cant be faulted. It only works with gasless wire but thats all I need to

Unimig Viper KUMJRVM182

Latest review: Ive had the 182 viper for 18 months. I ran gasless for 6 months and was very happy with the outcome. I then got gas and this little welder is now comparable to much much larger and more expensive

Tokentools Alusync 200

Latest review: I purchased an Alusync 200 way back in 2009. Recently it developed a problem so, despite the fact the warranty had long expired, I took it back to Pete at Tokentools as the machine had seen

Cigweld Cutskill 35A Inverter Plasma

Latest review: Have had this top little plasma cutter for a couple of years. Has done ever think asked plus some more light compact good carry box, I cut a lot of 1mm to 5mm steel and 3mm alloy it does a top job

Tokentools MIG250P

Latest review: Tokentools have made a fantastic 250 amp pulse mig. There is nothing close to it in this price range. The features this machine has is remanant of much more expensive machines and with a 5 year

Tokentools Alupulse

Latest review: I bought an alupulse 200 ac dc tig after thrying othe tigs and it has performed fantastic. So much better than the others. You can taylor a package to suit your needs. The fact that the machines

Tokentools Metalmaster MIG210D

Latest review: I purchased this new welder to replace the Uni MiG 130. It is not a fair comparision as the UniMig was a lot older, smaller, cheaper and was running gas less. So for me, this new welder is fantastic.

Unimig Trade 340 Compact

Latest review: I use these welders at school in my engineering class. They are easy to set up, produce great weld results when welding, and the mig gun is a good shape and comfortable to use, the gas bottle sits

Tokentools Welding Cart Trolley

Latest review: After I got my Tig Welder I later decided to get the welding cart as my back can't take moving heavy stuff. OMS (Old Man Syndrome). I got a hefty discount as I had already purchased the welder some

Maxweld MULTI205ACDC

Latest review: #UPDATE - I recently received a question asking me where I actually purchased this welder. When I tried to look him up on eBay (where I located item), the seller is no longer registered. His

Tokentools PAC50

Latest review: When I got my Alupulse Inverter Welder I also bought the PAC50 Inverter plasma cutter. I did see the Alusync all in one model but often I need to cut and weld without delay so opted for two separate

Tokentools Metalmaster ELITE 9860 Digital Welding Helmet

Latest review: When I got my Mig welder from Tokentools I also purchased the Metalmaster Digital helmet. I was looking at the digital elites originally but found the Metalmaster helmet was half the price with the

Dremel 2000-6

Latest review: I looked around and saw many cheaper products that could do the job, but I thought I would spend a bit more and get a good quality tool. I needed a hotter and more portable iron as my other one

Unimig ARC 140 / 170DC MMA / TIG Inverter

Latest review: I use this working as a maintenance fitter and all I can say is that it is a work horse, it can take an absolute beating even when working in a dirty and hot environment (plaster mill). After a

Cigweld W1002901 170 AMP Inverter Welder

Latest review: Unit would startup and fan would blow as usual then say 10 sec in would stop and green light flash slowly ? Well it's not over .... I think I may of found the answer...If you are are a qualified

Ozito AWG-964

Latest review: Works ok and good value if you’re only wanting to do occasional simple welding jobs. (Use the money saved on the price to buy a decent helmet as the supplied face shield is a dangerous beast.) Never

Toolex Welder 140Amp Turbo Var Acesss 580021

Latest review: A basic cheap functional welder. I bought mine a few years ago and probably put about 8 kg's of rods through it. It welded steel with Satin-craft 13 2.5 rods and GP rods 2.5. The welder is light and

Unimig AC / DC TIG / MMA 200

Latest review: The unit does seem to be a litte underpowered at the displayed amperage but would still recommend it for the price. It is also a bit smaller than the competitors units. The new T2FX torch is

Unimig Razorweld 200 DC MIG

Latest review: Awesome unit, like the guy below me I used to have a cigweld and was a massive cigweld only guy until their new units started to give me nothing but headaches. I had seen Unimig popping up online a

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