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Vodka Cruiser

Latest review: I still miss Breezers but the Vodka Cruiser Sunny Orange Passionfruit is nearly as good. Tastes great & is very refreshing on a hot day. It can be hard to find but I found it at local Star


Latest review: Worst I've tasted and can't be hidden with mix as other reviews say. Who produces it? Nobody admits on label only bottled in

Johnnie Walker and Cola

Latest review: I used to drink the pre mixed cans all the time but they have changed them and now they just taste horrible. I used to rate them pretty highly but wouldn't drink it now if you gave it to

Pulse Green Vodka, Soda and Guarana

Latest review: Pulse green is a great drink to have once you're getting ready to go out after a hard days work and need that guarana to 'pick you up' and get you into 'party mode'. I only have one drink as it can

Dorville Finest French Brandy

Latest review: Dorville Brandy is the best price range brandy we have ever drunk. It is up there with brands 3 times the price. Absolutely terrible that it is not available in Australia anymore. This brandy is

Smirnoff Vodka and Ocean Spray Cranberry / Blood Orange

Latest review: Discovered these Smirnoff Casks over Summer 2011. Love both the Blood Orange and Cranberry Juice mixers. Great on a Hot day, served in a tall chilled glass, Lots of ice and a wedge of fresh lime.

Baron Von Scheuters Butterscotch Schnapps

Latest review: By far my favourite Schnapps (other than from a place in Vienna Austria). In fact, this is the only butterscotch schnapps for me. Nothing else will

Wild Turkey Rare & Cola

Latest review: 3 stars is probably the most difficult things to write a review. It is usually 'average'. Well Wild Turkey Rare Bourbon & Cola is not your average bourbon premix. It is literally the best bourbon &

Jim Beam Long Black 7% Stubbies

Latest review: The drink: Long Black Beam Alcohol : 7 per cent Available: Dan Murphy’s and other good bottle shops From: Bottled in New Zealand and Australia, from the United States Price: $19.99 for a 4

Galliano Sambuca

Latest review: Galliano Sambuca is great! I love the licorice taste. It can be used for shots or goes well in several different cocktails. The bottle is creative and fun. It is not too expensive and is a very

Havana Club Añejo Especial

Latest review: It is not often you can buy a rum that delivers smoothness with a lengthy feeling in your palette a must for anyone who loves rum. Reasonably priced and authentically still made in Cuba unlike many

St. Agnes 7 star XO Brandy

Latest review: I'm a lover of French Brandies, and purchased many Aussie brands and been disappointed but the St. Agnes 7 star Brandy is Absolutely Fantastic. Dont buy if you are going to mix! As this Brandy has

Smirnoff Cocktails Long Island Iced Tea

Latest review: Absolutely love this drink! Only found it today but am head over heels in love with it!! Very refreshing over ice and definitely recommend this as a summer favourite!! Christmas is going to be alot


Latest review: After years of drinking Smirnoff and finally discovering Belvedere I will never go back! You have to try it! You will be just as shocked as I was... No nasty bite!... Just watch out you will get

Skyy Blue Lemon Lime and Bitters

Latest review: This is a great drink to take with you to a party or BBQ. Vodka surprisingly goes very well with the old favorite Lemon, lime and bitters. I recommend this drink to anybody who enjoys the traditional

Dewar's White Label

Latest review: I've drunk a lot of plonk in my 70 odd years, and this is by far the best "off the shelf' cheap scotch whisky for the price. It goes along with VAT69 for drinkability. let's not forget the " hangover


Latest review: Get this every time I'm going to a party. Although started getting the Jager premix cans now - less effort. They have 2 flavours "raw" (jager bomb) or "lime" (jagar bomb with lime). Love a Jager bomb

Bundaberg Reserve

Latest review: Great rum . Was super seeded by select vat , which fails in comparison . Stock up while stocks last . Already hard to find . Is sold at a reasonable price , usually between $45-$47 . It is an

Jim Beam Choice

Latest review: I'm not a connoiesseur of bourbon whiskeys but I really enjoy this alot more than Jim Beam white & black and Jack Daniel's. Tastes better. Alot better. Get it if you're buying, just give it a

Cruiser Ice

Latest review: Cruiser Ice beverages are great for summer. Very refreshing. Not as over priced as other vodka and citrus drinks. Great to take to BBQs and parties. You can always pick up this drink on special. A 4

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