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Burleigh Brewing BigHead No Carb

Latest review: Love the taste, tried a 6 pack then got my local BWS to get a carton. A 6pack is $22 (they are only 330ml also) and the Carton is $65. I would drink way more often if cheaper as they go down way to

Broo Premium Lager

Latest review: Great Beer at a great price $30..00 against Xxxx at $43.00 Yes would buy again any time Taste no issues not a craft beer very drinkable Thanks Broo beer for a product at a fair

Coopers Pale Ale

Latest review: The title should say it all. There is very little flavour in this beer unlike the Sparkling Ale. I don't know if it is the yeast, the water, the hops, however this is not much better than the other

Riccadonna Asti Spumante

Latest review: On a blind tasting the Riccadonna came in as the top pick at a lunch for some finicky drinkers. Embarrassing, because this $13 wine was chosen over the more expensive varieties. Comes in both

Victoria Bitter

Latest review: Yes ... Unfortunately 3/4 of all people who write reviews...... wake up not all people are over the top beer connoisseurs but just people looking for a good beer after work or at a BBQ and like lots

Vodka Cruiser

Latest review: I still miss Breezers but the Vodka Cruiser Sunny Orange Passionfruit is nearly as good. Tastes great & is very refreshing on a hot day. It can be hard to find but I found it at local Star

Pure Blonde Apple Cider

Latest review: I bought this at the tail end of a staff do and shared it around, everyone was happy with the product for the most part. I bought a second box a week later for private consumption and I'm hooked.

Crown Lager

Latest review: I have been drinking Crown larger for over 40 years in the early days drank it on special occasions because it was too expensive to buy. Over the last 5 years ( when the new Crown was introduced)

Carlton Dry

Latest review: I was a regular consumer of Carlton Dry until CUB's misguided decision to change to ring pull tops and reduce the size of the bottles from 355ml to 330ml late last year. In January, CUB admitted they

Pure Blonde

Latest review: Love the taste and it is the best on a hot day. But best of all it is the lowest carb beer on the market. Helped me to loose 25kgs without having to change my drinking

Hahn Super Dry

Latest review: Have drank and enjoyed this beer for many, many years..not enjoying anymore.. the recipe has definitely changed. I agree with everyone it's just not the same, everyone can't be wrong..c'mon Mr Hahn

James Boag Premium Light

Latest review: As a diabetic but still enjoying a beer, the Boags premium light I find the best tasting, no after taste etc. Of course everyone's taste buds are different but it is worthy of an honest


Latest review: Worst I've tasted and can't be hidden with mix as other reviews say. Who produces it? Nobody admits on label only bottled in

Carlton Mid

Latest review: Many years ago my two favourite beers were Carlton Cold and Carlton Mid. I stopped drinking Carlton Cold when they reduced the alcohol content from 4.0 to 3.5 and reduced the stubby size to 330ml.

Johnnie Walker and Cola

Latest review: I used to drink the pre mixed cans all the time but they have changed them and now they just taste horrible. I used to rate them pretty highly but wouldn't drink it now if you gave it to

Brown Brothers Zibibbo

Latest review: I purchased this wine having never heard of it. Big mistake was only buying one bottle to take on overnight lake trip. Loved it as it was refreshing and just lovely to drink. My new go to

Pulse Green Vodka, Soda and Guarana

Latest review: Pulse green is a great drink to have once you're getting ready to go out after a hard days work and need that guarana to 'pick you up' and get you into 'party mode'. I only have one drink as it can

Foster's Light Ice

Latest review: Which outlets sell it. Can’t seem to buy Foster’s Lite ice in any outlets not even Dan Murphys on North Coa

Dorville Finest French Brandy

Latest review: Dorville Brandy is the best price range brandy we have ever drunk. It is up there with brands 3 times the price. Absolutely terrible that it is not available in Australia anymore. This brandy is

Coopers Sparking Ale

Latest review: I have found among my peers polarised opinions regarding this beer. Anything from too sweet to too carbonated, too bitter etc. This is probably why most punters will go for the weaker Pale Ale which

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