Lindt Chocolate

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Lindt Gold Bunny

Latest review: Lindt Bunnies are so amazing and worth every expense! Lindt is the creamiest chocolate and all you can taste is quality, perfect mini gift for someone who loves chocolate or deserves a treat, you

Lindt Lindor Assorted

Latest review: Sugar, vegetable fat are the main ingredients in this. Add emulsifier and artificial flavouring. Remnants of milk and cocoa detivatives cannot disguise that this is a wholly inferior product far

Lindt Lindor Milk

Latest review: This chocolate might be good but I had a bag brand new from the store where they sell it and I opened a wrapper put it in my mouth and there was hair inside the ball of chocolate btw I love this

Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa

Latest review: For non dark chocolate lovers, stay away. It's bitter, and you're better off with the 70%. For the initiated, this is an excellent, widely available day to day go-to chocolate. It has all of those

Lindt Excellence Chili

Latest review: Lindt Excellence chilli is my favourite chocolate. It is rich, dark, with a hint of chilli. It has depth and even a small amount is satisfying. It is not dirt-cheap but compared to highbrow

Lindt Excellence 50% Cocoa

Latest review: I love dark chocolate (>60%) by Lindt, but when I feel like something with a bit more sugar and milk this 50% cocoa chocolate is perfect. I don't like normal milk chocolate because it's too sweet,

Lindt Swiss Classic Milk

Latest review: Mmmm! This chocolate bar is like no other in the Lindt range. Although it is deliciously tasting and extra creamy, this type is so rich that one square will be enough to satisfy. It's a lot thicker

Lindt Excellence Roasted Almond

Latest review: I love Lindt dark chocolate and have eaten it for years but this block was different as it not only contained almonds, but salt crystals as well. Yuk. Code 3046920029698 batch

Lindt Excellence Extra Creamy Milk

Latest review: the smooth creamy mouthfeel of this melt-in-your-mouth chocolate is so luxurious compared to most other chocolates I can think of - only very expensive handmade chocolatiers could hope to match

Lindt Excellence Orange Intense

Latest review: lindt chocolate is possibly the most overrated commercial chocolate available, and no longer made in Switzerland, at least not for the Australian market. The flavour,taste has been sacrificed

Lindt Excellence Crunchy Caramel

Latest review: The slight hint of salt combined with the creamy chocolate and crunchy caramel makes this my favourite chocolate and I can not recommend it enough. When they are on special I always stock

Lindt Essence Milk & Dark Caramel

Latest review: i love dark chocolate and the dark chocolate with the gooey caramel centre is delicious. the only thing i hate is that the bag comes with the milk chocolate as well. why can't they market them

Lindt Fioretto

Latest review: This is the same elegant chocolate that Lindt is famous for, but these have different fillings. I like all the flavours which I found to be delicious and different. This is not chocolate that I would

Lindt Lindor Dark 60% Cocoa

Latest review: Yet again I am let down with no smooth center. It’s advertised as irrisistably smooth but I think someone has forgotten to tell the quality control people at Lindt. No smooth center just a hole where

Lindt Excellence A Touch of Sea Salt

Latest review: This was given to me as a present. I would never have bought it as I always read the list of ingredients. I opened it anyway tonight, out of curiosity: it has more sugar in it than cocoa mass, it has

Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa

Latest review: Lindt 70% Chocolate Bars have been near the top of my list of favorite chocolate bars for years. Until a month ago. I bit into a fresh bar and noticed right away that the consistency, rather than

Lindt Lindor Pistachio

Latest review: When Lindt introduced “pistachio” chocolate, I was so excited to taste it. Sadly the taste, texture and no pistachio in this “pistachio chocolate” were part of the disappointing experience. How can yo

Lindt Swiss Classic Hazelnuts

Latest review: This one was given to me as a gift and I was expecting it to be really tasty just like the other Lindt products. I am not sure if its because it was close to the expiry date (which is coming up in 2