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Vogel’s Ultra Bran

Latest review: Have been searching our ,local supermarkets for months to no avail. Why is this Ultra Bran cereal no longer on the shelves here in Central Victoria...OR if it is

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Original

Latest review: Used to be able to put Jam & Cream on when out on the road but now the cheap ones keep falling apart. Will have to try Aldi to see if they hold

Uncle Tobys Plus

Latest review: I bought couple of Uncle Tobys Plus Antioxidants boxes from Costco Marsden park last week. We have been enjoying the cereal untill today morning when we found the pantry bugs/ insects in the cereal.

Uncle Tobys Vita Brits

Latest review: Best breakfast cereal much better than weat bix has a better taste is really good with vegemite as a snack just the best have eaten it all my life and i am 71 years

Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets

Latest review: Not good flavor and a good place to get the oats was my first day and the food is crap but I had a lot going to try the food and it was

Uncle Tobys Oat Brits

Latest review: I used to boil rolled oats for brekie though found this product a few years ago and switched to them. Easier to prepare and more versatile. Pity they're not 100%

Goodness Superfoods Protein 1st

Latest review: Apart from the usual basic muesli, I am not a big processed cereal fan. I discovered the Goodness Protein cereal quite by accident some six months ago, what an awesome combination and good for you

Uncle Tobys Nut Feast

Latest review: Can you buy this anymore and if so where. I loved all the nuts in it especially the macamadia

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Multigrain

Latest review: Love the taste, love the texture, and for a special treat sometimes I add Strawberries or Raspberries and coconut flakes, and /or a little brown or raw

Kellogg's Special K

Latest review: I’m from US in Australia for 2 weeks. Wanted some simple comfort food in my hotel room. Picked up Special K “original”. Wow. So very bad. US version is lighter and crisper with better mouth feel

Goodness Superfoods Digestive 1st

Latest review: Have been eating Heart for 4 years on dietician's recommendation . Great taste with milk or yoghurt. Gets me off to a good start for the

Sanitarium Granola Clusters Vanilla and Almond

Latest review: Just can't seem to find it anymore in any supermarkets I visit. Believe me I have tried lots of places. Last time I saw it was well before

Dick Smith's Bushfoods Breakfast

Latest review: I will certainly keep buying this product from Dick Smith. Simply add milk and it is delicious. I also found that it is very filling (I wasn't hungry again half an hour

Nestle Milo

Latest review: The quality of Milo Duo has changed. I didn't like it the first time I tried it, but it was because of the duo mixture, not because it wasn't made properly. Bought a box last week. It legit tastes

Kellogg's Sultana Bran

Latest review: This latest box just doesn't taste the same it really is a little bit like chewing cardboard and the usual taste has disappeared. Such a shame, if this is the new Sultana Bran then I will not be

Uncle Tobys Shredded Wheat

Latest review: Why is it that a good breakfast which is just wheat and no sugar has to be expensive. Just 270 grams for 5 bucks you feel like you are paying for air. Would buy Mini wheats but they add sugar. It

Kellogg’s All-Bran Original

Latest review: I have been making a fruit loaf which was an original recipe from Kellogg's using All Bran but after 20 years of cooking it they have changed and hardly rise in the oven despite making it exactly the

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes

Latest review: They are basically sugared corn flakes! I can’t taste the nuts anymore.... Very disappointing as they used to taste great. Not it just tastes like corn & sugar. Why do they ruin e

Kellogg's Nutri-Grain

Latest review: New nutri grain is absolutely dog crap. All I can say is damn you for turning my favourite breakfast item to cardboard dog crap. Will never buy again. Stick to corn

Kellogg's Rice Bubbles

Latest review: Hand crafted my god himself. Nothing will ever top a simple spectacular bowl of rice bubbles. Would recommend at least a minimum of 6 bowls per day fot everyone in

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