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Kambrook Aquarius BPA Free KAK60

Latest review: As eventually happens with plastic electric kettles, my previous kettle was deteriorating and pretty much at the end of its working life, and in September 2017 I went shopping for a replacement at a

Kambrook KKE760CLR

Latest review: It does the work but you would have expected a clear glass kettle that looks shiny and nice but in fact once you have done your first run you will notice the steam and water drop do not come off the

Kambrook Aquarius Cordfree KAK36

Latest review: I bought this kettle almost four years ago and estimate that I've boiled up over 7,000 cups of tea in it. I love my cups of tea, so it's been used every single day - problem free. You'll soon get

Kambrook KKE620RED

Latest review: I like that this kettle is cordless and red in colour. It fits easily on the bench. Ir boils quikly. And very easy to clean. I would recommend this to most people . Price is very reasonable and

Kambrook KKE630

Latest review: Got this after buying a kmart kettle which dies after 3 months. Structurally this kettle is pretty well made compared to others. I have previously used a Kambrook kettle for almost 6 years which was

Kambrook Profile BPA Free Stainless KSK220

Latest review: I have quite liked this kettle. Design-wise, after 22 months of use it has only little rust stain on the inside base of the kettle. No kettle flavour in the water, unlike a plastic kettle. The

Kambrook URN KUR10

Latest review: we use this in our conference room occasionally and unfortunately we have had a problem with all 4 leaking in the same areas - around the spout. It looks like where the join is to the water level

Kambrook KKE625

Kambrook KKE650