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Kambrook KFA624

Latest review: bought this fan because my old one broke. always a difficult decision for me how much to spend on a fan because you don't need the whole year and i didnt wanted to spend hundreds and hundreds of

Kambrook KFA837

Latest review: This fan is not suitable if the room size is big or expecting wide coverage. Recommended only if you want to use it for single person in a small room to save space. Hence it returned it back to Good

Kambrook KFA413

Latest review: This fan was a decent buy as it was easy to assemble, has strong fan power and the noise output was okay. So far, we've been satisfied with this purchase and we've tested it for several hot nights

Kambrook KFA839

Latest review: Had 2 In of them in 2 years first one remote stopped working with in a few months second sat for few months in winter now it's summer been using It flat out and now top bottons not working and keeps

Kambrook KPF849WHT

Latest review: A really stable fan, excellent for sleeping with, the fan on lowest mode is silent, just enough air movement without being annoying while trying to sleep in this awfull heat! Have just bought

Kambrook KFF611

Latest review: A bit expensive at $45 (hey this is Australia) but not a bad little fan and better than the $20 version from Target, etc, one of which we have as well. I recommend esp if you can get one under $40.

Kambrook KFA423BLK

Latest review: Just took delivery of an Arctic HV Cooling Advantage Kambrook Fan seems to work alright, easy to assemble, but I'm not looking forward to disassembling it for cleaning as there are too many screws

Kambrook KTF816BLK

Latest review: The remote for this fan was a major selling point. It has great flexibility with speeds and modes. The most disappointing feature is that it is too noisy to use at night and almost during the day.

Kambrook KPF445GUN

Latest review: Owned 2 entirely had to get the first one replaced under warranty within months. Seems like the top is too heavy and sags downward and eventually both snapped and lost the ability to oscillate. The

Kambrook KPF449GUN

Latest review: The fan offers great airflow with 3 different speed options it’s very basic and easy to use not like a few of the new ones with 10 buttons and a manual on how to use them! It also offers great i

Kambrook KFA210 / KFA211 / KFA213

Latest review: I bought this fan as I wanted a plastic one (yes, plastic!) because in the past metal ones ended up rusting (esp if you are in humid weather!). This was a simple minimalistic design which I liked. It

Kambrook KFA241