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Kumho Ecsta Le Sport KU39

Latest review: Have used KU39's on two of my cars now. My 2014 Golf GTI had Continentals on which were soft and wore out in about 10,000km. I chose KU39's to replace them and for the next 35,000km they were a

Kumho Solus KH17

Latest review: We are about to replace the original tyres on my wife's 2012 Kia Cerato Sli, has 17 inch rims. The tyres have covered approx. 69,000kms so far, which I think is fantastic, especially after reading

Kumho Ecsta SPT KU31

Latest review: Dont expect any more than 20k from these (i do work them hard) however for the price they are a fine performer wet and dry . Road noise is quite acceptable , dry grip is excellent and wet grip

Kumho Solus HS51

Latest review: Recently had a set of 4 Kumho HS51’s (215/60R16) fitted to my 2005 WL Holden Statesman. I had been running Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus and these Kumhos feel better in every way. I have already e

Kumho Ecsta 4X KU22

Latest review: i bought a set of these kumo's for my mercedes and they make such a difference to the way my car preforms and handles , terrific in the wet and the dry you dont get a lot of road noise from them

Kumho Ecsta LX KU27

Latest review: I fitted these to a VE Commodore, 245/45/18. I do roughly 100000kms a year so go through some tyres. I rate the KU27 better than a lot of high end tyres I have used before. Durable, incredibly quiet

Kumho Solus HS61

Latest review: I have had Kumho tyres many times and absolutely love them, they are great wet weather tyres and I feel very confident driving with them. Kumho tyres are always my first

Kumho Ecsta V720

Latest review: Bought these tyres to replace my Hankook RS3’s and I can say that they outperform the Hankooks in dry straight line and lateral grip on a 460wkw Evo X. The Hankooks spun all 4 corners in 1st and 2nd,

Kumho Sense KR26

Latest review: Its been 7 months, 6000km with these tyres and they are very quiet, they ride very good in the wet and car brakes very good as well. I mainly drive on the freeway. I keep them on 35psi all round and

Kumho Ecowing ES01

Latest review: got a set of 4 for a yaris that had scrubbed the originals - 40,000km. these ones have been on for 8 months and 10,000km and no visible wear, they are quiet and hold their air pretty well, i check

Kumho Portran KC53

Latest review: An ok tyre, not great. Not very good grip in the wet for a van. They were recommended for the vehicle but I wouldn't purchase them again. On the positive side they are a smooth ride and have worn

Kumho Solus KH18

Latest review: Bought 2 tyres new from tyrepower about 3 years ago. They've done about 30,000 km and still legal tread depth wise. Last tyre rotation which I did myself I was angry to find cracked rubber at bottom

Kumho Solus TA31

Latest review: We were shopping around for tyres for our Mazda CX9 and discovered the 245/50 R20 tyres which it came with new were a hard to find size. We had Bridgestones which the cost of replacement was well

Kumho Solus KR21

Latest review: OE on my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee have just done a trip towing 3T of caravan and the rears are ruined after only 15,000 km might be ok on light cars but don't touch them on a 4WD. Definitely not