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2011 Polygon Zenith DX

2011 Polygon Zenith DX

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Very well equipped lightweight bike

I have own this bike for 3 months having bought a 2011 model virtually unused. The specifications and equipment attracted me. With a Topeak Super Tourist rack the bike looks like a retro Dutch bike. All matt black including the spokes. It is equipped with:- Hydraulic dics brakes, Hub dynamo, 11 speed Shimano hub gears, carbon belt drive and sprung front forks plus more. But its light due to the Polygon frame. Fast over the ground due to the gearing and ability to soak up rough surfaces.
The only downsde is the geometry of the frame. Great on a cycleway but no city hybrid able to pick its way around potholes, gutters and parked cars. Good straight liner, not nibble.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

This bike has serious safety and reliability issues. Avoid at all costs.

I purchased this bike (2012 version but the same bike) in December 2012 from Bicycles Online and in the beginning I was very happy with it. Unfortunately after owning the bike for less than three weeks the hub failed. The hub was replaced and failed for a second time in April 2013. I requested a refund however following the personal assurance of the owner, [name removed], that I would receive a refund if the hub failed a third time, I accepted another replacement hub. At this time I was advised that the failures were caused by an adjustment issue and the hub would require adjusting. This is a long way from the claim of maintainence free made by the advertising however they did offer to make the adjustments for free if I returned the bike to them. The distance I live from the shop made that an expensive option and it was cheaper for me to have the hub adjusted at the local bike shop which I did twice. I believed the issue may have been sorted however in January 2014 the hub failed for a third time.

I have been advised in an email from [name removed], the head of the service department at Bicycles Online, of the following information.

"The Gates Belt Drive rear sprocket is manufactured from alloy, which isn't as durable as once thought. This means that when the 24 teeth driver sits on the cassette body of the hub, the mounting teeth of the driver wear over time. The soft alloy cannot withstand the constant tension that the belt puts on it."

Again that is a long way from the "well engineered" claim made in the advertisement.

I returned the bike to the shop and have requested a refund however [name removed] has declined to honour his previous committment.

The failure of the hub results in a sudden loss of tension in the pedals and an immediate loss of drive. Fortunately I was not in a situation where I needed to pedal out of the way of an approaching vehicle. I brought this safety issue to the attention of Bicycles Online however they do not appear to have taken any action to recall the affected bikes. If you own one of these bikes I would suggest returning it to have this safety issue corrected or to receive a refund. I can see a possibility that for many people this failure will no occur until the bike is outside the warranty period, and Bicycles Online will attempt to wash their hands of the issue, despite knowing they have provided a product that was always doomed to fail. If this has happened to you please contact fair trading in your state because, given my current experience of their "customer service", I suspect that you will need their support to make a warranty claim.

Unsafe, Unreliable, Poor warranty service

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2011 Zenith DX
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