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Reid Falco

Reid Falco

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Great bike

I have bought this bike more than 3 years ago and I am extremely satisfied. I had no issues at all. Extremely recommended to all those who do not care about the brand but want a very nice road bike for a very reasonable price. The Shimano gear 105 works very well.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Excellent Road Bike, Worth the Money!

Coming from a mountain bike, the Falco Elite is the first road bike I have ridden or owned and it feels excellent. It's quick, light and easy to use and appears to be made of high quality parts despite its low cost. I would recommend it to anyone keen on trying out cycling or using a bike for their regular commute.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Best buy!

I bought this bike last year as an entry level road bike. Coming from a mountain bike the difference is unbelievable, and I have just clocked up 2000 km. Fantastic quality at a reasonable price, and no having to deal with salesmen like other bike stores - some sort of two wheeled orientated complex they have going on. It was a pleasure to deal with the store people, and the bike has not disappointed. I now regularly go through Reid Cycles for accessories too.

Great First Road Bike

I bought a Falco Elite with the Mavic Wheel upgrade as a first road bike early in 2013. Considering the full 105 groupset, including chain, brakes and cassette, and quality alloy accessories, the price was unbeatable. I use it as a daily commuter, on weekend rides and longer charity events. The cycling bug bit!

I use MTB pedals and shoes, and I'm now on my 3rd set of tyres. 2 people I ride with have since bought one each to replace their mountain bikes. The bike is easy to maintain. I regularly get "great bike" comments, and when I tell them how much it was they cant believe it!!

The only thing that can make this bike better is to offer it with a 105 compact crankset. That's my next and last upgrade.

I can also vouch for others comments on the sales and floor staff, you won't be treated like a nobody, just because you don't have $3,000 - $5,000- to spend on a carbon racing bike.

Best Entry Road bike in Australia

I bought my Falco Elite in June 2013, as a new cyclist it was important not to spend too much but still get a reasonable level of performance. The bike has been awesome with no mechanical issues in the 6,000 km of riding I've done since June 2013, I've taken the bike to Adelaide and recently to Europe and its stood up to some rugged handling along the way. The Falco Elite works really well up hills and I've done over 45,000m of vertical climbing since Ive had the bike
Shimano 105 groupset, its very easy to maintain and to break down for travel
Original Wheels are a bit heavy but fine for regular flat riding, if you are riding up big hills then you need to change to an 11/28 Rear Cassette

Superb quality for the price.

I've had the bike 6 months, and bought the Mavic wheelset upgrade. The bike is still performing well. The only issues so far are common to any new bike: minor cable slippage (which they were happy to fix there and then) and the handlebar tape is wearing a little thin (general wear and tear). That's it. Everything else is running excellently.

It's nice and light. The gearing is set up for high speeds. There are plenty of high gears (I could still add pedal power when I got my high speed pb of 88 km/h), but the set up could use more low gears -- steep gradients (>15%) are particularly hard work.
inexpensive, reliable, top-quality components

Not the COOLEST, but the best BANG for buck.

I have purchased the Falco Elite 2013 with full 105 Shimano and upgraded to the race wheels. I have had it for over a year and ridden over 5000km. I ride nearly every day and do my own servicing. I cannot fault this bike! I ride and compete against other riders that are on brand named bikes. They have paid twice as much than I have for the Reid and are sold on the idea of the brand name to fit in with the cool crowd. These brand name companies are relying on the cool factor and are not suppling bikes with full Shimano running gear! A little research shows they supply cheaper parts like chains, brake callipers and cranks to namer a few. Most of the time it is the rider not the bike that is the concern. No issues with the frame either! And if there was it has a life time warranty. I would say Reid's biggest issue is the name?? It is simply not a brand name, so you don't feel as cool as the other kids. If Lance had of ridden on a Reid it would be a different story and a much higher price tag? They is something to be said about the COOL factor, I get that, and sometimes wish I had a brand name plastered on the frame. I know other riders judge you for the bike you ride. If this worries you then you are better off on the brand name bikes. However, for me, once the logic kicks in, I have to giggle about how much I have saved and still can't fault the bike.
Price, complete Shimano 105 components, race wheel upgrade.
It is not cool. it doesn't have a big brand name on the frame.

Falco Sport is great value

I bought a Falco Sport a few days ago and am very impressed so far. I have only been for a few rides thus far and am loving it. I downsized my car so I needed to downsize my bike and am very happy. The Falco Sport is about half the weight of my mountain bike. I love how easy it is to unlock the brakes to remove the wheel. That was one thing i hated about my MTB with the cantilever brakes. Its also very easy to load into the car.

It uses the Tiagra gear set and is very easy to use, although i am still getting use to which lever goes up and which goes down.

It comes with toe clips but I bought a shoe and pedal set with my bike and love the extra power I can get when riding. Was a bit tricky learning getting out of the pedals but am use to it already I think.

On my second ride i cut my leg when dismounting on the crank sprocket which is very sharp and doesn't have a guard on it. I imagine it doesn't have a guard as they want to keep the weight down, but my leg would have been happier if one was there. But having done it once, i doubt i will do it again now that i know to watch out for it.

I got it at a great price and without asking for further price reductions in store on the bike and pedal/shoe set.

If i was to have a negative:
1 The design of the quick release does not allow fitting to my cycle trainer
2 The screws for the bottle mountings on the frame are not long enough to fit my bottle cage and pump on. The pump is designed to mount under a bottle cage. I just mounted it on the other mounts, but it is very close to the crank.
3 The frame is mostly not rounded which limits where speedometer sensors can be mounted. Also the handlebars are very thick and my speedo mount would not fit, i used a twisty tie to secure it.
4 No stand, but i asked and this is a weight reduction omission. It can be handy though

These are only minor things and even if i had known before purchase i still would have got it.

Great Bike!
Light, great price, easy to remove wheels/brakes, comfortable
Frame screws not long enough for pump and bottle cage mounting, limited places to mount sensors due to streamlined frame.

Value for money

This has proven to be a really good bike, I managed to get it on sale and the closest thing I could find at the time from the online competitors was $400 more but none had the full 105 groupset like the Reid elite. I use this bike to commute to work, I did have a minor warranty issue but Reid fixed it no problem.
This bike is ideal for someone starting to commute or as a training bike. If weight is a concern, replace the wheels with something lighter.
Full 105 groupset, very cheap when compared to competitors
Had an issue with the derailleur hanger bending prematurely but was fixed for free by shop

Reid Falco Sport, certainly great for the money

I'm certainly not an expert nowdays as I haven't riden competetively in a while but the quality of this bike is great as far as I can see. I have ridden almost 500 km on it since getting it 3 weeks ago and it doesn't miss a beat. Maybe it's not going to be for a hardcore racer but for the average person looking to get fit and have some fun riding, if you enjoy the racer style of bike, I doubt you will find better.
Love the overall weight, integrated brakes and gear shifts and the overall size suits me wonderfully.

Awesome Bike Great Service!

I have recently purchased a 2013 Falco Elite from the Reid Cycles Brisbane.
After calling into several Bike Shops around Brisbane i realised no one was remotely interested in serving me unless i was spending huge amounts of money.
Luckily the Guys at Reid were really friendly, non judgemental even let me take a bike for a test ride.
I really hate the elitest attitude i recieved from some shops as i'm a newbie and didn't want to spend a fortune on my first road bike.
I've now clocked up over 1000km's on my bike and haven't had any major problems. My gears went slightly out of tune in the first few rides but i popped it back to the shop and they tuned them for me on the spot and advised me that this happens with most new bikes as the cables stretch.
The 12 months Free servicing is great, although i'd like to learn how to do some basic maintenence myself.
So loving the bike and only have good things to say about the Guys in the shop.

Great Value for money

I'm a complete newbie so my comments need to be taken in that context. I was looking for a decently specced bike without breaking the bank. Also important was the availability of local support. So I preferred Reid (who have an outlet in Brisbane) to e.g. CellBikes, who might be fine but have no local outlet.
The bike looks great, and I have had it for a month without any problems on 25-35km rides. The gear shift seems to skip a gear sometimes (ie I try to change to an easier gear and it drops two, or one and a half and I have to change up one). That might just be cable tension. I got the Mavic wheel upgrade, which experienced cyclists tell me was a good move, but I can't compare with the spec wheels.
The handlebar post isn't adjustable (apart from turning it upside down, apparently) which surprised me, and limits the amount of height adjustment, and the seat post is down at the bottom of its range on a medium size for my height of 177cm. So I guess that if you are on the cusp of two sizes, get the smaller one.
Riding with friends, I have the impression that they can get into a lower gear on hills and so ride with a higher cadence, so I struggle a bit, but that might just be the 58 year old engine powering (or not!) the bike
There were issues with delivery which seemed largely out of the control of Reid bikes, but the Brisbane store staff were helpful. They have a 15 year warranty on frames, which should see me right.
Good value (under $1000) for a bike with a 105 groupset, well specced, local outlet to support, nice looking bike
Maybe the crank ratios are wrong for me

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