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Leitner Step Through

Leitner Step Through

4.9 from 68 reviews

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Best choice for fun and excitement

This being our first e-bike, the choice was simple. You can't be the price for the high build quality and performance. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a new E-bike
John B. - Brooklyn, New York

Purchased in May 2019 at Leitner Online store.

Two bikes for double the fun.

Like so many other reviews about Leitner e bikes, our experience has been excellent, right from the communication at the time of our pre-order through to delivery being organised. The packaging and delivered condition was perfect and assembly was logical and very easy and we found our two step through cruiser bikes to be complete and of high quality straight out of the box. I did double check all tensions of nuts and screws as suggested in the assembly instruction and didn't find any issues that needed attention. Experimented with gears and power levels for the first half hour of riding to find the settings most suited to our level of riding with a little exercise for these aging bodies. Just a wonderful experience to be able to enjoy riding a bike again. Well done to the team at Leitner for producing a terrific product at such an affordable price. We are rapped.
Russ from Gwelup WA

Purchased in May 2019 at On line for $1,425.00.

Brakes failed have failed 3 times even though I keep tightening them

Bike arrived with issue straight away! The front light wouldn't work. fast forward 6 weeks of owning the bike and my brakes have completely failed with the break cable starting to unravel. So dangerous as I only realised the brakes had failed at a red light and I went flying into traffic. To make matters worse the stand has now failed. Highly recommend that no one buys this bike as there are massive safety issues!!

Purchased in April 2019.

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Hi LDD, thank you for purchasing a Leitner Electric Bike. I am sorry to hear that your front light didn’t switch on. I have seen that you have reported this over the phone and we have then emailed you instructions to check if the lights are connected correctly to the bike, however we didn’t hear back from you. We usually send trouble-shooting instructions first to make sure that the part is installed correctly. This often resolves the issue quickly and it will save time to get the bike up and running in the fastest way. Furthermore, the light is covered by a 1 year warranty and if it is faulty we will send a replacement light to you free of cost. You have reported in this review that the stand failed. Could you please email some pictures to customer support at sales@leitner.com.au so that we know what exactly failed? The stand is also covered by a 1 year warranty and replacement stands are in stock. I am sorry to hear that you had difficulties adjusting your brakes. It is best practice to inspect the brakes before each ride to make sure that the bike is safe to ride. After not receiving a response to our follow up email we have since contacted you over the phone to offer assistance however it seems like we caught you at a busy time and you wanted to finish the call as soon as possible and we haven’t since heard back from you. The Leitner Venice cruiser Electric Bike is equipped with front and rear disc brakes which operate independently from each other providing a redundant brake system. There are no known issues with this brake manufacturer and these brakes are being used on hundreds of thousands of bikes worldwide. Could you please provide some details which brake was faulty? The front or the rear brake? Which part is faulty? The brake cable? Or the caliper? If anyone experiences difficulties adjusting or installing any part of the bike please contact us immediately at sales@leitner.com.au and we will assist you to make sure the bike is operating safely. Also, there are detailed operation instructions in the manual and if the part is faulty, we will replace it for free within the warranty period. Our offer still stands – we are happy to resolve any issues. Adjusting or replacing the brakes can be done quickly and we have spare parts in stock. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to hearing from you. Have a great weekend! Regards, The Leitner team

The gift of smile to my girlfriend!!

Ordered a black Venice Cruiser at sale price for my girlfriend after several days of research and comparisons on line. This bike has optional equipment included that other brands charge extra for. Also a more powerful battery than others at its price. Front and back disc brakes add extra value. The bike shipped the day after I bought it and arrived in the Pittsburgh area in six days. Out of box assembly went smoothly and only took a reasonable amount of time. The build quality of this bike is fine, but I think it would hold up best if used on pavement, grass and rails to trails type bike trails. However we are both in our sixties and that was our intended use for it anyway.

Now the good part. This bike is a blast to ride. My girlfriend hasn't ridden a bike in along time and was nervous, so we went to the local school and rode in the parking lot. After a few miles of practice she was amazed by the pedal assist and loved using the twist throttle just to leave me in the dust on my standard bike. The hub motor ran smooth and quite and had plenty of get up and go. I was able to reach 22 mph.
Needless to say she had a big smile the whole time. Next we are looking forward to riding a local rail to trails.

At this point all I can say that if this bike seems to be good value, especially when compared to others in its price range. We haven't put many miles on the bike yet so the final hope is it stays dependable for many miles to come and based on how things have gone so far, I think it will.

July 4th 2019 Update: Excellent customer service

This review is a follow up to my original review I posted in May 2019, when we got the bike new. Since then my girlfriend has ridden her Venice Cruiser many miles on our local rails to trails. She absolutely loves this bike. It performs flawlessly and is a joy to ride. As I stated in my original review, it was the gift of smile to my girlfriend. Based on her experiences with the Venice Cruiser, I highly recommend this bike.

Now for a comment on Leitner customer service. We noticed recently that the plastic foot that attaches to the kickstand had fallen off. Without it the bike is less stable when resting on the kickstand. I contacted Leitner to see about getting a replacement part for the kickstand. They requested that I send them a picture of the the kickstand showing that the plastic foot was missing. After I did so they contacted me and informed me that they were sending out a new kickstand assembly at no cost to me, which they did.

It needs to be noted that when I did contact them they always sent a return message almost immediately.
They provided excellent customer service to me when needed. Thank you to Ephraem, Kitty and Leitner!

Purchased in June 2019 at Leitner Online store for $1,099.00.

It’s just perfect

I received my 24in step through yesterday & I love it, the quality is exceptional.
I found it reasonably easy to assemble, I had a few hiccups but that wasn’t a Leitner problem.
It’s a stunning looking bike, extremely comfortable to ride & I just love the fact that I have nothing else to spend as it comes with lights, rear rack etc.
I don’t drive so this bike is going to be my main transport & even now has exceeded all my expectations.
I am so glad I found Leitner electric Bikes.

Purchased in May 2019.

Fully recommended. I love my Milan Cruiser

I purchased my Milan Cruiser approximately 5 weeks ago and have ridden it to work most days. On arrival we found the front disc rotor was bent so contacted Tim at Leitner and he sent a replacement that day. That is excellent after sales service which isn’t so common these days. The bike is one of my best purchases yet! It was easy to assemble , looks great and the ride is smooth and comfortable. I would recommend Leitner bikes to anyone . I really like the step through feature which would suit any aged person but especially those who are less able to get their leg over a bike with a bar. The brakes are excellent, comfy seat, a good loud bell, smooth brakes, excellent price . I purchased the smaller battery which is easily enough for me and also easy to remove as the seat lifts . I really can’t fault the bike or the service from Tim .

Purchased in January 2019 at Leitner Online store.

Having a wonderful time!

I just love my new Venice Cruiser as it allows me to really enjoy the ride. I live on top of a hill and now I just press + to three bars and up I go. My husband is now ordering one so he can keep up with me on our rides. We are recently retired and our electric bikes are part of our new lifestyle.
The Venice Cruiser bike is so much fun. I am really glad I made the decision to buy one.

Purchased in January 2019 at Leitner Online store.

Good handling of a difficult situation

I recently ordered a Leitner Venice however, through no fault of Leitner, the bike arrived severely damaged.

They arranged to have the damaged bike picked up and to send me a new replacement bike, there were a few other issues with the courier company but the sales person at leitner really did her best to make the situation as fast and easy as possible

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Makes riding fun again

I bought a Milan step through for my wife to try first, having rented ebikes a couple of times. So impressed that we now have one each.
Easy to put together and great fun to ride. We're off!!!
In fact, just finished riding around 20klm together including a long hill home.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Excellent bike, great price and just a joy to you ride in strong head winds

I just wanted to say how delighted I am with my new Leitner ebike.

The setup was easy enough and it rides magnificently.

The bike was ready to ride in about ½ and hour. The tyres were pumped up already and the battery was fully charged.

I am delighted with this new ebike.

The build quality exceeded expectations and riding it is just a joy.

I would recommend this to anyone wanting a new ebike.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

what a bike

So well engineered and designed,great for my wife who has artificial knee
Can really recommend it
Easy to assemble with clear instructions and securely packaged for delivery
I liked the fact it had front and back lights as well as a carrier
It is also quite light for an e bike
Really good value

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Ten thumbs up!

Wow. I had no idea how much I’d like this bike. I ordered the Venice Cruiser on a Sunday and was riding it around my northern NSW town on Wednesday. Easy to assemble, excellent instructions, amazing fit and finish, quality parts, great paint job. Still no rattles or squeaks after several hundred kilometres over country roads and bumpy tracks, including a spectacular encounter with a poorly marked speed bump. Random strangers remark on what a nice bike it is and are genuinely surprised when they notice that it also has a motor. Leitner have been fantastic with their after-sales service, sending me a free replacement for a small part I had lost. If you’re on the fence I’d recommend ordering a Leitner right now, just be prepared to keep finding excuses to pop down the shops, ride into town, visit that friend etc - you’ll be using it a lot more than you ever expected.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

The Best Birthday Present to Me from Myself!

After falling in love with electric bikes in NZ, I knew I had to have one and after shopping around locally I searched the Internet to compare value for money and I couldn’t go past the Leitner. Putting it together was easy enough for someone as inexperienced as me and my first ride was exhilarating. I absolutely love my red Venice Cruiser and with a basket on the back I went with a friend on a 26 km ride this week and enjoyed a BBQ by the beach. Go on treat yourself, you will never regret it.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Thrilled with new addition to the Family!!

I have recently purchased a Leitner Venice cruiser, after a recommendation from my Physiotherapist, that I take up cycling to help with the recovery of my hip replacement. Reasonably easy to assemble, but a delight to use - once you get the hang of the combination of power and gears. A pleasure against the wind, up the hills, and a great feeling of the wind in your face. I thought that my wife my like to try it - she now wants to take mine over, so I have purchased a similar one for me. She likes the red colour - she says it goes faster (think Ferrari). Highly recommended.
Customer service was very efficient, delivery was on time - no complaints at all. Thank you Leitner.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Venice Step Through

Very happy with our purchase of our Venice Step Through elec bike. Customer service excellent. Had a problem with the original battery but was replaced when found to be faulty. Very prompt service when originally bought as well as future enquiries. This is my wife's bike and she told me that it was the best present she's ever had. Can't fault Leitner at all.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Best Fun Ever - Leitner Milar Cruiser 24inch

Just took my e-bike out for an 18km spin up hill and down - picture 60 year old chubby female giggling going up a hill that would not have been attempted on the old push bike if it had been taken out of moth balls. Pedal assist let me pedal as much or as little as I wanted - I did huff and puff a bit but only because I want to get fit not because I had to. The controls were simple, worked well and the bike zipped along beautifully on road and on bike paths. Using the "throttle only" made a hill start easy.
I made a few enquiries of Leitner before I decided to buy from them - email replies were fast with good detail and customer service via phone was very helpful. I ordered on line, the bike arrived on time and was well packed. I have no bike mechanic skills but put it together on my own with bit of "U-Tube" assist to give some visiual info to supplement the detailed manual provided. Took about 2 hours and then I fiddled with adjusting seat, handle bar heights etc for another hour.
It took me a year to decide to buy - I wasted a year .... I love it ... I recommend it .. Go for it!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

No short car trips

I am really enjoying the bike. I was worried it might have gone the way of my ab-roller or rowing machine but I am confident it will remain in use for a long time. I no longer fire up the car to go down to the shops to pick up some milk. I am riding it everywhere locally and enjoying doing so. I have discovered a lot of bike paths near me which run alongside the railway lines and avoid all the traffic stops. It was easy to put together and it seems very good quality. I have not yet done the modification which allows it to travel 25km without pedal assist. I thought I would do this but there is really no need because that kicks in anyway with minimum pedalling if you turn up the amount of assist. One of the places I have ridden to is Cottesloe Beach (5km from my house) and its up and down hills all the way. The assist mode makes this so easy. Can't say enough good things about having this bike.
I am very impressed and would also like to thank Leitner for chasing up the delivery. The company they used had the bike in Perth within 5 days but took over 2 weeks from that point to actually deliver to my inner-city address. I would recommend arranging your own courier delivery rather than using e-go or Hunter. Anyway, Leitner kept on their backs and followed up with me.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

I like these ebikes!

My wife and I travelled to Noosa and rode rented ebikes there for the first time. The fun was enough to hook us both. Since then we've bought two Leitner ebikes and delight in riding them. If you're retired and want to stay active, ebikes are the way to go. You'll ride more often. You'll go further. And you'll have fun doing it. We love to ride to a pizza place and strap a pizza to a luggage rack, then find a vacant picnic table beside the Yarra River. I could tell about more rides, but that would fill up the page. Just get one. Don't wait.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

This is Perfect. I could not do without it

Brilliant bike. It does what it says on the tin. It has never let me down apart from a flat tyre but that is to be expected from any bike. Extremely easy to ride and take the hills like a dream. I could not do without it. It has the best of both worlds, exercise when you want to or let the bike do the work. It's great.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

I should have bought this a lot sooner

Very satisfied with the bike. Build quality is excellent,a very sturdy bike. It is a pleasure to ride and now allows me to venture further afield without getting tired. The whole process from ordering to delivery was simple and trouble free. I contacted Leitner on another matter and they were quick to respond with an answer

Date PurchasedJan 2018

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Questions & Answers

What is the weight of the Milan
1 answer
Hi Sue. The weight less battery is approx 21 Kgs....the battery I think is approx 10 Kgs. While heavier than a regular push bike, I find I don't notice the weight being a problem, the electrics just take over when riding and I use the manual gears in low (gear 1) with no electrics when in tight spots,.... again no issue with the weight .... I'm in Perth if that helps with a test ride albeit the 26 model step through.

Where can I find the specs on these e- bikes . I’m trying to help my sister purchase an e-bike , I’m a cyclist and myself don’t know about them but with detail specs that would help after looking at the reviews I want to know about them .
2 answers
Hi, thank you for your message. You can see the full range of Leitner products at https://www.leitner.com.au/ . In order to assist your sister to choose the right bike for her, please contact us to discuss further at 1300 856 725 or send us an email at sales@leitner.com.au . Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.All details and specs are on the Leitner web page and the step through is covered at www.leitner.com.au/leitner-electric-bike-step-through-250w-red.html. If you live in Perth I'd be happy to show you our cruiser step through. Great bikes ..... My contact details on the Leitner web page. Good luck Russ

What price for the electric step through please.
3 answers
Hi Peter, thanks for your interest with the Venice Cruiser. For more information about pricing and spec of the bike, please refer to our website. https://www.leitner.com.au/leitner-electric-bike-step-through-250w-red.html . Please enter your postcode and suburb to get a quote for shipping. Thank you!2323 Peter Blackmore 2 Malay Street Ashtonfield blackmo@bigpond.com 0448527017Hi Peter, Thanks for your message. Shipping a Venice to Ashtonfield is $134.47. Hope this helps. Thank you!

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