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Trike Bike Three Wheel Adult Tricycle

Trike Bike Three Wheel Adult Tricycle

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Trike bike rear brakes

Started putting mine together but rear drum brakes is bent does anyone know where I can get parts for this as need new brake assembly
Would be great if someone could hook me up

Purchased in February 2019 for $400.00.

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Hello Adam, this site is for the brand "Trike Bike" only. Other references to different brands should not be made on this website because it has nothing to do with our product. If you let me know which brand you purchased then I would be happy to try and assist you by providing you with the seller's details (which you should already know) but none of our Trike Bike models have a rear drum brake so you are not talking about a genuine Trike Bike which is what this review site is for. Thank you Trike Bike

More than impressed

Delivery to outskirts of rural township was extremely quick. My 26" Electric Trike-bike from Brisbane was well packed. Only thing missing was instructions for the electric trike but instructions for construction for normal trike was in box, it helped but needed more info, a phone call and all sorted, easy.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Thanks for the 5 star review, its appreciated and please know if you have any questions during ownership dont hesitate to contact us for assistance. Thanks Trike Bike

well you get what you pay for

45 minutes to assemble it took me three days, and then at a bike shop to check over., cost me $120 the front brake assembly to fit the mudguard had to be replaced and also the rear brake line was frayed. Told by the bike guy at local , it was rubbish. .. as the bike shops do. Their all rubbish all brands other their own. don't believe them .BUT they all come the same place china (not a problem) I have no problems with trike bikes, they are ok.so go and buy one.Harry south coast nsw xx get someone to assemble it. good on you.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Hello Harry, thank you for your review. I'm disappointed to hear you had difficulty assembling and this is why we try to make it easy for you with good instructions, lots of videos on our website showing different subsections as well. We are always just a telephone call away should you need any help or assistance. I have never heard of a front brake assembly needing to be replaced and a whole front brake caliper is only $22 complete. All of the rear brake cables are actually heat welded on the end and this seals the cup to stop them from ever fraying so it must be somebody cut the brake cable at some time and this caused it to fray. I agree with your comments about many bike shops saying that trikes are rubbish, this is mainly because they have no experience with them but the shops that to sell our Trike Bike absolutely love them so it is hard to get truly accurate feedback in the market. We always recommend if you have limited mechanical ability, you can't bend down or your hands don't work the way they used to or your eyesight is failing then you must get it assembled by a bicycle mechanic to avoid three days of frustration like you did. Again, we are only at the end of the telephone should you have problems or questions so if something doesn't make sense to you then please call and ask for workshop and one of our mechanics will be happy to guide you through any problems that you have. Thank you Trike Bike

Happy with purchase

I'm really happy with the Fraser trike. Delivery was within a week, as I'm not 'handy person', I had it assembled by a bike workshop and so far I've had no problems, great for shopping trips, my little terrier happily sits in front basket. It's a taken a few trips to get used to having 3 wheels and therefore remembering the back is wider but overall fun to ride!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Beware - this is not a quality product.

Bought this bike around a year ago. First ride and a rear tyre punctured, Second ride and the other rear tyre punctured. We took it to a bike shop and they said the tyres were rubbish. The rear disc is bent (from new), makes a clunking noise on every revolution and can't be replaced - it's a welded item, not bolted. The bike came with an electrical cable unattached - a cable that goes into the braking system on the handle bars, assumedly to cut out the motor when braking. I sent an e-mail about the cable to the shop owner at trike-bike.com.au and never received a reply. The bike hasn't been used much throughout the year and now the motor won't go - battery shows it's fully charged, but the motor just won't go. Perhaps it's a case that you get what you pay for - there are a lot of more expensive electric trikes out there. But, in retrospect, I'd have paid more money and purchased a quality electric trike.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Jenny, i am not sure you even have a genuine Trike Bike. Our rear disks are not welded as you as you state but bolted, some other models are welded. Please make sure you are talking about the correct brand of trike because a bad review like yours really affects our ratings here and its not typical of our normal customer experience. If you dont have a genuine trike bike as i understand from your description then please remove your review. Also, we answer EVERY phone call and EVERY email so saying we have not answered you is very suspicious and suggests you are talking about another product. Please contact our office and get this sorted out and remove the comments if your talking about some other brand. Michael Coates - Owner of Trike Bike Australia

Good quality ride it everyday

Bought the bike probly three months ago and love it. I bought the larger frame with baby seat and am able to take my two Pomeranians along with me no dramas.
I researched a lot about the different brands and found trike-bike to be the most helpful and cost effective.
Mike was quick to respond to any questions I had and the sass in his response to online questions is hellerious .
The lady who works the phone was the nicest receptions I've talked to in a long time and was more than helpful placing the order
The bike arrived quickly 3 days to the central coast New South Wales , cost of transport was more than fair as I'd received other quotes from other company's and it was almost as much as the bike. The bike was packed very well with only a tiny blemish of frame but I would say given the distance it travel that was acceptable.
Putting the bike togeather was a little daunting but I used both written instructions and the videos I found on their website. Didn't take too long and the job was completed over a couple of beers. Once the main frame and cables are ran the rest was a piece of cake. The instructions could however use a little bit of up dating to explain a few things for the simpletons

Once the bike was together I couldn't wait and let me tell you..... holy cow their isn't anything like this to ride safe and effectively out there. It's extremely fun to ride and different and the novelty still hasn't worn off.
My baby loves her seat and while it may seam a little flimsy for the price ( which I believe is out of their control and other brands tell you you can't even get a seat) is more than capable for the job. It's extremely stable to load everything on and because of the baskets we now do our shopping with it as well
With the seven gears it can tackle such me serious hills, but in saying that I would have liked to have better brakes
Overall for the cost of the bike and everything else I couldn't recommend it more

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Only lasted 12 months :-(

I thought it was amazing for the first 12 months but it's been nothing but problems since. The crank now completely falls apart on a weekly basis & I'm lucky I have a patient & helpful neighbour who is a qualified bike mechanic & fixes it each time for me as I don't have a car & with a disability it's the only transport I have to get my daughter to daycare each day. I'd also have no way of getting the bike to a bike shop for constant repairs nor would I have the funds to continuously have to keep getting it repaired. It was only fixed 3 days ago & it's already fallen apart again. I bought the bike 2 years ago but wasn't able to start riding it until 12 months ago. I ride it for 15min in the morning & 15min in the afternoon which is not excessive use, so I expected it to last a lot longer than 12 months before having continuous problems.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015
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Hello Littleroo, if you have any problems please make sure you contact our office. We have more experience with trikes than any other company in Australia be happy to assist you. The crank is something which when assembled correctly will last a lifetime of the bike so I have no idea or understanding why you are getting it repaired but it is full apart again. I think you had better get the bike shop to call me and also offer some photographs so we can identify the problem which is causing continuous failures. If you have a single piece crank which I suspect you may have then you are not talking about our product because we have a three piece crank system which is made up of a sealed bottom bracket and to crank arms. As mentioned these are pretty much lifetime of the bike installations and can't fall apart but a simple photograph will help us identify the brand of trike and what the problem could be. Many thanks Trike Bike Trike Bike

Bike is great, instructions need much improvement

The web-site tries (but fails) to properly handle the need to phone for a delivery quote if you are not in QLD, it's too easy to get all the way through ordering, only to find you're not paid the right amount for delivery. From a usability perspective, Trike-Bike need to redesign the shopping cart to make this process more obvious.

Let's also ignore the fact that TNT managed to split the two packages up and delivered one a day late and the other two days late! Incompetent twits.

The first point is that the packing is not adequate - bubble wrap is ok until the bubbles burst then it's no better than cellophane, the points of contact between parts should use cardboard to separate and protect them. We ended up with four not insignificant scratches which I feel would have been avoided with the judicious use of cardboard fillers. It would also be nice if they could identify a suitable matching car paint for each colour so that the user could do decent matching touch-ups.

Next, as noted by other reviewers, the instructions are also inadequate. There is no parts list down to the level of the nuts and bolts - including to-scale of nuts and bolts, etc - making identifying which to use when a little difficult. I disagree with Trike Bike's comment that the instructions are getting too large - have you see a Lego instruction guide these days, or an IKEA one? The instructions should show a close up exploded diagrams of each and every fixture so there is no room for error. I found it necessary to watch bits of the video just to identify some parts. The photo's are often too small, with insufficient details and skip some of the important parts.

The video and the instructions assemble the bike differently - the instructions say they take precedence yet also keep pointing to the website and the video - make up your mind!!! This made finding the corresponding part in the video a lucky dip - videos can have embedded bookmarks added guys! Also there are some parts of the instructions which contradict the video (but the video was correct on at least one occasion). I write software for a living and the system instructions have to leave no room for error, you CANNOT have too much detail in the instructions, learn from IKEA. Once assembled there were also a few aspects of the brake/gear adjustments which were again poorly detailed.

I had a larger few parts which didn't fit satisfactorily - the rear wheel guard surrounds and the rear basket in particular - however I was able to tease the parts into proper place. The lower mount for the chain guard had become bent but this was also simply rectified. The cable end covers (nice to see them included) didn't seem to get a mention. At the very end of the instructions is... yet another pointer to the web site for more detail - either put it in the printed instructions included or don't print the thing, not this messy inadequate hybrid.

There is also a little note at the end suggesting the user spray the bike with WD40 or similar to control corrosion if near the sea. While I agree with the sentiment, it should tell them to avoid the brakes! WD40 on the front brakes will make them function poorly, if at all, but if you get it on the rear disk, you'll contaminate the brake pads and they'll squeal for eternity.

The bike itself is great, it took my wife (and the kids!) only a few minutes to come to grips with it - she has yet to go for a long ride but I have no concerns. It is decent construction and easy to ride, even for the most inexperienced.

I've been riding, building and racing bikes since I was about five(!) so this was not a hard task for me. However, you really do need to mechanically minded, preferably with biking knowledge, to build this properly and release the full potential.

The Bike gets 5/5 but the instructions let it down, hence the 4/5.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Hello Mike, thank you for your review. Please note that the instructions are continuously updated based on feedback from our customers. Also note we have extensive instructional videos on our website describing the total assembly process and then smaller videos that talk about particular sections which can give difficulty or areas that have been modified since the original video was produced. As I mention over and over again, we are always available on the phone, just call Monday to Friday 8 AM to 4 PM and asked for the workshop and we will be happy to help you with any problems that you have. Many thanks Trike Bike

Love Love Love my trike!

I have had my trike for over 12 months. Its amazing, I have poor balance and often fall off two wheelers, so this has given me freedom and safety. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get out there get fit or just have some fun. The only downside was I mistakenly assembled it inside the house.... HMMMMMM then couldn't get it out...a lesson learned.

Date PurchasedJun 2015
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Hello and thank you for your great review which I hope is helpful to other customers and sorry that you had trouble once assembly was completed to get out of your house. Just out of interest, most new homes have a standard door size which will allow the trike to pass through without any difficulty. Older houses that were built before Australian standards were introduced or home units can have much smaller doors which you need to be careful about. The overall width of the trike on the rear wheels is 800 mm

Perfect for shopping

Everthing I could want climbs hills with ease. Easy to handle love the seat with the back rest. Very comfortable to ride able to harness my dog in the rear basket. Purchased a rear mirror for right handle bar. Also added a rear flashing tail light. I am 57 and the envy at the local shops.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Hello Gab, thank you for the great review and I am glad that you are enjoying your Trike Bike

Great for me.

Absolutely the best for me. a little difficult to get used to at first due to the road camber.
But when most of us old farts were around 3 years old we rode trikes.
You just have to be a bit cautious at first.

Easy to assemble fr anyone with a mechanical aptitude.
I did a couple of modifications on the seat tube and clamp.

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Trike stability

Trikes are stable if you ride on level ground. However if you ride across a slope they can suddenly tip over and throw you off fairly violently> This happened to me and I cracked my head on a concrete kerb. Luckily I had my crash helmet on or I could have ended up in hospital.

Date PurchasedJun 2014
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Hello Mike, sorry to hear of your experience, this is not really so common but I am guessing it happened in your first few hours of riding. I always say to customers to make sure they start their riding on level ground without a slope. This will allow you to build up confidence and techniques to allow you to write a trike safely in all conditions. It is a bit like learning to swim, you start at the shallow end for safety rather than dive in the deep end and struggle. Many thanks Michael

So very happy

I don't know what to say but I am extremely happy with my trike-bike. I live on the Gold Coast and was able to have it assembled by trike bike, they explained everything I needed to know before riding off and I am now guessing I have done 1000 km

Date PurchasedJan 2015
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Hello Madison, thank you for the great review and I am glad that you are enjoying your Trike Bike

Fantastic and easy enough to assemble.

I bought a yellow one for my wife [ to be ] ..... Due to a brain injury 15 years ago she has only limited vision in one eye. She of course has not driven a car for many years but is now mobile again on her "yellow peril" and absolutely loves it. I fitted a motor kit on it and now she regularly rides around the streets and footpaths of Ulverstone Tasmania. I ride with her on my leitner folding electric bike and we are almost daily stopped and asked about our machines. It appears that half the ladies , a lot of the men and many teenagers in town want one.
It does take a bit of practice before one feels confident but its well worth the effort. Just slow down for corners and watch out for kerbs potholes and steep cambered roads.
What's wrong with some people. are we so 'dumbed down ' that we can't even assemble a bike . it's not brain surgery for christs sake.
The brake are not the best, especially going down hills. Make sure the rim on the front and the rear disk is clean and free of oily residue ie overspray from rp7 or crc ..also sand paper the shiny gloss that occurs on the front brake blocks. The bottom bracket bearing ie crank needs adjustment after a few months running .
We have had it for two years now and have had no problems that a bit of common sense can't fix Geoff B

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Hello Geoff, I am glad to hear you are out about and tearing up the streets of Tasmania with your new wife!

Great Bike would recommend to anyone

The Bike is great - a friend of mine is buying one after seeing mine. Trike-Bike are very friendly and helpful. It is worth paying the extra to have a professional put it together for you than trying to do it yourself and botching the job.

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Hello Jenny, thank you for your positive feedback and we wish you many years of happy riding. Many thanks Michael

Think twice about trike.

So after doing a fair bit of research to purchase a 3 wheeled bike for my autistic daughter i finally settled on the foldable 20inch Trike bike. Website looked good, bikes looked good and most of all dont cost $800 like other brands.
Now i know why, delivery tine was very good. But after opening the box it was down hill from there, the assembly video and written instructions dont match, the written instructions dont cover all steps and there is no direction on what nut & bolt to use at each stage, so it was a guessing game for me also any chance of using a consistant nut & bolt size? So many different sizes.
The most disappointing thing though is the paint quality, cheap single coat application that chips off very very easily, so im expecting rust within 6 months.
Not a bad bike but are $350 cheaper for a reason.

Hello Aaron, the painting on a trike bike is powder coat, it is normally very consistent and even. It adheres to the frame and other metal parts extremely well. The written instructions are what you should use to put the bike together. The video is a more freestyle type of presentation on the way that I assembled trikes myself after having done hundreds and hundreds. This is why the sequence is different, there are a few tips and tricks to help you and we are always available by telephone or email to assist you during the assembly process. All of the information regarding the nuts and bolts and where to use them is clearly listed on our website which you should refer to also because it has additional instructions which we physically can't fit into the written assembly guide because it is already at 14 pages. We are always available for you should you have any questions. Many thanks MichaelThanks Michael. Another question, the rear brake disc just spins with the axle, so when the brake is apllied it does nothing. Im thinking about welding it in place but i shouldnt have to do this. Have tried tightening the grub screws but this doesnt help.please contact me for details but it sounds like you have lost the little key which goes in the keyway. The rear disc brake is held into position by a key, this is a small piece of metal 4 mm x 4 mm x 12 mm long. This piece of metal slides into a slot machine into the main drive axle and it has a matching part on the collar where the disc brake mounts to. You need to align both of these slots up together, then slide the key into the keyway and that will line up with both slots and then everything is held in place with the screw that has the Allen key head. The screw just stops everything from going sideways but it is the key and the keyway that stops the rotation. If you don't have the key imposition than tightening up the grub screw will not work. Please do not weld it in place for a couple of reasons, firstly you will destroy the hardening on the main rear axle shaft, you will never ever be able to remove it without cutting everything apart and this needs to be removed occasionally for maintenance and it is simply not the right way to assemble a trike. You must have the keyway lined up and the key in position otherwise you are wasting all of your efforts. Please contact us directly and I can send you the service documents with photos to show you what needs to be done. The key is supplied in position when the bike is delivered but you may not have tightened the bolt with the Allen head screw correctly and it has since fallen out ? Hello Aaron, I am just reading your email again and something does not make sense. The 20 inch trike bike does not have a disc brake, the 20 inch trike bike has a drum brake ?

love my trike bike

I love my trike bike. I did assemble it myself, so
I took my time doing so, following the video.This way I could unnderstand how each part works. It did need a few adjustments til I had it right. Mike at Trike bike took a long while getting back to me with some issues. Such as the chain cover not fitting over the chain correctlt. It was too small and would catch. Apparently this design had changed and was supplied in the last 18 months.So I have just left it off. I was frustrated in trying to get the derailler supplied to move across all gear changes. Due to delayed communication from trike bike I had a bike shop sort it for me. The derailler supplied was incompatible with the bike, so had a new one installed. I still have'nt heard back from Trike Bike about this issue.

However, it is worth the effort and I am extremely happy getting around on my trike bike.It is not great on the few hills we have, so I push it up...and stand to peddle up the slight hills. Down the track I will get another with a motor, as I get older, to tackle the hills. But I think I will purchase it already assembled.

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Hello Jane, if you have any assembly problems then you must contact us first rather than go to a bike shop. Our experience is that a lot of bike shops simply want to make money from you and quite often recommend changing things that are not required. We recently added a new video to our website which takes you step-by-step through adjusting the gears correctly, since we have done that there has been no problems. Also, good news, I have made the manufacturer return to the old style chain guard which is both very easy to fit and never has any issues where if it is incorrectly fitted it can sometimes rub on the chain. I really don't understand why you had delayed communications. We are normally very very good on answering questions and even do so in the evenings and even on weekends. We always, always, always recommend that the trike is assembled professionally. And by this I mean a proper bike shop not a toy store where there is a 16-year-old out the back putting things together. Having said this however I am guessing more than 90% of our customers assemble the trike themselves and find it a very rewarding process when they get out and about and get enjoyment from something they have put together. Assembly however is not for everybody and we encourage customers to take their time, contact us before they contact any other bike shop because we know our product better than anybody and if you think assembling something like this is beyond your skills, abilities or you don't have the necessary tools then please don't try, just get it assembled properly. Many thanks Michael

bearing dies.

Bearings in back hub must have been bad or dodgy. Drive side bearing collapsed after two weeks riding by my wife.

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Hello Trevor, this is an assembly issue. If you follow the instructions correctly then it will not happen. The wheel on the right-hand side gets tightened firmly because it aligns with a special collar which it uses for drive and braking, so the right-hand side is tightened firmly like you would any other bike. The left-hand side however is not done up tightly, everything is done up firm and then backed off at least half a turn of 1 turn. If you have a bearing collapse then this means you have simply overtightened the left-hand side and you are actually pulling the side bearings in towards each other. These bearings are not designed for excessive sideload but for vertical loads which is what you would normally get when riding the trike. If the bearings had not been overtightened then you would not have had any failure. Please make sure to follow the assembly instructions or watch the video on our website and follow these instructions fully to avoid any problems like you have highlighted. Always contact us directly for any advice or assistance if you have any problems. With seven years experience in selling trikes we have seen just about any problem that can present itself and know the answer to it immediately. We try our best to avoid any of the problems that self-assembly can cause and that is why we have such a good assembly manual and video going for 45 minutes showing the assembly from start to finish. You MUST follow the instructions completely.

Electrics can be fitted after purchase

Hi everyone I had my electrics fitted after I brought my bike so that isn't a problem and helps on long rides when your legs get tired or there's a bit of a incline you simply just hold on the start button keep it down while peddling till slow mode lights up then remove finger of switch, I have not used medium or fast as slow mode is enough power for me . Yes the cost was expensive but you've got live once and a while instead sitting around the house.

Great after i got used to riding it

it took me about 30 minutes to get used to riding again after so many years, felt funny at first but got the hang of it.

Some people say it was hard to put together here but my son was happy to swap assembly for roast dinner. Instructions were good, video was better, no missing parts, took about 2 hours from start to finish, had small trouble with gears clicking but got the instructions how to fix from the seller and all good.

Would have liked electric but brought this to start with.

Great for trips to the local shops, easy on small hills but would be harder on steep hills. I think about my new freedoms but dont go too far from home, maybe 2 kilometers only.

Overall i am very happy and love everybody stopping me on the bayside track to see what it is I am riding

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older sears free spirit 3 wheel adult trycicle. drive wheel slipping .bike does not move how do ifix?
1 answer
Hello Diana, this is for the Australian sold Trike Bike brand only. The trike you are talking about is only in US and available through Sears. I would be going back to them for product support or alternatively you can contact me directly off the review website, send some photos and I will see what I can do. Many thanks Michael

I bought what appears to be a vintage tricycle (swapmeet) and it has 2 gears connected by one independent chain on the hub side? Looks like some kind of differential axle which the main chain goes to? It has no braking or linkages what so ever? The front emblem appears to look like a “wheel within a wheel” almost looks like a molecular symbol? Any ideas on what I have? Thanks Sincerely Steve Mitchell
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Where can I buy an tow bar for my adult Tricycle (Body build). How much will a trailer cost?
2 answers
All of the trailers you can purchase come with a towbar already. The cost starts at around $200 and upwards depending on what you want. I have no idea what a body build is I am sorryThat is the Red Adult Tricycle where can I buy a trailer and the tow bar?


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