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2012 Polygon Heist 4.0

2012 Polygon Heist 4.0

4.0 from 3 reviews

Top Notch

I have the Heist 5.0 2014 model and i've ridden it 44 city blocks, 5 days a week for about 2 months.
And so far it has help up perfectly, the only issue i've had was a flat tire, which will happen to any bike.
So i for one would highly recommend Polygon bikes

Follow up, one year on - heist 4 going strong and growing on me.

I am Dave57, above.(forgot old logon). I have been using this bike as a commuter and family bike at least twice a week (usually 4 x per week, about 100km all up) with little guy on board, plus luggage. Total load up to 150 kg, riding up hills and off road. Have put about 3000 km on it or so, and it is still going strong. This bike is rock solid, and seems pretty indestructible. It is not light, and I don't exactly zip along. (mind you, I am not that fast on my Giant OCR, either).

If I had my choice again I don't think I would buy the shock absorbers. There is nothing wrong with them but they are not worth the weight. I mainly ride with them on lock, as they do noticeably slow you down.

The disk brakes are worth it with the weight I carry. Wet or dry, up hill or down and no matter the load they stop you fast. One point to note is that when the tektro brake pads wear, they suddenly stop working After you notice a slight drop in efficiency, then suddenly "click", you have a hand full of nothing. A bit disconcerting heading down a brisbane hill with a child on the back. Fortunately, one set of functioning brakes will stop you, but make sure you keep them well adjusted.

Shimano Alivio drivetrain is a bonus for the price, and unless you are a pretty keen cyclist this will do you fine. A noticable step up on the Sora, and not that far under 105's.

No punctures yet, wheels still true despite a lot of jumping up and down gutters, stairs and assorted abuse. Paint holding up ok (Damage on delivery still the worst it has suffered). No crashes so far so I cant comment on shock resistance.

Overall, however the Polygon frame and components have stood up to a lot of punishment without a whimper. I would recommend and would probably go polygon when it is time to replace my roadie.
Good value for money, strong
Suntour shocks a bit heavy.

Follow up No. 2 March 2014. Bike still going strong. No longer my regular commuter but has 6000+ Ks on it and all in perfect condition. Tyres lasted really well (only just replaced). Tektro brakes really are a pain, noisy & hard to adjust compared to my BB7's but they do the job and can be changed over easily enough. A bit of warping in the rear wheel, but as noted above I load the thing to 150kg + sometimes then jump gutters, so a bit of buckling is hardly unexpected.Follow up no 3. 10 000km on it and still in good condition. Will need a chain and sprockets soon. Got rid of the tektro brakes and replaced them with alivio bb7s. Should have done it a long time ago. Back wheel slightly buckled.

Bike is solid. Service is not terrible but not fantastic either.

Bike is solid, with a stiff frame and good welds. Not lightweight but seems strong. Components all seem to be good quality. I use it for commuting and a bit of off road recreational.

Obviously the features for the price speak for themselves. Nothing about the bike is cheap and nasty or sub-standard.

However, bike arrived chipped on both sides of the frame (some up to size of 5c piece). After a fair bit of back and forward they offered to replace it but we agreed a modest reduction instead. Overall the response was fair enough and not enough to put me off dealing with them again, but they do not bend over backwards to help out either.

Set up was poor. Obviously the guy who put it together and wrapped it for on shipment had a good lunch.

I put a similar version of this review on the company website which did not make it through moderation (about two weeks ago now). Tends to suggest that the reviews on the site are good news stories only.
Good value for money. Very fair price for standard.
Problem resolution by company leaves something to be desired.

Love this bike. Nice look. Brakes work, although have had squeaking coming and going on the disks since our 2 week trial ride. Bike also arrived with small chipping on frame. Hmm! However, have had issues with gear shifting on various Brisbane hills. Gears locking and my last experience had me literally falling off whilst ascending a hill. Bicycles Online (where we purchased) suggest to set gear range before ascending hill. This, on the Brisbane hills just simply does not work. As the grade of slope changes dramatically from one hill to the next, I need to adjust my ride, as well as ankle position and body alignment accordingly as I progress up the hill. If anyone has experience in changing the gears to the lowest possible position at the bottom of the hill, then having condition success till the top, I'd like to have your advise. Otherwise, all "professional" hill climbing advise I've come across so far, recommend adjusting gears to "find your sweet ride" whilst ascending. Am not a profi biker, however a professional dancer (ballet etc) and a certified Pilates instructor. I'm small and have excellent condition (core and leg power), but ascending hills on this bike makes me very nervous and is testing my patience. Therefore, we (hubby and I) rate the gears as unreliable. Unfortunately. Wanting to return bike and purchase more suitable brand. Any recommendations?Had the bike 7 months and getting heaps out of it only thing I found wrong was I should have bought a road bike because Im loving every minute I spend on my bike at 50 this the best thing I have done in years

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