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2012 Polygon Helios 200

2012 Polygon Helios 200

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Delivered with no back wheel!

Shipping was quick and easy. But the bike didn't come with a back wheel?! It also did not seem like it had been built and tested... Great looking bike (what was delivered anyway) but let down by a simple but important part being left out of the box. Disappointing but hoping the wheel is delivered ASAP.
Efficient, easy shipping
Was not tested and did not come with a back wheel!

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Supplier found the wheel in the workshop and offered to courier it asap. Good follow up to recover the situation.

Top bike for entry rider!

I have had my bike for 6 months now and have found it great to ride. I have only just started out road riding but with this bike was a pleasure to do 60km rides on. It is very smooth and all the gears procise and accurate. The light weight of the bike is a plus and couldnt not fault anything even though I am a beginner. Best value for money I found.
Very reliable, light weight, very smooth ride.

Great bike! Didn't expect that!

I'm not a Road Cyclist Expert, but I have a large experience with bikes and the Helios 200 has really surprised me.
I took it for a ride upon West Head and I could not believe it. The bike was so fast and smooth. The gear changing was super precise, even when climbing those hill.
What can I say... Awesome price, great look and also very comfortable to ride.
Great components, inexpensive and super fast.

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