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2017 Polygon Bend RIV

2017 Polygon Bend RIV

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Love it

Love it, love it, love it, A small mod on mine 2.1 tyers front and back ,used a 27.5 back to accommodate the 2.1 , did I tell you I love it , am racing it this weekend in a 160 km grevel race , and the end of next month in a 300 km gravle race , If i win them might ask for a sponership Mr Polygon.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

2017 Polygon Bend RIV


- Well built frame, good quality aluminium without that tinny sound you get in other brands, faultless welding.
- Cream / sand colour is ideal for stealth travelling and doesn't bring you unwanted attention. Designers did their homework.
- Disc brakes have plenty of stopping power and flat mounted to minimise potential damage.
- Racks are really clever designed, light, strong, well made and finished.
- Seat is reasonable, but it's a personal choice, so no big deal on this as many tourers experiment as they go.
- Rims and tyres are very good, cannot fault Schwalbe tourers.
- Bike was well packed and easy to assemble. Recommend taking good close up photo's before assembly for repacking down the track or if you need to return it.


- The 1x11 drive train is simple and saves weight and for day, weekend and general touring in Australia it would work well. With two half loaded panniers I struggled up steep hills (I am old) and needed lower gearing for the intended country I was headed. The gear train could be tweaked lower to accommodate touring loads. As such I returned the bike within one week under the 14 day test ride policy.

- I received my refund 12 days after the bike was received back at their warehouse and only after I chased it, which I thought was slack. As this is a big sales spruik on Bicycles Online website and all their Youtube videos, I expected better...


I have no problem recommending the bike even though it did not fit my intended purpose. Value for money is excellent.

Pre-sales customer service was very good, post-sales customer service was poor, but that doesn't surprise me when you want your money back... Australian businesses need to take a leaf out of the American's book when it comes to refund policy and procedure. They understand that process very well, and want you to return another day.

Would I buy another bicycle online again ? Maybe not after this experience... it didn't work for me. A bricks & mortar bike retailer does have one advantage, you can try before you buy.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Questions & Answers

Hi there The guy who wrote the review above said the gearing was not low enough to get up some hills. I thought the advertising said that up front was 38 and the largest at the rear was 42 or there about my god that is very low which would allow you to cycle up a vertical wall. Am I missing something ?
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As he said, he rode with loaded panniers and stated that he is old. Unloaded, it can be a zippy ride, but the reason why most tourers prefer doubles or triples is for the wider gear range needed when you need to conserve your energy for a long distance tour with the added weight of panniers and other gear.Agree with Nico. I recently toured on a new bike with Sora R3000- lowest gear is 30T front/34T rear, almost the same as 38/42T. I am 45, fat, have bad knees, me + bike about 130kg. I was using the lowest gear quite often in the hilly region, and often wanted something lower. If I was 30 kg lighter, with no extras on the bike, I'm sure I'd feel same as Joe Had I been using the RIV, I'd have changed the front chainring to 32 or 34T. Will spin out on flats, but was on uphills about 6 times more often than going fast, esp with headwinds. I suspect the older gentleman who returned his bike didn't know he could make this change. I doubt speeding downhill at 70kmh would be something he'd do often, from what he wrote

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